jeep trail

BITE: Chapter 11

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover
i’m so, so sorry this took so long. i’m ridiculous and i appreciate you putting up with me.

11/? - Lydia

Lydia didn’t want to go to school. She didn’t have to go to school. She was far enough ahead that she wouldn’t have to make up for any missed content, and, unlike Scott and Stiles, her attendance wasn’t yet in the red. So, technically, she could stay home and research Lycaon and his abilities and start working out a plan to protect Scott.

The thing with protecting Scott, though, was that it was sort of Stiles’s thing. And even though she’d never admit it out loud, she and Stiles seemed to work quite well together when it came to forming plans for anything pack related. And there was no doubt that the Sheriff would be forcing Stiles to go to school, so if Lydia wanted to see him she was going to have to go to school too.

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 Just discovered I still had these. A few weeks ago I made an attempt to drive up the Morrison Jeep trail, it was closed to vehicle traffic due to a double fatality the day before.  It is a series of switch backs that take you from the river to top of the canyon. I think 11 switchbacks.  I hiked up 7 or 8, then turned back.  There are numerous little water falls  and one lucky rattle snake!