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I think I need to bring everyone’s attention to something in the Utena movie that has not nearly been discussed enough.

So. We’ve all been over and over the fact that the titular character becomes a car. Literally.

No, not “literally” as how it is often misused, I mean LITERALLY.

We have also gone over the fact that our protagonist is not the ONLY person who becomes a car in this movie.


But amongst all of these cars trying to get on the race to “the outside world” I think we have overlooked something




boophoops  asked:

you've had the same icon for so long. How do you stay so strong?

The short answer is it’s “”“on-brand””“, haha.

The long answer is:
People changing their icons/usernames all the time can be confusing to followers, and I think if you have a lot of followers and/or are trying to establish an online presence, it’s crucial to make sure the icons/usernames of your various accounts are well-established and recognizable across the board.  It’s brand-recognition, as inflated as that sounds. 

Additionally, I feel like my icon should be a good representation of me or my art, since that’s what my online presence is centered around.  So sometimes (like when I started tumblr) it’ll be a drawing of one of my characters, but I don’t often draw something that I feel fully encompasses me and my art, so ideally it’ll be a drawing of myself, drawn by myself, specifically for an icon, which I don’t do often, in part because it’s woooooorrrrk (I’d have to update my other social media profiles to match), and in part because I’m an old fuddy-duddy and drawing pictures of myself makes me feel conceited. 

(((somehow, sitting here typing an entire paragraph about my thoughts on “““brand-recognition”“““ doesn’t though.)))

Hope that answers it!

More Than Meets The Eye.

A/N: Sorry if this seemed rushed. It’s 12:30 am, and I’m exhausted. 

Request: @rosesbabygirl requested: Can you do a stiles smut where you keep being rude and giving attitude and he get frustrated and he spanks you and is rough in bed.

“I can’t believe they landed me with you.” I groaned as I sat next to Stiles in his light blue jeep. “Five other people in this pack and they put me with the one person that can’t even defend himself.”

“Well at least they didn’t put you with the person that was voted most likely to commit homicide by the age of eighteen.” Stiles countered.

“Yeah they did.” I smirked shooting him a look. His expression hardened and he sunk back into his seat. We were on our way to investigate the room of one of the chimeras, and for added bonding time, they made Stiles and I look together. I was fairly new to the pack and having come from Theo’s failed attempt at a one Stiles had little to no trust in me. Which angered me so much. I’d helped them, and more than proven myself but he still had a “sneaking suspicion” about me. Mainly because I in fact did kill someone, but in my defense it was during my changing and I had no control over myself. Stiles was a judge-y asshole, when he really had no right. Since day one we’d been on bad terms, and no amount of ‘bonding time’ could fix that. We pulled up to the house, and Stiles park on the street. The windows were dark, but we already knew no one was home.

“Okay, I’ll pick the lock while you stand watch.” Stiles assessed.

“Or I could just break the back window and climb through then unlock the door.”

He rubbed his eyes in frustration. “Do you not know what the word inconspicuous means?”

“No, but I know what the word annoying means.”

“We’re picking the lock, or we’re not going!” Stiles said sternly making me quiet instantly. Not because I was scared, but mostly because he’d never said anything with so much authority in his voice. He looked like a different person when he said it, and it was kind of hot. I nodded acknowledging we could do it his way. We both slipped out of the jeep, shutting the doors as quietly as possible. I followed Stiles around the house to the back door, surveying our surroundings as we did. Once at the door, he crouched down pulling out a Bobby pin and paper clip.

“You can’t be serious?” I scoffed.

He glared at me over his shoulder and than continued picking the lock. Five minutes past, and it clicked unlocking the door. Stiles turned the knob and we scurried into the dark house, locking the door again behind us. 

“This way.” Stiles pointed down the hall. We walked together to the room. Sadly, it looked like it hadn’t been touch in awhile. Stiles wandered in and began tentatively looking through the belongings. I watched him for a moment, annoyed my his slow pace.

“god, you’re infuriating.” I pushed my way into the room and roughly rummaged through the desk.

“Can you be more delicate? This is someone’s stuff!” he snapped.

“Yeah, someone who is probably dead.” I rolled my eyes as something glass dropped on the wooden floor.

“Oops.” I shrugged moving from the desk to a pile of books, only to be whirled around by Stiles.

“What is your problem?” he scolded.

I looked down at his hand that was still on my arm. “Right now it’s you touching me.

His grip on my arm tighten and I winced at the pain. “I’m getting tried of your attitude.”

“What are you going to do about it?” I stared into his eyes challenging him, knowing poor, defenseless Stiles wouldn’t do anything. A flicker of something in his eye made me eat my words. I leaned back watching his features grow darker and a ghost of a smile play on his face.

“Do you know what happens to rude girls with bad attitudes?” He angled him self towards me. The sudden change in character frightening me and turning me on all at once. I shook my head to his questioned. 

“I’ll show you.” He chuckled. His grip still on my arm, he took the few step to the bed and sat down. He pulled me in front of him positioning me between his legs. He brought his eyes to mine never breaking the stare and skillfully undid my jeans jerking them down my legs to my ankles, pulling a gasp from my lips. He ran his fingers up my legs, to my thighs, and settle on my hips. His touch sent a shiver racing down my spine and a wetness in my panties. Stiles turned me around so I was no longer facing him and grazed his hands across my skimpy white panties drawing gentle circles on them. But he pulled them down too, leaving my ass bare to him.

“This is for your attitude.”

“What is?” I asked and he answered with a searing smack to my bare back. I cried out the hit sending me forward a little. Stiles grabbed my hips with one hand keeping me balanced.

“Shhhhh.” He cooed tenderly rubbing the area. I closed my mouth holding in the whimpers that threatened to escape.

“You’re going to be nice to me now, right?” He asked but he gave me no time to answer. He sent another blow to my ass, a stinging sensation making a muffled moan slip from my lips.

“Yes, Stiles. yes.” He spanked me again and again sending waves of pleasure riding through me. Finally, he massaged over my butt soothingly. His hand trailing down to my dripping core a few times and I moaned at the touch. I heard him smile from behind me, then slid two fingers into my entrance slowly and I crumbled beneath him. He let out a small laugh before pumping fast in me, already I could feel the familiar sensation in my abdomen.

“Stiles.” I breathed.

He moved faster and I was moaning out wildly, not being able to contain myself. Stiles curled his fingers inside of me instantly hitting my sweet spot. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long, and I called out his name warning him. He retracted his fingers, making me whine and I rubbed my thighs together to cause some friction. 

“Not yet.” He tsked.

He stood up from the bed and I could feel his bulge hard against my ass. He nuzzled his face into my neck kissing it softly.

“I want you naked.” Stiles whispered into my skin. I felt the goosebumps forming all over my body. He lingered on my neck, ghosting over it and I craved for him to show it more attention.

“Now.” He said smacking my ass. I hissed in pain, but hurriedly tore my shirt from my body. I unclasped my bra letting it fall to the floor, and kicked my bottoms from my ankles. 

“Good girl.” Stiles hummed in my ear. He snaked his arms to the front of my torso and cupped my breasts. My core tingled with pleasure and I leaned my head back on his shoulder. One hand slowly made it up to my neck and wrapped around it. He kept a loose grip, but the roughness turned me on even more. He spun me around to face him hand still on my neck, but the other move from my boob to my slit rubbing the nub frantically. 

“Take off my pants.” he said though gritted teeth. I kept eye contact with him and felt around his torso looking for his button. My hand touched his length and he let out a throaty moan. I started to palm him through his jeans, but he tighten his grip on my neck. 

“Take. Off. My. Pants.” He repeated and I pulled open his jean, pushing them down along with his boxers in one swift motion. He pushed me down to my knees, my face inches from his stiff member. 

“Open.” He muttered. I dropped my jaw allowing him access. He pushed his length past my lips making me take almost all of him. I gaged when he hit the back of my throat, earning a ragged groan. I hollowed my cheeks sucking on him leisurely. I used one hand to pump the part I couldn’t fit into my mouth. Stiles watch me move around him letting out low grunts and growls. He grew bored and impatient with my sluggish tempo, pulling himself out.

“Get up there.” he nodded towards the bed. “On your hands and knees.” I stood briskly and did as I was told. I caught a glimpse of him over my shoulder and saw him pulling a condom out of his pocket, before stepping out of his jeans. Stiles rolled the latex around his dick and climbed on the bed to meet me. He lined himself up with my core,

“Ready?” he asked moving his hard on against my clit.

“Yes.” I moaned hungerly. 

At the word, he rammed himself in to me making me gasp and I dug my nails into the sheets. He thrusted hard in me over and over again, my whole physique quivered with delight. His hand were firmly on my waist making it easier for him to slam his body into mine.

“Fuck Stiles.” I spat feeling the spring in my abdomen coiling tightly. My walls began to tighten around him, and he hastened his pace.

“Are you going to remember me fucking you next time you want to be rude?” he growled removing a hand to rub my bundle of nerves. The sensation released the tightened spring sending waves of bliss over me.

“Yes, fuck. Oh god, yes!” I blurted out. Stiles replaced his hand that was perviously on my clit, back to my waist and I knew why. He thrusted a few more times before releasing his load into the condom. He rode out his orgasm before pulling out of me. I collapsed on the bed panting heavily, and I could hear Stiles redressing behind me. I rolled to my side, propping my head up with my hand. 

“You’re more than meets the eye, Stilinski.” I teased.

“Well, just be a good girl, or I’ll have to fuck the shit out of you again.” He smiled smacking my ass.

Saiyuki: Sleep Time for Hakkai

When it’s time to retire for the night after a long day of traveling, what’s a guy to do? Ahh…nothing like relaxing with a good ‘ol book and your favorite Jeep-turned-dragon pet-companion. Although reading sometimes might keep you awake if you get too into the book. In all seriousness, this part of a set of new illustrations added to the 7th volume of the “Salty Dogs” art books series by Minekura-sensei. These eventually were turned into actual (and very expensive…) generously-sized blankets to cuddle with (much in the style of dakimakura/hug pillows). If you ask me, a body blanket beats a pillow any day!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy! 

okay so where did Derek come from? I mean obviously stiles was driving his jeep and just pulled up and Derek was just kinda suddenly next to the jeep,, did Derek run alongside a car? Was he waiting around the corner for stiles to arrive so he could make an overdramatic entrance? Why didnt stiles just let him in the jeep? this is important people


Federal police and military force is massacring activists and professors who were protesting against the laboral/educative reform. I repeat, they’re massacring them. They’re are killing them and burning them outside Nochixtlán. 

On another news, right now in the main plaza, the center of Oaxaca, federal police have cut the lights to make “cleaning” which means dragging and killing all the protesters they can. Ambulances and military jeeps were advising people for NOT helping the protesters or take refugees, or they will be “cleaned” too. 

  6 protesters were confirmed killed due to the use of large weapons by the police. More protesters are disappeared and some are confirmed (just by the survivors) death or burned. In Hacienda Blanca they were killed too.

Also, hospitals, doctors and medicine students aren’t allowed to help or receive the protester, all of this are orders coming from president Enrique Peña Nieto, and the public education secretary Aurelio Nuño Mayer.

Tredd Headcanons

  • Chad got that scar on his face because he accidentally cut himself while shaving (dry!!! in a jeep!!! with other people!!!) with a dagger
  • Brad thinks he’s straight, but he’s…. not. He does prefer women, but he does a lot of experimenting and a lot of “I’m not gay but…”
  • He gets on literally everyone’s nerves (especially Nyx), but everyone loves him and they don’t know why
  • Loving somebody and liking somebody are very different, but Kyle teaches them the difference. (Ok I’m gonna call Tredd his name now)
  • Tredd bullies some of the more soft spoken glaives. The one who gets the worst of it is Axis, because he thinks Tredd is cute and Tredd knows he thinks he’s cute
  • It used to be a running joke that Tredd didn’t know how to read but over time, they began to worry that he actually didn’t know how to. Nobody wants to bring it up
  • (Truth is that he can read his native language, but he’s not very good with the king’s tongue. So many weird spelling rules. It takes him a while)
Don't Wake Me Up- Liam Dunbar

Request-  First I wanted to say ur an INCREDIBLE writer and I was wondering if I could get a Liam imagine where reader is stiles younger sister(Liam and reader are like best friends) and has been having nightmares and can’t sleep and the pack has a sleepover. Liam and Y/N accidentally fall asleep talking to eachother, stiles doesn’t approve but Scott says something like isn’t this the first time she’s slept in a while and stiles still doesn’t like it but leaves them alone lots of fluff please thank you!!

“You look terrible.” Stiles, your jackass of an older brother said as you walked out of your room in the dimly lit morning. You shot him a glare as you headed to the bathroom, choosing to ignore his comment rather than spit your insults. You weren’t in the mood, and he could clearly see that as he followed you into the small confined space, his eyes wondering your slouched figure. Something was different, no, something was wrong. You always had something to say, so the lack of insults and sarcasm seemed to worry your overprotective brother. He stepped closer to you, leaning down to look into your tired, bloodshot and drowsy eyes.

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