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Cars acotar characters would have

Rhysand: a sleek ass minivan for his future kids. Maybe he scents Feyre’s pregnancy and surprises her with it. There are most definitely heated seats and a bomb stereo. 

Feyre: a jeep wrangler. She takes the top down and rides around the city, letting her hair loose. She, Mor and Amren go flying. The back is clustered with her painting tools. Rhys pretends to be worried about it’s safety, but he loves going on night drives with her. The lights and moon illuminate her face, and she’s driving, so he can stare all he wants.

Mor: a porsche. You’d think she wanted it for its flare, but she loves going fast. It make her feel alive, and it helps that its a total babe magnet. Cassian is secretly jealous.

Azriel: a soccer mom car. What can he say? its practical. its the only car that “fits is wings, shadows, and edgy disposition,” -Amren, at some point.

Cassian: the Batmobile. First of all, puns are life. Second, its as brooding and flashy as he is.

Amren: shes a sassy snake. Everybody knows it. Tinted windows, base pounding. *side note- literally searched “snake car” and was not disappointed. 

Elain: cars are bad for the environment. She rides this through Velaris, later buying a basket that she loads with baked goods and flowers. Also, a knife. Cities have been known to be dangerous. She wears her chiffon dresses and flower crowns, smiling at bakers and painters. She has about 100 men hooked on her rosy cheeks.

Nesta: cars are for wusses. She rides this with a badass biker helmet- not because its safer, but because she secretly loves the way civilians ogle at her. And when she gets back home, she slowly takes it off and shakes her hair- slowly. Cassian ogles too. He swears slow motion entrances were gifted to her in the cauldron. She brushes past him, closing his mouth for him.

Tamlin: its his immortal life crisis. He isn’t ashamed. He calls it his tittymoblible. It gets egged most nights.

Bonus- Helion: not much to be said about this one. Pretty self explanatory.

Abomination Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,452

Warnings: None

   Deaton began to tell Scott to take off his shirt, but Scott interrupted him.

   “No, help Y/N first,” Scott said. Deaton paused, but complied, telling me to remove my shirt. I tried to fold my arms protectively across my chest, but it stung so I hissed quietly and stepped back.

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Meet Cute - Chapter 2

Author: SaffreeLove

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: swearing, there will always be swearing

Word Count: 951

Author’s Note: Somehow this suddenly became a 4 chapter fic. Y’all asked for more and my brain somehow went, “Sure!!!” The smut is coming in future chapters, and since they are mostly written hopefully the wait won’t be as long as this one was. If you want to be tagged, just send me an ask. 

Miss out on part 1? Check it out.

Seb definitely had a nicer room than you did, but it wasn’t the palatial suite you had imagined. Just bigger and there were fresh flowers on the dining table.

“Come on, let’s order. I’m starved,” he said as he ushered you further into the room and handed you a room service menu to look over.

“Do you know what you want?” he asked after a minute or so.

“No, not yet. There’s some pretty good options on here for being room service. I don’t think I’ve even opened the menu in my room.”

“Hey listen, I really need to go wash the day off. Do you mind calling in the order while I go hop in the shower?”

Shit. Shower. Seb. Shower. Naked Seb. Water. Wet Seb. Mmmmmmmm. Crap, he asked a question! Fuck, how long had you been standing there looking at him with you mouth hanging open? Hopefully, it was only a few seconds and not some hugely awkward time that would be hella embarrassing.

“Sorry! What?”

With a grin and a little chuckle he said, “Can you call the order in while I shower?”

“Oh, sure. Of course. What did you want?”

“Can you order me a chicken burger with the steak fries and the large green salad with grilled chicken and balsamic dressing on the side? And…a slice of that lemon cake. What Don doesn’t know won’t kill him,” with that last bit mumbled under his breath.

After writing it down, you told him you’d order as soon as you picked yours. You forced your gaze back down to the menu so as to not track him while he moved around and grabbed clothes from his suitcase.

Focus on the menu, focus on the menu. Fish tacos? A burger? A salad? Oh, there’s the start of the water. Focus on the menu, just pick something, anything. Is he singing? FOCUS!! Once you finally decided, you quickly called down to the restaurant to place the order.

You flicked the tv on with the hope of distracting yourself from the epic event taking place in the bathroom, but even with the tv on you could still hear the shower running and his intermittent singing. Thoughts of a wet, naked Seb burst through your shabbily constructed mental wall. You may or may not have watched that scene from The Bronze on repeat one too many times, meaning you had a pretty good mental image of just what was getting wet in there.

Like his arms, with water sliding off of them while he rinsed his hair, his biceps flexing with every pass. Water sluicing down his torso only to slow down when it met the resistance of his abs. His fingertips dripping as he took himself in hand and started a slow rhythm that brought a groan to his lips.


What are you doing? He brought you up here for dinner and companionship and because he trusted you, not so you could fantasize about him while he innocently showered in the next room. His skin turning a slight pink under the hot water of the shower, his hair dripping wet with his tongue darting out to catch droplets that rained down his face.

Staahp! Pull yourself together, find something to watch on tv, and stop thinking of him naked.

The last forty-five minutes of Jurassic Park was on, so you picked that. It was a good non-sexy movie to watch. Yeah, running from a huge prehistoric carnivore in an open top Jeep was not likely to encourage sexual fantasies. You hoped.

Fifteen minutes later, the bathroom door opened and a shirtless Romanian god walked out. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

“Sorry, I forgot a shirt.” At least he had pants on? Although, those were just barely hanging onto his hips. And, yup, no socks. Fucking bare feet. Why were those sexy, too? His hair was still dripping just a tiny bit. What were you doing? Oh yeah. Murderous formerly extinct carnivores.  

“Huh? Oh, yeah, no worries.” You were totally fine and not at all affected by his half nakedness. You panties were definitely not completely soaked from your imagination and then his naked chest. Fine. You were fine. Absolutely fine. Fucking breathe, dude.

You kept your eyes glued to the tv where they were heading to the emergency bunker. “Oh, Jurassic Park. I love this movie.” he flopped down next to you on the couch.

Knock, knock.

“That’s probably the food. I’ll get it,” he said as he got up.

You spent the next half hour eating, drinking beer from his mini fridge, and finishing the movie. Thankfully your brain to mouth filter seemed to finally be working again. You hadn’t blurted out anything more about riding Seb’s thigh or his naked chest, so you were just gonna go ahead and count that as a win.

Once you had stacked all the dishes back on the service cart, you got ready to watch another movie. Since the bed had the best view of the television and was monumentally more comfortable than the couch, you had both agreed to sit there.

You fiercely told yourself to just chill out and pretend that this entire situation isn’t completely crazy and sit down like a normal person. Stop freaking the fuck out!

“Is it too weird that we are sitting on the bed together?”

“Hmmm? What?”

“You muttered something about this being crazy. Should we just try and turn the tv or move the couch?”

“No, no, no. This is completely fine. It will be way more comfortable on the bed in any case. It’s soft, but still gives a good bounce.”

Well, so much for having a handle on your filter.

Chapter 3

(Donald Pierce x Reader) Part 2

A/N: So I still don’t have a title for this and I’m awful at titles so your suggestions would be appreciated. Contains slight spoilers for Logan but the events are mostly altered from the plot of the film. Contains a lot of blood and violence. Enjoy!

Part 1 can be found here. 

The following day you and Donald were rumbling over dirt roads as you made your way into the desert in the front of an open top jeep. You were flanked on either side by Donald’s small army of ‘associates’ each one of them armed with an AK47.

You pressed your own pistol close protectively close to your thigh. It was ridiculous really, you knew you’d never need it given your powers but to Donald it seemed sensible.

'I know that bitch is hidin’ out here.’ Donald grumbled as his hand rested tightly at the top of the wheel.

'What are you going to do if you find her?’ You asked casually, glancing at the dust which gathered behind your vehicles as you pushed on.

'What d'ya think?’ Donald fired back sharply and you didn’t respond. After a few second his human hand moved over to squeeze your knee.

'I’m sorry baby. I’m under alotta pressure to neutralise this situation.’

'I know.’ You responded after a few moments, distracted  by your own thoughts as you desperately tried to concoct a plan. It would be impossible to help them escape without Donald knowing. But maybe you could make him see. If you gave it time. All you had to do now was hope he didn’t kill you in the process.

'You know I love ya, don’t you?’ His hand squeezed your leg again and you looked over to see that he was looking at you over the top of his glasses.

'Well you do say it about a million times a day.’ You teased.

'But I always mean it.’ He replied in a serious tone and you felt a twinge in your chest. You did love him. But you had to do this – for the good of people like you.

'We’re here. Stay in the truck please.’ Donald mumbled as you parked up outside what looked like an abandoned warehouse.

A black limo parked on a jaunty angle stood out from its dilapidated surroundings. Even from your position you could see that it’s exterior had been marred with various scratches and what looked like bullet holes. The men around fell you fell into a defensive position as they approached crouched with their weapons drawn.

Everyone froze as the door swung open with a loud creak and a man appeared. He had a broad and naturally muscular frame, but looked haggard with streaks of grey through his hair and beard. His eyes looked sunken and his face was heavily lined as he scouted out the numbers around him. You could have sworn you had seen him before – he looked so familiar but now wasn’t the time to be racking your brain. Instantly the sound of guns being loaded fill the air but you could see Donald raising a hand to stop them.

The men watched apprehensively as Donald marched confidently towards the limo. He signalled two of his men to restrain the man which he did so willingly given the numbers of armed personnel around him. Donald barely gave the man a second look as he examined the interior. You noticed that there was a second figure in the back, the tinted windows made it difficult to see his features but from what you gathered he appeared immobile given that he hadn’t moved.

Donald reappeared with his features set into a scowl. 'Find the girl.’ He growled, signalling the two closest men to him towards the warehouse.

The tension in the air was thick as the two men swiftly made their way into the building. You placed your foot on the inside of the door of the jeep, ready to leap out at any moment and strike. But maybe you’d missed your chance already.

Suddenly the sound of automatic gunfire filled the air. It continued rapidly and you knew right away that it was no ordinary execution. A fight had begun.

The men around you writhed with the desire to act but Donald stopped them simply by raising his hand once again. You were intrigued that he had not yet instructed them to storm the building and quietly climbed out of the jeep and approached unnoticed at the back of the party.

You fought to keep your breathing even as a small girl appeared at the front of the building, walking towards the men. You expected her to be gunned down immediately but no such thing happened as she got closer. To the collective horror of the people around surrounding you, you realised that she was holding the head of one of the men sent in to retrieve her. With ease she tossed the head into the sand and it rolled towards Donald’s feet. You couldn’t read his face from your position but you expected him to be furious.

'Now Laura…’ Donald began, voice laced with persuasion as he took a step towards the girl. 'You’re going to come with me.’

The girl didn’t move – or at least, she didn’t until Donald took a step towards her and a snarl ripped from her throat as two pairs of metal claws sprung from her knuckles. Almost simultaneously you heard the sound of flesh ripping followed by a thud as the man behind you split open the skull of a man using the same blades that Laura had extended, only larger and more deadly. The last remaining pieces of what had been puzzling your brain fell into place. That man was the Wolverine.

Instantly the scene around you erupted as the men opened fire. Your heart leapt into your throat as the girl was struck by bullets but she didn’t fall. Instead another low growl made its way out of her mouth as she lunged forward, narrowly missing Donald who had to dive out of the way as she made for the parked limo.

You were astonished by Laura’s abilities and as she made her way towards the limo with an almost animalistic intent.

But with the Wolverine picking off the men around you, you knew that Donald was already in grave danger. Laura was still the innocent in all of this and your priority but you knew you had to get between them. You wouldn’t allow Donald to die needlessly.

'Y/N what are you doing!?’ You heard Donald roar over the sounds around you as you ran full pelt towards the battle. Laura was distracted by the conflict around her which gave you the opportunity to grasp her tiny forearm.

'Come with me I’m trying to help!’ You spat out quickly as she immediately turned on you. Your words fell on deaf ears as she immediately twisted from your grip and slashed as you. You dodged the attack (mostly) as her blades sliced into your arm. The blood began to flow instantly but the wound didn’t look too deep.

'Please.’ You pleaded with her as she studied you with anger in her eyes. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Donald racing towards the two of you and you knew your time to convince her was limited. You turned to face Donald to say something, anything, that would give you more time when you realised that the limo, driven by the Wolverine, was racing towards him and accelerating with each second.

You stepped forward and raised your hand. In the moment you didn’t even think about what you were doing as you discharged a strong kinetic current – powerful enough to stop the limo in its tracks right before it ran Donald over. The force of your power was sudden and uncontrolled and the extra electricity discharged from your fingertips caused the front of the limo to burst into flames.

Donald stared at you for a moment completely dumbfounded. You’d never seen him wear an expression of such shock before but you only had a second to register it before you felt hands on your arms and legs as the men around you tried to force you to the ground. Realising that now there was no going back, you used nearly all your energy to shock the men around you unconscious (only unconscious, you hoped) and broke free of their grasp.

The remaining men situated behind Donald had opened fire on the limo and no signs of the Wolverine or the mysterious man in the back made themselves known. With one final glance at Donald, you scooped Laura up under your arm who was screaming like a banshee and made for one of the parked vehicles which had since been abandoned by his men.

You threw Laura into the back seat and kept your head low as fresh bullets rained over you both as you started the jeep. You didn’t look back as you raced away from the warehouse, engine roaring loudly and a burning smell in your nose as you pushed the engine to its absolute limit. You didn’t look back in the rear view mirror until the warehouse was nothing more than a glint on the horizon, but nobody followed you.

Familial Relations

 Summary: He’s a temptation she wasn’t even aware of—not until he’s back under her roof, sharing her space, sleeping in her bed. Written for Prompts in Panem, Dreams, Day 7: Thorns.

Rated: M+

A/N: Thank you to thegirlonpeetamellark for reading and coaching. This week was a whirlwind of crap in my real life, and I sometimes doubted I’d get this done. All mistakes are mine, because I really did not have time to re-read this more than once. Thanks to misshoneywell for organizing PiP and being such a champion of Everlark.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Rachel what are the differences and similarities between Scott and Stiles?

I think the main difference between Scott and Stiles is that Scott embodies selflessness and Stiles embodies selfishness.

Now lemme explain.

Scott is always willing to put himself on the line, push himself to the edge, and go above and beyond for other people. He’s trusting and he’s willing to give people second chances. His heart is open. 

Stiles is always suspicious and wary of others. There are a couple times where he would rather someone he doesn’t care about get hurt than extend a helping hand. It’s played as a joke but he’s also said “nah just kill ‘em” a few times.

But something that Scott and Stiles have in common is their fierce protectiveness of each other and the other people they care about. Scott was mostly ambivalent towards Lydia initially (maybe somewhat cool because she wasn’t giving Stiles a chance and tbh Lydia was a bitch in s1 sometimes) but when Lydia was missing Scott wholeheartedly promised Stiles that he’d find her. He promised to protect her from Derek’s pack when they thought she was the kanima.  Scott defended an entire library’s worth of students from La Bete and basically exposed the supernatural in order to protect them. He wanted to keep the chimeras all alive so that they could help them.  Scott cares about everyone, but he cares about his friends and his pack and his family so much.

And Stiles is the same way (ok minus the everyone part obviously). There are a few times where Stiles would rather remain in danger (when Gerard has him, when he’s lost in the woods in s3) than risk his father coming out and getting hurt or involved. He steps into a pile of gasoline while his best friend is holding a light flare because he won’t let Scott kill himself, even though stepping closer to Scott is putting himself in grave danger. Lydia warns him multiple times to get out of Eichen House in s5 because she can feel herself building up to her death scream and if Stiles stays, he’ll be in the blast zone. But Stiles fights his way back to her side multiple times and stays close despite her scream almost killing him a few times (while they were running out, in the jeep, he dove on top of her to protect her from the falling glass at Deaton’s…)

Their motivations are completely different in this (Scott sees everyone as deserving of protection and Stiles makes rare exceptions for people outside of his close circle). But they’ll walk through fire (literally) when it comes to protecting others.