jeep no top

The top left is a Jeep Grand Cherokee the top right is an Audi Q5 the bottom left is the pic of Chris at fat burger and the bottom right is Minka crashing his date with lily that is her car in the back. As you can see the car he was driving is NOT a Jeep but an Audi if it belongs to Minka is still the question but I don’t think I have ever seen him driving this car again. I tried explaining this on the HOAD blog but no one listened so I decided this time to provide the pics😉.

thank you for sharing!!



I had a beautiful day today with lots of friends and I’m cute af without make up🌸☀️

septic-crankiplier  asked:

64, 45, 8 :)

64.Favorite dipping sauce? Oh my gosh! A1 steak sauce hands down. I could drown everything in that stuff. many kids do you want? Heh… um… none. I am really not into kids. I worked nursery for around a year and have baby sat my monster cousins. I just don’t want them and I think that the most annoying thing is when old people give that disappointed schrunched up nose look when you tell them that.

8.what kind of car do you drive? color?
I am really proud of this! Okay so I drive a Navy Blue Jeep Liberty that I helped fix. The entire rear axel was spun and messed up so it had to be replaced. I actually sorta traded my father my green Jeep Wrangler (sportster edition, soft top tan xd ) for it. I know that seems like a trade down (and it is when you look at the value and $$ side) but I am not that good with a stick shift yet and school doesn’t wait for you to be a competent driver.
I plan to get a cattle bar (the grill attachment that pokes out), a light bar (preferably LED’s but I wont be picky) and would like some custom wheels that have wolf prints on them but that’s a big maybe.

Sorry for rambling! Thank you so much for asking!!!! I love your asks :3