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prayne12  asked:

Can I please get Plinami young love? As in 17 year old teenagers who sneak out and make out in Yurio's old beat up truck. And them getting matching infiney tattoos on their wrists etc. So, basically like delinquent teenagers in old movies. (For example, Grease, The Outsiders etc. With their beat up mustangs and other cars...) Sorry, if this is a lot for a request!!!!

Would it be alright if I just write them here?

Headcanons about the pairing Plinami from Yuri!!! on Ice based on the trope of “young love” or “first love”. If there is a pairing that you would like to see headcanons like this written for, you’re welcome to request it!

And thank you to @tsaltyshima-kay for helping me! Love you ❤

Headcanons below

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So I’ve been a bit hooked on Neko Atsume (so many adorable cartoon cats!) and then I thought, hey, what if I Teen Wolf’ed this? And so, here is a sample of Werewolf Atsume (Garou Atsume? Anyone?). There’s a Wolfbook instead of a catbook to peruse all the important characteristics of the werewolf (or related human and/or supernatural thing) that comes to your yard, you can buy many things including leather jackets (attracts Dereks and Kiras the most), beacon hills hoodies/jeep toys/fox toys and so on, and a steady supply of fries makes sure all your visitors are kept well fed. :D

(Images are a mix of Neko Atsume game environment screencaps and photoshopping plus drawing for the new stuff)


‘Transformers 4’ Toys Give Look At Dino Bots And The Film’s Villain

Toy Fair In New York has given a better look at the robot versions of many of the new Transformers featured in 'Age of Extinction’ and revealed who the villain is too. Mild spoilers for 'Transformers: Age of Extinction’, but as many had guessed the villain of the film has been confirmed as Galvatron, the reborn version of Megatron. There is also the first look at what Grimlock’s warrior mode will look like, and Hound’s new look (which is pretty rad considering his G1 vehicle mode was just a basic army jeep). 

this weekend i saw some kids driving down the sidewalk in a toy jeep and i thought to myself, “that would be fun. they should make an adult version” until i realized what i was thinking of was just cars. we already have an adult version of toy jeeps. it’s called a jeep.