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In Control - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 6,977

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Both Receiving), Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Protected Sex, Jeep Sex

Notes: Guess what guys! This was a request! I absolutely loved this idea. This was so fun to write. And I couldn’t wait to get it out. So I will probably be regretting life at work seeing as it is 3:30 in the morning right now. BUT THIS WAS SO WORTH THE 13 HOURS OF WRITING. I hope my lil nonnie (though I DO know who requested this, I will not divulge) loves this ❤️

Request: can you do a stiles smut where the reader is possessed by a powerful goddess or the reader is a demigod and she can regain her powers/stay in control by having sex with someone? and that stiles is her anchor? TYSM ❤️

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I’ll Still Want You/Stiles Stilinski Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Could you do where the reader is uber drunk and Stiles has to pick her up at a bar and take care of her? And the reader being really risqué to him?

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Anthony trujillo imagine

“Hey your messeging wasnt working, but i was wondering if you could write an imagine of Anthony trujillo using 2, 27, 42, 47, 174 where the reader and him are super flirty and everybody in team 10 knows it, but chance is the only one that actually knows Anthony’s feeling for her”
2. “Stop winking”
27. “Oh its on”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
47. “I touched the butt….”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
You had just woken up and had already got yourself ready to meet tessa and erika for a run

Making sure you closed and locked yojr front door you grabed yoir things

Making your way to your jeep you made sure you had everything as you placed your bag in your car

The girls had invited you over for a sleepover tonight

Considering you were practically apart of team 10 everyone was excited to have you over

After a 30 minute drive you had made your car fit near the sidewalk to the house

Makong sure you locked your door you made your way to the door

After knocking a few times because the doorbell was broken somone opened it

“Hey!” A voice said as you looked away from your phone to see Anthony

You had a massive crush on Anthony for the longest time and flirting happened a lot between you both

“hey tony!” You said going to walk in

Your walk was stopped when you felt something make contact with your ass

Gasping you turned around to Anthony

“I touched the butt….” he said shocked at himself and then smirked and winked

Looking at him you glared and then turned around to face the others who were smirking or grinning

Shrugging you made your way into the kitchen where erika and tessa were

“Damn its hot in here!” Anthony yelled as he made his way into the kitchen flapping his shirt

“Then take your shirt off” you said without even thinking

Seeing his shcoked expression you decided to have a bit of fun

“What?!” He asked

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” You stated smirking at him

He grinned and took his shirt off and while doing so he flexed

You had never seen him without a top before and he was looking mighty fine

He took a step towards you untill he wrapped his arm’s around your waist

“Like what you see babe?” He asked and then winked

You rolled your eye’s

“Stop winking” you said to him as you made it so you were sitting on the bench and away from him

He sighed and made his way over to you again and spread ypur legs so he was now in between them

“You know you love it y/n” tessa said as the other’s made their way in

“Yeah we all know you with he could fuck you all day long” jake said making you groan and blush

You moved your head so it was now hiding in Anthony’s neck where you wrapped your arms around his neck

He soon wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his chin on top of your head

“Leave her alone guy’s. At least she can get laod when she wants. She’s just gotta ask” Anthony said causing you to blush more and push him away

“Let’s go girl’s.” You said beginning to walk to the door

“We wanna come!” You heard chad say and soon they were all pushing infront of you and out the door

“Who’s going in who’s car?” You asked when you saw them arguing

“Were all set. Anthony is the onky one left so he will have to go in yours” jake said as he backed out in his jeep as the other’s followed

You sighed and ipened your jeep door

“Come on then hot shot” you said smiling at Anthony as you got in

“Coming!” He said like a little girl as he got in the car

You shook ypur head and backed out and made your way following the other’s

——-skip ride——–
You had just parked when a voice caught your attention as you got out

“Yeah he likes her. Maybe even loves her” you heard chance say

“So why hasnt he asked her out yet? Tessas voice says

"He’s not sure how to express it to her” jake says joing in

You were soon cut off by Anthony as he placed a hand on your lower back

“You alright?” He asked

You nodded and moved away from him

“Last one to the group has to buy the other lunch!” You yelled already running

“Oh its on!” You heard Anthony yell as You heard him racing after you

You were nearly there when you felt arms wrap around you and lift you up spinning you around

He placed you down facing the other way and raced to the other’s beating you

“That’s not fair! You cheated!” You yelled as you made you way to him

He grinned at you and winked causing you to frown

His smile soon vanished seeing you upset as his arms found their way around your waist again

“I suppose i could buy lunch then” he said as he smiled at you causing you to blush

Nodding you then ran up to erika and tessa and began making your way infront of the boy’s walking up the hill

About 12 minutes into the walk your conversation with the girl’s stipped when you heard the boy’s whisper

“Why not just ask her out?!” Jake whispered

“Because!” Anthony said quietly

“Because what bro?!” Chad asked in a whisper

“Im not sure if she likes me like i fucking like her okay!” Anthony said a bit too loud

You sighed and continue talking with the girl’s

“You like him right?” Erika asked

You sighed a nodded

“I knew it!” Tessa says

“Why are you so sad then?” Erika asks

“Because i want him to ask me out you know….” you said softly

You could see the girl’s exchange knowing looks and sighed

“Nice ass babe!” Anthony yelled to you as you started jogging

“Thanks!” You yelled back

You had finnaly made it to the top of the hill and smiled when you saw the view

Sitting down you swung your legs over the side and smiled

“You know apherodite ain’t got nothing on your beauty!” You heard Anthony say as he sat down next to you

Looking yo him you saw his top was off

“Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked softly laughing

“What? Me flirting? Haha” he said blushing

“Were gonna take some photos and i wanted to know if you wanted to get one with me?” He asked scratching the back of his neck

“Of course babe!” You said smiling

“Great!” He said as he got up and then helped you up but he didn’t let your hand go

Infact he interwined your fingers together and squeezed

He sighed when you squeezed his hand back

“Let’s do this” kade said as he held his camera

“Y/n why don’t you go on Anthony’s shoulders” kade said as he smiled at you both

You looked at Anthony for confirmation to wich he nodded and bent down allowing you to go on his shoulders

You grabbed his hair feeling him raise up

“Ouch” he said causing you to blush

“Im so sorry!” You said as you felt him laugh

“It’s alright babe. Hold my hand’s and smile. I wont let anything happen to you” he said

You smiled and grabbed his hands and smiled at the camera

After a few more photos with the other’s you made you way back to the cars

“You alright babe?” Anthony asked you

“Yeah just a bit tired” you said softly smiling at him

“I know you dont let people drive ypur car but maybey i should drive back yeah?” He asked

You nodded and handed him the keys to which he smiled at you

You had just made it back to the team 10 house and you were now in the kitchen while the other’s were upstairs getting a movie ready

“Hey..” you heard Anthony’s voice as you grabbed snacks and drinks

“Hey!” You said as you turned to the next cubourd

“Can i talk to you?…” he asked sounding nervous

You dripped wjat you were doing and grabbed a stool and sit down so you were faceing him on the other stool

“What’s wrong?” You asked softly

“Nothings wrong it’s just. I dont know how to say this but i like you….” he said softly

“You don’t have to say anything…i knew you wouldn’t have liked me anyway…” he said as he got up and began making his way back up stairs

You grabbed his hand and pulled him back so he was looking at you

“I like you too you dork” you said softly and smiled at him

“You do?! Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked

You smiled and nodded causing him to smile and hug you

“Can i kiss you?” He asked placing his hand on your cheek

“Yes” you said and soon his lips were attached to yours in a soft and passionate kiss

As you pulled away you heard the other’s cheering and looked at Anthony who just smiled and kissed you again.

Pregnancy Tests (Imagine)

Word Count: 1076

Warnings: Swearing

It was the third morning where you were oddly nauseous; the smell of food making you stumble to the toilet clutching your mouth. Shawn would follow, sitting on the side of the bathtub next to you, rubbing your shoulder.

“Baby, this isn’t food poising” he would whisper, tucking your hair behind your ear. You’d look up at him with tired eyes and nod, placing a shaky hand on your forehead.

“My periods late” you say, closing your eyes.

“Seriously?” He would ask, his voice sounding different; almost hopeful.

“Yeah, I should have started last week” you say, searching for an expression on his face.

“So are you like…?” He says, a small smile tugging on his lips.

“I don’t know” You say, relived he seemed happy.

“What do we do? Like take a test or something?” You stare at his face, noticing how he seemed like he was trying to hide his excitement. His eyes wildly flickering between yours, searching for anything to tell him how you feel.

“Yeah, but we need to go and get one” you say, trying to lift yourself up.

“Hey, let me help you, you’ve just emptied your guts” he grins, making you laugh weakly. He helps you up and you stand in front of him, feeling rough. He leans down and places a kiss on your nose, smiling slightly. “I love you.”

“I love you too” you say, leaning up to kiss his lips.

You both head to his jeep, him opening the door being the usual gentleman that he is. The journey to the store consisted of small talk and nervous silence. Shawn’s hand was resting on your thigh the whole way, squeezing it every once in a while. The whole time his mind was full of the idea that he might be a dad. He found himself grinning at the idea, but tried his best to not get his hopes up. 

When you get there, you both head in, hoping that no one notices you. He takes your hand in his as you enter, guiding you to the right isle.

“I don’t even know which one to get” you say, overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy tests one shop could sell. You look up at him, his face mirroring yours.

“Fuck, they’re expensive” he laughs, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “We could just get one of each” he says seriously, waiting your response.

“No Shawn! That’s going to cost too much.”

"I don’t care” he says, throwing them into the basket. You shake your head and cling onto his arm. He was wearing the denim jacket that never failed to make him look handsome. His hair was floppy due to the fact that he hadn’t done it, but you preferred it like that anyway.

You head to the tills and you groan when the self service section was closed. 

“We need to go to someone that won’t know you” you say, trying to find anyone who wouldn’t see that the Shawn Mendes was buying about 15 pregnancy tests.

“There’s an old lady over there, she won’t know me” he laughs, taking your hand and leading you in her direction.

He empties out the basket and you try your best to avoid eye contact as the lady starts to scan the boxes.

“Rough start to the morning huh?” She smiles warmly. 

“Yeah I guess” Shawn responds, blushing as you hold his hand tighter. She finishes scanning the items and asks for the money. Before you leave she hands over the change and smiles again. 

“Good luck, whatever answer you’re hoping for.” You thank her and leave, blushing at the situation you just encountered.

 When you arrive back home you rush to the bathroom and try to open the box with shaky hands.

“Here, let me do it” Shawn says, taking the small box in his large hands. He hands it over to you and you examine the stick, checking it looked like it would work.

“I guess I just pee on it right?” You say, earning a laugh from Shawn.

“Hunny, I don’t know. Why your asking me?” he laughs, walking towards the door. “Call me when you’re done.”

He leaves the room and you do as the instructions say. Afterwards you head out and see Shawn waiting outside the door. 

“I’ve done it. We have to wait 5 minutes” you say quietly, feeling overly nervous. Shawn smiles down at you and pulls you in his arms. After a few moment silence, you ask the one question that had been on you’re mind all day; “What do you want it to say?”

Shawn stays silent for a moment and then hugs you tighter, kissing your hair in the process. 

"I will love you regardless to what the test says, I promise that.” He says, but then pulls away so you’re looking into his eyes. “But the idea of a mini us honestly sounds amazing, it really does.” You smile, grateful that he would like a child. It relaxes you, knowing that he will still love you no matter what the result is.

After the 5 minutes is up, you open the bathroom door and walk up to the sink. 

“I love you” Shawn says taking your hand.

“I love you too” you stutter, terrified to look at the numerous tests lay along the edge of the sink. This moment was literally life changing.

You take a deep breath and look. Your eyes scan the tests and at first it doesn’t sink in. Shawn’s hand squeezes yours, trying to earn a response. After you say nothing for what felt like 10 hours to Shawn, he speaks up.

“Baby, what does it say?” He asks nervously, pulling you to face him. You turn to him and you immediately start crying.

“I’m pregnant!“ you say, falling into his arms. "We’re having a baby!”

The look on Shawn’s face was priceless. He instantly began to weep too, holding you close to him.

“Oh my god” he says in disbelief, holding you tightly. “Congratulations baby!” The excitement you both felt was of the scale, but you were too happy and in shock to show it. You pull away, connecting your lips to his. He smiles against you, moving his hands to your belly. “I love you so much” he would say with a small laugh, as his hands touch your tummy. “I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you too Shawn.”

I hope this is okay! Let me know what you guys think xx

Lucky Number 24 - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5008

Warnings: Smut

Notes: Lacrosse Week Special for my favorite bby, Stiles. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I never intended for it to actually turn into that but I got to the point I wanted to, and kinda couldn’t stop from there.

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Gif source:  Stiles

Imagine you’ve been dating Stiles in secret and it ends up getting revealed when you play hooky from a pack meeting and the pack ends up looking for you and finds you in a heated moment in the back of his Jeep.

——— Request for anon ———

It was one of those rare cold nights in Beacon Hills. The ones that only happened in the middle of the winter and made you actually have to wear one of the jackets you’d invested in. Stiles had worn that red hoodie when he’d come to pick you up for the pack meeting, but when you piled into the Jeep with him you both knew neither of you wanted to go to that tonight.

It wasn’t like Stiles to miss a meeting, but there you were looking just as great to him as he looked to you. Both of you decided that for once, you were going to play hooky and just not go.

You found a spot just as the sun went down, shading the both of you in more privacy than the vacant gravel lot beside the Beacon Hills Reserve did. Stiles was on you as soon as the Jeep was in park, the both of you fumbling for the back seat as you also fumbled with each other’s clothes. He was shirtless and you were pants-less by the time you heard a twig snap from outside, causing you to pull from his lips with a gasp.

“What was that?” you breathe, glancing towards the window only to find they’d fogged over thanks to the contrast of the cool air outside the car and the heat within it.

Stiles was just as stock-still as he hovered over you, still locked between your thighs as he strained to hear something else over the radio station neither of you’d been focused on before whispering with a glint of fear in his eyes, “This is how people die in horror movies.”

You slap his bare chest gently as you sarcastically scoff, “Thanks. Whose idea was it to park at the Reserve anyway? If we die via crazed serial killer, I’m blaming you!”


“AH! GOD!” Stiles shouts as you both jump upon a hand slapping against the fogged window beside your head, causing an imprint in the dew while you both scream within the Jeep. The handle to the door was being pulled by something outside, and it’s not until you take a breath to scream again as you and Stiles scrambled for the keys that you heard a familiar voice calling from outside.

“Stiles! Stiles!”

Scott?” you gasp as Stiles reaches to press the button in order to roll down the window just enough to see who it was for sure, causing you both to groan as you realize just who had caught you.

“If only it was a serial killer instead,” Stiles groans sarcastically as he slumps against your chest for a second after recognizing those familiar faces behind the messy glass. Scott looks on in amusement beside Allison and Lydia while you scramble to fish your pants from the floor once Stiles leans off of you and throws his shirt back on, bumping his head on the roof of the Jeep in the process.

Isaac rolls his eyes, already turning on his heel to leave, “Clearly Stiles and (Y/N) are just fine.”

burkygirl  asked:

Our absolutely amazing pal and fellow smutketeer @peetabreadgirl has a birthday on February 23rd. @xerxia31 and I were wondering if you'd be willing to accept a submission from us in her honoUr?

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Happy Birthday @peetabreadgirl! By special request, Here’s a birthday drabble crafted just for you!

Biggest Fan

AN – Happy Birthday PBG! This is part 1 of 2 because your birthday is too special to cram all into one day!

Mesdames et messieurs, votre attention s’il vous plaît. Les passagers de la vol Air Canada 8637 arrivent à la gare vingt-quatre.

Peeta Mellark bobs up on the balls of his feet, eager to see around the crowd of tired commuters coming in on the flight from Montreal to Quebec city. Just a few more minutes and he’ll finally lay eyes on the infamous KatsEye, the best beta in the Avengers fandom.

And his best friend. Possibly the love of his life, but hey, he figures he probably should lay eyes on her in real life before he declares his undying devotion.

The crowd is thinning a bit now as the business crowd moves toward the airport doors, a sea of suits and muttered French. He checks his phone. Her text had said she was near the back of the plane. Surely she’ll be out soon.

Kat<3: I’m wearing an orange sweater.

When he looks up again, he sees her coming through the gate. Her aviator glasses are perched on her head and her hair is tied up in a side braid that spills over her shoulder onto the gorgeous coral sweater she’s wearing. It causes her olive skin to glow even though he can tell she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup.

His artistic sensibilities practically giggle at the idea that she’d consider the shade to be orange. It’s softer, more muted; kind of like a sunset at the end of a sultry summer’s day.

Regardless, it’s his new favourite colour.

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😏Just Friends [Part 2] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan while you’re hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.

Warnings: Mild teasing [Gifs are not mine]

A/N: @cassmoreiraxo aka @4odolans wrote part 2 for you guys so here you go! I am on vacation, but hopefully I’ll have part 3 up soonish!

Part 1

Originally posted by x-xroxyx-x

I woke up to the sun shining through my LA apartment bedroom. The warmth from the sun shining on my face made me toss and turn and impossible to fall back asleep. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling and played yesterday over again in my head. Grayson and I fooled around with my best friend and his twin brother lying on the floor.  I ran my fingers through my hair and smiled. What’s going on? I’m 22 and he’s 18.

I reached over to grab  my phone off my nightstand and saw that it was 11:30am. I got up out of bed, put on some music and hopped into the shower. I let the hot water hit my back as I hummed to the music playing. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my body in a white towel. The steam from the shower filled the bathroom and the heat made me happy. I walked over to my bedroom and went through my closet. I put on high-waisted jean shorts, an adidas t-shirt that I tucked in, and some white and black adidas original superstar shoes. I ran my fingers through my long curly hair and then I did my makeup.

I texted Ethan letting him know I was leaving my place and was on my way to pick him up. I jumped into my white 2 door Jeep Wrangler and plugged in my phone to the AUX cord. I was stopped at a red light and started jamming out to Travis Scott when I looked over to my left at the car beside me and saw 2 girls looking over and taking a picture. Ever since I became friends with Ethan almost 2 years ago my life has slightly changed. I get seen with them a lot, rumors, and my face is sometimes all over the Dolan Twitter fandom. The light turned green and I drove off. I pulled into the guy’s apartment complex and headed upstairs. I got to their door and knocked 3 time which was odd because Ethan usually answered the first knock and he knew I was coming over. I turned away to leave when the door opened and there stood a half sleepy and shirtless Grayson Dolan.

Originally posted by dolanslife

Grayson moved to the side and nodded for me to come in without saying a word. I stepped inside and he shut the door.

“Ethan’s not home. He just stepped out to go grab breakfast. You can hang out with me until he gets back?” He smirked at me

I couldn’t make eye contact with Grayson because he was shirtless and because yesterday keeps replaying in my head.

“Y/N, did you hear me?” I turned my attention back to Grayson.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked him with a confused look on my face.

He smirked at me and moved closer towards me, making me backup against the table. We were now chest to chest and Grayson had one hand on the table while the other was on my waist.

“I asked, did you want any breakfast?” He looked down at me since I was an entire foot shorter than him.

“Oh, uh no thank you. Not really hungry.” I said with a half smile and looking away from him again. I don’t know what was with this boy and intense eye contact. Grayson back away from me and started making some breakfast for himself. I sat at the table and started texting Ethan. Grayson sat right in front of me and started eating. While I kept texting Ethan. An awkward silence came over us and all you could hear was Grayson’s fork hitting the plate. Once he was done he got up to put his dish in the sink and he turned around to lean up against the counter with his arms crossed and looked at me.

“I really enjoyed what we did last night.” He bit his lip. I couldn’t deny that I didn’t like what went on between Grayson and I and I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that I did like it but no words could come out of my mouth. All I could do was nod my head to agree with him. He pushed himself away from the counter and started walking towards me.

He came in between my legs and placed both hands on my waist to pull my body closer to his. We locked eyes and he licked his lips before closing the space between us. It started of slow and passionate and then one of Grayson’s hands found the back of my neck to pull me into the kiss more.

Originally posted by pix3lh3arts

I let out a soft moan against his lips and he smirked knowing he was getting to me. My hands found their way to the back of his neck and I ran my fingers through his hair. He ran his tongue on my bottom lip and I let him in. He grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted me up and put me down on the table. He broke away from our kiss and pushed me back a bit onto the table so I was supporting myself on my elbows. He ran his hand down my body and down to my shorts. He started to rub me through my shorts. I threw my head back and I bit my lip. I could feel myself getting wet. Grayson started kiss down my stomach and unbutton my jean short when I finally caught myself and pushed Grayson back.

“Woah, woah. What’s wrong Y/N?” Grayson looked back up and me and moved closer. I sat up and crossed my legs. I let out a sigh and ran my fingers through my hair. Grayson moved his lips towards my neck and started kissing me softly. I bit my lip and pushed him back.

 “Do you like me Grayson? What is this?” I looked at him confused. He laughed and put both his hands on the sides of my body.

“I don’t do relationships Y/N and even if I did, Ethan would never approve of this.” He said point at us. I nodded my head to agree with him. Ethan would flip if he knew about any of this.

“Friends Y/N?” Grayson said as he leaned in and started to kiss me again. I smiled in the kiss before pulling away.

“Just friends? Friends don’t do this Grayson.” I smiled at him and bit my bottom lip.

“You’re right. Let’s call this friends with benefits” He looked at me and crossed his arms.

“We get to know each other better and become friends especially for Ethan’s sake, we please each others needs, no strings attached, no feelings and no telling Ethan. We aren’t dating, and this is strictly physical. What do you say?” He says as he places kisses on my neck.

I hesitated a bit before letting out a moan as Grayson started sucking on my neck.

Originally posted by fiftyshadesofblackkkgirl

“Okay, friend with benefits it is.” I lean in to kiss him when the door opened. We both jump away from each other and acted normal.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Traffic in downtown LA was brutal, but I’m ready to go shopping if you are?” A very apologetic Ethan hugs me and looks at both Grayson and I.

“It’s okay Eth, Y/N and I have been getting to know each other actually. I’m going to go hit the gym than going to shower so I can be ready for us to film the video. I’ll see you guys later.” He walked off and Ethan helped me off the table. We headed towards to door when I looked over my shoulder to catch Grayson checking me out as I was leaving while biting down on his lip.

“Gray, maybe next time when my friends are here, you could put a shirt on. Common dude, be a gentlemen” Ethan called out to his brother before we left their apartment. I couldn’t believe at what just had happened. What have I gotten myself into?

Part 3

Evil Plans//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Lydia Martin, Reader.


You sat at the picnic table outside with Stiles and Theo.

“I just don’t see why you won’t go with my plan.” Theo sighs.

You read your book silently, not wanting to get in the middle of your boyfriend and best friend.

I just don’t see why you won’t go with my plan.” Stiles mimics, “Because it’s stupid, that’s why.”

“Hey!” You swat him on the arm.

“Sorry, babe.” He mutters.

“You’re stupid. Why the hell do we always have to do what you say?” Theo grits his teeth.

“Theo!” You swat his arm, too. “That’s enough. Both of you. I’m sick and tired of the two of you fighting when you’re around each other.” You sigh.

“Sorry..” They say in unison.

“Theo, your plan was stupid, and babe, your plan isn’t great either.” You sigh and stand up, throwing your backpack over your shoulder. “Idiots.” You mutter as you grab your book and head inside the school.

You put your things in your locker and head back out to grab Theo so you could go home, when you see Lydia with Stiles. She’s beside him, her hand on his arm while she laughs.

You don’t want to feel jealous but you can’t help it. You make your way over and lean over the table in front of Stiles. “Hey, baby. Sorry to interrupt, but Theo’s taking me home. You’re coming over tonight, right?”

He looks up at you and Lydia rolls her eyes, “Yeah. Of course.” He pecks your lips. “I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, babe!” You smile over your shoulder before going to find Theo.

“You okay?” He pulls his keys out of his pocket as you approach.

“Lydia is all over Stiles. It’s kinda making me uncomfortable.”

“So, say something. Lay a claim to your man or whatever.”

“I can’t be that girl.” You sigh.

“I think you should be that girl.” Theo shrugs. “Come on, you’ll probably feel better at home.”

Theo drops you off and you wait for Stiles. He was late. He finally showed up an hour or two later than he was supposed to. “Hey, where were you?” You ask as you open the door.

He’s expressionless, “We need to talk.”

“Umm…okay…what’s up?” You open the door wider for him to come in.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll stay out here.”


“I think we…I think we should probably go our separate ways.” Stiles nods.

“What the hell? We were fine less than five hours ago.”

“In your opinion.” Stiles mumbles.

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” You sigh, trying to keep your tears from falling. “Stiles..”

“I have to go. I’m sorry, Y/N.” He turns and quickly jogs off to the Jeep.

You slam the door closed and run up to your room, letting yourself slide down the door as you cry. You wanted to be strong, you wanted to be the strong empowered girl, who wasn’t dependent on your boyfriend. But you weren’t, you needed him.

You pick your phone up and call Theo, he was the one person you could always trust, no matter what everyone else said. “Hey…what’s wrong? You’re sniffling like you just did a line of coke.”

“Thanks.” You laugh, wiping your eyes. “Stiles…just…broke up with me?”

“Why are you saying it like a question?”

“Because it’s kinda surreal, Theo.”

“Wait, you’re serious?”

“W-Y-…” You start to say something sarcastic but change your mind. “Yes, I’m serious. Why else would I be sniffling on a cocaine level?”

“I’ll be right there. Stilinski’s going to get his ass beat.”


“Nope. No arguing. Let me get my shoes on and I’ll be right over.”

You lie in your bed, trying to clear your thoughts when Theo walks in. “Okay, let’s go.”

“Ummm…where?” You sit up and rub your eye.


“No.” You shake your head.


“Theo, why are you so adamant?” You sigh and he sits on your bed.

“Honestly? Malia told me that Lydia was plotting to break the two of you up. She’s been all over him for awhile now, you just haven’t noticed.”

“You’re kidding me.” Your jaw falls open.

“Ready to go now?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Hell yeah.” You slide on a pair of flip flops and follow him out to his car.

You walk right in, you still had your key. You storm up to Stiles’ room and push the door open. He’s underneath Lydia. What else did you expect? Theo pushes past you, the pair have equally red lips. Lydia rolls over, looking at you. You glare, letting her know to keep her distance.

“You have some kind of nerve, Stilinski.” Theo picks him up by his shirt and pulls him off the bed.

“Me? You’re in my house! The sheriff’s house!”

You roll your eyes, “Oh, shut the hell up.”

“Hey-” Lydia starts, immediately closing her mouth when she sees the look on your face.

“She’s not something you can just toss aside when you’re finished with her. If you wanted to be with Lydia instead, you should’ve grown a pair instead of not explaining why you broke up with her.”

“I-” Stiles begins.

“You don’t get to talk. You only get to feel guilty. Prick.” Theo drops Stiles and takes your arm. “Come on, Y/N.”

He leads you out to the car. “Do you feel better now?” He grins.

“Immensely. Thank you.”

“Anything for my best friend.”

Can You Teach Me [Part 1]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 2,814

**Hi everyone! This is my first smut and it’s going to be a part of a series.. I hope you like it and please send me in any feedback! Thanks to @completedylantrash for inspiring me!**

Originally posted by amazing-otp-moments

“It’s just so easy for you, Y/N, you wouldn’t understand.”

“What is?” I ask him, not tearing my gaze away from the inky black of the night sky or the small pinpoints of lights dotted throughout it.

I hear him sigh and he pauses before responding, “Nevermind. Don’t worry about it, it’s stupid.”

I frown slightly, lifting my body up from the metallic cold of the hood of the jeep so that I can turn and look at him. I shift slightly so that I’m lying on my side with my chin perched on my hand. “Don’t do that, Stilinski,” I grumble at him, “tell me what you mean.

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Stiles- I’ll Always Want This

Request-  Hello, can I request a imagine where the reader is Scott’s human little sister (15 years) and hunter kidnap her and torture her to get information out of Scott so the whole pack tries to find her.

A/N- So I kind of did my own thing with this, but I hope you like it! Sorry I’ve been so inactive guys, I’ve been catching up on a lot of things now that I have some free time. Enjoy!

You pulled back the blinds of your living room window, watching as your brother Scott’s dirtbike disappeared down the street. The neighborhood was dark for a few brief seconds after he rounded the corner, but soon a pair of headlights was shining up your driveway.
You broke into a grin and pulled open the door, and slipped out into the warm summer air. The lights were so bright in your eyes that you couldn’t see his face when he hopped out of the car, but the familiar silhouette of the jeep told you that Stiles was there, and he was there for you.
He met you halfway after you bounded down the steps, and tugged you close to him. “Scott’s gone?”
You nodded, and his lips quirked up. Scott wasn’t there to see him lean in and press his lips to yours, but Stiles knew that if he had been, he would kill him. Especially considering the way he was kissing you, which was not church, child, or brother appropriate.
Scott knew you two had always been close, he just didn’t know exactly how close. It hadn’t been going on for a long time, and it all started after Stiles came back from the Wild Hunt, but you knew Scott would be upset either way.
Stiles wasn’t sure what it was about being forgotten that had changed his perspective, but he did know that everything was different. He was getting older and he was growing, but so were you. You were no longer just Scott’s baby sister. You were strong, and you were beautiful, and Stiles couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized how he felt before.
You had been a constant in his life ever since he met Scott, and the thought of you forgetting him had sent him into a panic, especially considering you had been with him the night he disappeared. The way you had thrown yourself into his arms when he got back was just enough to seal the deal for him, and make him realize that he didn’t have anything to lose by telling you how he felt.
There was nothing you could do but kiss him when he confessed, and while you felt the same way about each other, you both agreed that you had to keep it a secret from Scott. Your brother was protective, and Stiles was afraid that it would destroy their friendship. After everything they had been through together, you agreed that couldn’t happen.
Maybe meeting him in secret when Scott left the house was a little sneaky, but you couldn’t just tell your brother the truth. He would kill you, and then he would kill Stiles, and then none of you would be happy. It was much better-and safer-for you and Stiles to keep your relationship a secret. After all, what Scott didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.
When you finally pulled away from Stiles in the driveway, he was wearing a goofy smile on his face. “So where are we going tonight?”
“I was thinking I’d surprise you,” he told you.
You smiled. “Okay, can I have a hint?”
Stiles thought for a minute. “We’ll have the place all to ourselves.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You’re not planning on taking me out to the woods and murdering me are you?”
Stiles gave a sigh of exasperation. “Y/n, come on, you’re ruining the surprise. You can’t do that.”
You rolled your eyes, and Stiles grinned. “Come on. You’re too cute to murder. Besides, I’m pretty sure you could kick my ass anyway. You’d probably end up dumping my body in the woods.”
“You always say the sweetest things, Stiles.”
“Come on, Smartass,” he told you with a roll of his eyes. “I’m about to blow your mind.”
You laughed and followed him to the jeep. “We’ll see.”

You watched the trees blur past you in the darkness as you stared out the window of the jeep. Stiles gave your hand a squeeze, and you glanced back at him.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” you said softly. “I’m just thinking.”
“About what?” he asked.
“Just…you guys leaving, and my senior year.”
“It’s not as bad as it seems,” Stiles assured you. “I mean, at least you probably won’t have your memories erased again. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place and all that.”
You scoffed, and muttered “It does in Beacon Hills.”
Stiles gave your hand another comforting squeeze. “It’ll be alright. I know for a fact you can take care of yourself. You don’t need me.”
You looked over at him, meeting his brown eyes. “I think we’ve already agreed that I do.”
Stiles opened his mouth to reply, but a pair of headlights caught his eye in the rearview mirror. “Huh.”
“What?” you questioned, turning around in your seat.
“Just that car behind us,” he told you. “No one really comes here. Like ever.”
“Well, we’re out here,” you said, looking back through the windshield at the winding back road.
A dark car was following behind you, but it was impossible to tell the color on the dimly lit backroad. You noticed it was keeping its distance, but something about it set Stiles on edge.
“Well, yeah, but I’m surprising you with the best date ever.”
“Maybe they’re doing that too.”
“I just didn’t think many people knew about this place,” he said casually, although you could hear the suspicious undertone in his voice.
“Stiles,” you said softly. “Nothing bad is going to happen.”
He swallowed. “I know. It’s just…I just…”
“It’s hard not to be worried,” you agreed. “After everything that happened, I totally get that.”
“I’m ruining this date, aren’t I?” he asked with a frown.
“No,” you promised him. “You’re not. But I want you to know that tonight is our night. There’s no Scott, no supernatural disasters…just you and me.”
Stiles smiled softly. “I like the sound of that.”
You drove for a few more minutes, and then Stiles took a turn down an even smaller dirt road. As the jeep bounced across the dirt, that car that had been behind you continued down the road and disappeared from sight. You looked over at Stiles.
“See? They’re probably just going camping or something.”
You watched as the tension disappeared from his shoulders, and his grip on the steering wheel loosened. “Yeah.”
He drove down the road for what felt like forever, the radio crackling peacefully between you. It might have seemed strange to be comforted by the noise of a police radio, but the sound reminded you of Stiles, and every moment you had shared in the jeep. It was a sound that told you that, even if it was just for the moment, everything was okay.
Stiles finally turned the wheel and pulled to a stop of the middle of a field. It was a small clearing, and you were a little confused as to why he had just stopped in an empty field, but when you got out of the car, you gasped.
Stiles ran around the jeep, and pulled open the door for you, and as your feet hit the grass, the view alone was enough to cause your sharp intake of breath. Hundreds of stars were shining above you, clear as the light of day.
“Do you like it?” Stiles asked softly.
“It’s beautiful,” you whispered.
“My mom used to take me out here whenever I had a bad day. We’d lay on top of the jeep, and she’d tell me all the stories of how the stars got their names.”
“Can we?” you asked thickly, glancing over at the jeep.
Stiles grinned. “Of course.”
He climbed onto the hood and held out a hand to help you up, and when you took it, he yanked you up next to him. You followed him onto the roof and he laid back, patting the spot on the metal next to him.
You carefully laid down and scooted closer, letting out a small sigh of content. Stiles wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and he smiled down at you.
“Do you know any of them?” Stiles asked, gesturing toward the sky.
“Just the big and little dippers,” you told him.
He pointed above you. “That one right there? That’s Orion’s Belt.”
“Orion? Like the Greek hunter guy?”
“Yep,” he told you. “He loved the goddess Artemis. She was this badass huntress warrior…kind of a righteous bitch too, but Orion loved her. The story says that her brother, Apollo, didn’t like that. So one day, he dares Orion that he can’t swim out to a spot in the ocean. Then he goes to Artemis, and he’s like ‘Hey, Sis, bet you can’t hit that tiny speck in the ocean.’ And she’s, like, the goddess of archery, so of course she does, but then, his body washes up onto shore and she realizes she just killed Orion.”
“Oh my god,” you whispered. “That’s terrible.”
“There are a few different versions of the story,” Stiles explained. “But they all end the same way. Artemis realizes what she’s done, and she wants to save Orion, but it’s too late. So she takes his body, and she places it with the stars…like a memorial.”
“That’s not a bad way to be remembered,” you said softly. “With the stars.”
“Yeah,” he said. “Apollo was a pretty awful brother if you ask me. I mean, if Scott found out about us, I’d rather just have him kill me to my face, you know?”
You smacked his arm. “Stiles!”
“What?” he asked.
“He wouldn’t do that,” you grumbled. “He’d probably try to kick your ass, and he’d lock me in my room forever, but I doubt he’d try to trick me into killing you. He’s not that smart.”
“He’s a lot smarter than you think,” Stiles informed you.
“Well, he hasn’t found out about us,” you pointed out.
“Yeah…but what are we gonna do when I leave?” he asked you.
“It’ll be pretty easy to keep quiet when you’re not around,” you said softly.
Stiles blinked, and swallowed harshly. “Do you wanna break up?”
“What?” you demanded, staring at him wide-eyed. “Do you?”
“No, no, no,” he said quickly. “God, Y/n, we just got started. I hate having to leave you. I hate that I won’t be here with you, but I’m gonna be halfway across the country. I just want to make sure that you still want this.”
“Stiles,” you told him, squeezing his hand. “I’ll always want this. I’ll always want you.”
You pushed yourself up on your elbows and moved toward him, and when you pressed your lips to his, he felt his breath catch in his throat. He slid his fingers up to gently cup your cheek, and you shifted closer to him, until you were practically on top of him.
Crickets chirped around you in the summer night, and there was nothing but the sound of you, and Stiles, and the woods. You remembered all the summer nights you had spent with him, most of them before you were even together. Scott was usually there, begging you to leave them alone, but Stiles never minded when you tagged alone. He called you the three musketeers.
“They didn’t have a girl,” Scott would grumble.
“They do now,” you had told him, sticking your tongue out at him.
You would have given anything just to live in of those moments again, before all of the supernatural creatures and the death. So many things had changed, and you weren’t going to lie. It scared you.
Your world has shifted so much in the past few years, and you had no doubt that it would continue to twist and turn. You liked to think you handled it in stride, granted, with a lot of tears and blood, but still. With your brother and Stiles leaving, you were going to be the oldest in the pack. You were going to be wise one, the experienced one, and it hadn’t been so long ago that you had been the youngest.
Being without Stiles to guide you scared the wits out of you, and you weren’t so sure you could handle Beacon Hills without him. You had already seen how well that had gone when the ghost riders took him away.
It might have been terrifying, but the one thing you knew was that you had Liam, Hayden and Mason to have your back. Even Malia might still be there, because she was deciding on whether or not to leave and join Braeden with her mercenary work. The more you thought about it, and the more you melted into Stiles’ arms, you began to feel like maybe this wasn’t the end of the world. Maybe it was the beginning.
“Stiles,” you whispered suddenly, disconnecting your lips.
“Is everything okay?” he asked breathlessly.
You nodded. “It’s just…I want you to know I love you.”
His brown eyes went wide, and he sputtered with his words for a few seconds. “Y-you mean that?”
You took a deep breath and started to reply, but the crunch of tires on dried grass caused you to look up. Another car was pulling into the field, and in the few seconds it took you to disentangle yourself from Stiles, you realized it looked eerily similar to the car from before.
Stiles sat up on the roof next to you, and he squinted at the car. “Y/n, get in the car.”
“What?” you asked nervously. “Stiles, what’s going on?”
“I don’t know,” he admitted. “But I don’t like it.”
He quickly and calmly slid down from the roof, offering you a hand down. The slamming of doors made you jump, and before you could make a move for the doors, you could see two huge shapes heading toward you and Stiles.
“Stay behind me,” he whispered, holding out an arm in front of you. “Can I help you guys with something?”
Now that they were closer, you could see that there were two men, both large and muscular, walking toward the jeep.
“Yeah, actually,” one of them called, stopping in the grass. “We’re looking for someone. Someone named Scott.”
You bristled, but you said nothing. Stiles shrugged. “Uh, Scott who? That’s a pretty popular name in this town.”
“Scott McCall,” he told Stiles. “Know him?”
Stiles shook his head. “Sorry, don’t know him. I doubt he’d be out here anyway.”
“What about you?” the second man asked, looking over at you.
You shook your head. “No idea. Sorry.”
“Really?” the guy asked. “I didn’t think someone could forget their own brother that easily.”
Every muscle in Stiles’ body went taut, and a chill ran down your spine. “Scott’s not here, okay? Whatever you want from him-”
“We want her.”
You moved closer to Stiles, eyeing the men in the dark. They were both looking at you, and you guessed whatever they wanted you for wasn’t exactly pleasant.
“I can’t help you.”
The first man laughed. “I think you can, Ms. McCall.”
Stiles stepped all the way in front of you. “She said she can’t.”
The man smirked, and glanced over at you. No sooner had you wondered what he was so smug about than you were ripped off your feet with a shriek. A thick, meaty hand clamped over your mouth, and Stiles whirled around with shock on his face. His eyes widened at the third man struggling to keep a hold on you. He must have been hiding farther away and sneaked over from the trees.
You were kicking out and scratching him, trying to wriggle free, and he seemed to be shocked you were fighting so hard. It took Stiles less than a second to rip open the back door of the jeep and yank out his aluminum baseball bat. The two other men stepped forward, and Stiles swung wildly, catching on of them in the face.
Seeing him fight stirred up something inside you as well, and you brought your fingers up and swiped your nails across your captor’s face. He yelped and dropped you as you scratched his eyes, and you hit the ground with a thud. You tried to scramble forward, your fingers digging into the dirt, but he picked you back up and slammed you down.
You let out a yelp, and Stiles glanced over in worry. You felt your heart sink, and while he was distracted, one of the other men grabbed the baseball bat in his hands and brought it up to slam into his forehead. You screamed as Stiles hit the ground, blood streaming from his head.
Even after everything you had seen, you had never stopped being terrified at the sight of your friends bleeding out. You tried to crawl toward him, but the man simply dragged you up from the ground and held your arms behind you.
You struggled, your eyes still on Stiles, but soon the other two men were walking toward you. The one who had hit Stiles dropped the bat on the ground with a thump, and you flinched at the sound.
You glared up at them as they came over. The man who seemed like the leader pursed his lips.
“Sorry it had to happen like this, Y/n. It was supposed to go much smoother. We were planning on taking you from your house when your brother left, but then Romeo here showed up.”
He gestured to Stiles, and your narrowed your eyes. “What do you want from me?”
“Information,” he told you simply. “You tell us how your brother’s powers can be taken, and we leave you here so you can drive your boyfriend to the hospital. I’d be surprised if that hit hasn’t given him brain damage…unless he already had it before. He seemed pretty stupid to me.”
“This is how you’re planning to get information from me?” you finally asked weakly. “Great tactic. You’re gonna have to try again though.”
“Alright, how about this?”
You weren’t prepared for the jolt you felt when his fist met with your cheek, but you would later realize you should have been. You tasted blood as you looked back up at him, raising your eyebrows.
“You’re gonna have to try a little harder than that,” you slurred through the blood.
He raised his eyebrows, looking over at his buddies. “Did you hear that guys? She said harder.”
The second one grinned. “We can show her harder.”
He stepped forward, curling his right hand into a fist, and to your credit, you didn’t close your eyes. You did look away though, and the last thing you saw before you blacked out was Stiles, lying unconscious in the field. If you ignored all the blood, you could almost imagine that he was peacefully asleep, so that was what you did. He was the last thought on your mind when you felt that final, jarring hit, and despite the situation, it made you feel a little less terrified.

Stiles woke up with a gasp, sweat pooling on his forehead, along with one sticky, familiar substance. He held a hand to his head and squinted down at the blood on it, and that was when he noticed the bat glinting in the corner of his eye. His eyes landed in the bloody weapon, and when he pushed himself weakly to his feet, everything came back to him.
He stumbled as he took in the jeep, the field, and the stars. You had been with him. You had been behind him when they grabbed you and ripped you away from him, and he remembered your scream before the blow to his head.
He looked around the field, trying to find you, or the men, but their car was gone.
“Y/n!” he screamed. He knew it was unlikely that you were still there, but he knew he had to try anyway.
“Y/n! Y/n!”
His voice was ragged and broken, and as he stood there in the dark, the stars shining above him, he knew this was his fault. He had taken you out here, and someone had taken you.
He leaned against the jeep and pulled out his phone, knowing he would have to call Scott. He dialed his number and allowed himself a sigh of relief when his best friend picked up.
“What’s up man?”
“Scott,” he breathed. “S-something’s wrong. Where are you?”
“I’m at Liam’s,” he told him. “Why? What happened?”
“Y/n…she…someone took her.”
“What?” Scott cried. “From the house?”
“No, no we…we were outside. I took her out to look at the stars. Someone followed us into the woods. They-they took her, Scott. I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry.”
“Stiles,” Scott said suddenly. “Why were you with my sister?”
“I-Scott, why does it matter?” he asked. “We have to find her.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll call the others. You’re in the field, right? We’ll meet you there.”
“Yeah. Just hurry,” Stiles breathed. “I-I don’t know how long I’ve been out. She could be anywhere by now.”
“She’s my sister, Stiles,” Scott reminded him firmly. “We’ll find her.”

“How many were there?” Scott asked, staring down at Stiles as he sat on the hood of the
“Three,” he said, wincing as Lydia pressed a piece of gauze to his head. “Two of them
came from a car, and I think one of them must have been watching from the woods, because he came up and grabbed her from behind.”
“Did they hurt her?” Scott demanded.
“I didn’t see it,” Stiles admitted. “But when I woke up up and went over there was blood on the ground. It’s probably hers.”
“It is,” Liam admitted softly, coming over with Malia in tow. “It’s hers. It’s not a lot though…so isn’t that a good thing?”
“They took her for a reason,” Stiles said bitterly. “They said they were looking for you at first, but I think they just wanted her. They were probably following us since the moment I picked her up.”
“Why was she with you?” Scott asked. “Why didn’t she tell me you two were hanging out?”
Lydia glanced down at Stiles, her green eyes cautious and knowing. “I’m going to see if I can feel anything where she was taken.”
She gestured to Malia and Liam. “Maybe the three of us can put the pieces together.”
Stiles watched as they walked away, and then glanced back at Scott, who was staring at him with narrowed eyes.
“Stiles,” he said, accusation in his tone. “Why was my sister with you?”
Stiles swallowed and closed his eyes. “I was taking her out to look at the stars. It was supposed to be date.”
“What?” Scott demanded. “Why were you taking her on a date?”
“Because she’s my girlfriend, Scott,” Stiles said, a hint of bitterness in his tone. “She has been since I got back.”
Before he could blink, Scott was grabbing him by the throat and slamming him down onto the hood of the jeep. “You were dating my sister without telling me?! You-you did this behind my back!”
“Scott-” he choked. “It wasn’t-it wasn’t like how you’re thinking-”
“She’s my little sister!” he snarled. “And you took her out here, and now she’s gone.”
“Stop it!” Malia cried, appearing suddenly and yanking Scott away from Stiles. “This isn’t
going to help us find her. You have a right to be mad, but honestly, you’re the only one who didn’t know about it.”
“What?” Scott cried.
“It was kind of obvious,” Liam admitted. “We just thought you’d figure it out on your own.”
Scott huffed, and turned away. He didn’t look at Stiles once. “Did Lydia find anything?”
Malia shook her head. “Nothing more than we already know. Just that she’s still alive.”
Stiles moved away from the jeep. “She has to feel something. There has to be something.”
He walked over to the Banshee, who simply shook her head sadly at him. “Stiles-”
“Scream,” he ordered.
“Lydia, please,” he begged. “I know we might not find anything, but it’s worked before. Can you please try?”
She pursed her lips and nodded. “Cover your ears.”
She glanced back toward the rest of the Pack and said the same thing to them, and when she was sure they were doing it, she opened her mouth. Stiles watched painfully as the air rippled around her, and when she finally stopped, she looked around slowly.
“Do you-”
“Shh,” she shushed him, holding up her hand.
She closed her eyes, and soon the crackling of static began to fill her ears. She slowly turned around, and Stiles and the others watched as she walked back through the field toward them. Her sandals crunched in the dry grass as she made her way over to the jeep, and yanked open the door.
“Lydia, what is i-”
“Shh!” she hissed, trying desperately to understand something only she could hear. ”It’s the radio.”
She closed her eyes and leaned down toward the radio, listening as the static slowly began to morph into a sweet, familiar voice.
Let go of me, you were slurring. You sounded barely conscious, and Lydia felt nervousness fluttering in the pit of her stomach.
Look familiar? She heard another voice ask.
In her mind, you let out a weak, bitter laugh. ‘Course it’s this place. Everything that happened down here…and for years we never even knew it was here.’
The banshee static suddenly went silent, and Lydia opened her eyes. “No, no, no,” she whispered. “Come on. Come on.”
She reached forward the fumble with the channels on the radio, but all she could hear was silence. She was so close. She had heard you, and now you were gone.
“Lydia,” a voice finally said.
She looked up to see Malia placing her hand over hers, stopping her fingers from roaming over the buttons. She met the Coyote’s eyes, and she noticed a hint of regret in them.
“It’s not even on,” she said softly.
“I heard her,” Lydia said firmly, glancing over at the others. “She sounded like she might have been hurt, but she was alive.”
“What did she say?” Scott demanded. “Did she say anything about who took her? Or where she is?”
Lydia shook her head. “Not about who took her, but someone did ask if wherever they were looked familiar. And she said ‘Of course it’s this place. After everything that happened down here, and we never even knew it was here.’”
“Everything that happened here…” Scott said softly.
“In Beacon Hills?” Liam asked skeptically. “That could be anywhere. I mean, name one place here that hasn’t had some supernatural attack.”
“You can’t,” Malia stated bitterly. “So it looks like we’re back to square one.”
“Wait, wait,” Stiles spoke up suddenly. He had been gripping the door of the jeep and staring at Lydia as she listened, and he refused to believe that what she heard couldn’t help. “Were those her exact words? She said ‘everything that happened down here’?”
Lydia nodded. “She said ‘down’.”
“How many places have we almost died in that are underground?” Stiles asked.
“Well there was Malia’s coyote den,” Scott said. “The one you almost froze to death in. But I doubt they’d take her there.”
“The tunnels at Oak Creek,” Lydia suggested.
“And the tunnels under the town,” Stiles said firmly.
“The ones under the town make the most sense,” Liam offered. “I mean if you wanted to torture someone for information without anyone to hear, that would be the best place, right?”
Stiles and Scott shot a glare at him, and he swallowed nervously. “Sorry.”
“He’s got a point,” Malia pointed out. “The Dread Doctors did it.”
“But those tunnels stretch for miles,” Lydia protested. “She could be anywhere.”
“We can find her,” Stiles swore, stepping forward. “If we have to search all night, if we have to search for days, months…we’re going to find her.”
Stiles said it so firmly and with so much conviction that Scott looked over at him in shock. He met his brown eyes, but Stiles simply nodded at him.
“We’re going to find her,” he repeated softly.
“He’s right,” Scott confirmed. “Stiles, where do we start?”
Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Uh, well, I guess…I guess we would start with the closest entrance. There aren’t any around here, but there must be some sewers off the main roads.”
“We can split up,” Malia suggested. “Me, Liam and Lydia can take one way, and you two can take another. We’ll follow her scent.”
“We should probably stop at my house so I can get you something with her scent,” Scott said.
“Hold on,” Stiles, walking over to pull open the backdoor of the jeep.
He reached in and pulled out a balled up piece of fabric, and handed it over to Scott. Your brother recognized it as one of your favorite jackets.
“She, uh, she forgot it in here a couple days ago,” Stiles explained. “It should still smell like her though.”
“It does,” Malia assured him, pulling it from Scott’s hands. “It’s more than enough. Come on, guys. Let’s find her.”
She gestured to Liam and Lydia, and they followed her over to her car. Scott watched as they drove off toward the tunnels, and then he turned to Stiles. “Dude, look-”
“I’m sorry we lied to you,” Stiles interrupted. “We just didn’t know how to tell you. But,
Scott, you have to trust me when I say I never wanted anything to happen to your sister. I love her, dude. I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that either. But she told me. And…and I didn’t even get to say it back.”
“Stiles,” Scott said softly. “I trust you. I trust you more than anyone. I mean, I wish you would have told me. But I know you’d never let anything happen to her if you could help it. That gash on your head is proof. I trust you, dude. And we’re going to get my sister back.”
Stiles nodded and Scott clapped him on the back. “Let’s do it.”

“We’re gonna try this again, Y/n.”
You closed your eyes in exhaustion, but rough fingers digging into your chin caused them to flutter open. “I didn’t say we were finished here.”
“Really?” you mumbled. “Because I’m a little sick of looking at your face. Not very pleasant, y’know?”
The sharp crack of his palm across your face jarred you out of your stupor, and you glared at him. You fidgeted in the chair you were tied to, straightening up to look him in the eyes. His buddies were sitting against the wall playing cards, and here he was, beating the hell out of you.
It was true he wasn’t the most pleasant to look at, and he had a big ugly scar across his forehead. You had taken to calling him Scarface, because through your daze, it was kind of hard to keep all three men straight. You had learned they were hunters who were after your brother for some reason, but then again, who wasn’t?
“Someone tried to steal your brother’s power,” he continued. “How did they do it?”
“So many ways,” you whispered weakly. “None of them worked. I can’t help you.”
“How did they try?” Scarface demanded. “Think, Y/n.”
“Why does it matter?” you asked. “You’re not going to do it.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he told you, yanking you back by your hair.
You swallowed, nearly retching on the coppery taste of the blood in your mouth. “I’m giving you one more chance, Y/n. Your brother is a threat to a lot of good people. People who stop the monsters.”
“That’s exactly what Scott does,” you protested. “And he might be a werewolf, but people like you? You’re the real monsters.”
Scarface chuckled at you, and reached into his jacket to pull out a pocketknife. He flicked it open and crouched in front of you. “You wanna find out just how right you are?”
Exhausted and not in the mood to watch yourself being tortured, you closed your eyes. You could hear him taunting you, but you were too tired to care what he had to say. All he wanted to do was torture you, so you simply tuned out…or at least you tried to.
At the sound of yelling, you opened your eyes to find that the two other hunters had abandoned the card game and were now fighting two snarling blurs of claws and fangs. Malia and Liam were fighting them tooth and nail, and your heart swelled at the fact that they were fighting for you.
Scarface raised the knife and whirled around to you, but before he could touch you, he was knocked off his feet by an ear-splitting scream.
Lydia grinned as he slammed into the wall, and then she hurried over from the doorway.
“Lydia?” you croaked. “How? How did you know where I was?”
“I heard you,” she told you with a smile. “Don’t worry, Scott and Stiles are close.”
“Stiles,” you whispered. “Is he okay?”
“He’ll be better once he knows you’re safe.”
Scarface jumped to his feet and snatched his knife from the dirty floor, but before he could take another step, a familiar, snarling shape was storming into the room. Your eyes widened as Scott crossed the space between them in about two seconds.
You were expecting some of kind of massive fight, a lot like the boss battles in Stiles’ video games or the ones you had encountered before. Instead, this fight lasted less than a minute, if you could even call it an actual fight.
Scott stepped forward and caught the man’s arm before he could stab him, and the sickening scream of pain you heard told you your brother had just snapped his arm. He slammed him into the cement wall with a thump, and then Scarface was back on the ground, out cold.
While all this was happening, Stiles had darted into the room and gone right for you. “Y/n!” he breathed, his voice breaking when he caught sight of the blood on your face.
“I’m okay,” you tried to tell him. “I-think I’m okay.”
“God,” he whispered, pulling out a pocketknife and handing it to Lydia.
The Banshee cut your bindings, and soon you were spilling forward and into Stiles arms. He held you against his chest and you buried your head in his shoulder as he ran a hand down your back.
“I’m so sorry,” he told you. “I let them take you.”
“You didn’t,” you said in his ear. “Stiles, you tried to save me. You’re always trying to save me.”
“Yeah, well you saved me,” he said softly. “I’d die without you.”
You scoffed and pulled away to look into his eyes. “You’d be fine.”
“No,” he argued. “I wouldn’t. Y/n, what you said last night…I wanted to say it too. I just didn’t have time.”
“Stiles, you don’t have to-”
“No,” he repeated. “I love you, Y/n McCall. I’ve loved you since we were kids. It just took me way too long to realize it.”
Your eyes widened, and you looked over at Scott, who had walked over. Instead of the predicted outrage on his face, he simply smiled and gave you an encouraging nod. You mouthed ‘Thank you’ and turned back to Stiles, wrapping your arms around him and squeezing him tight.
You sat there together on the dirty floor, wrapped in each other’s arms as Malia and Liam finally finished off the other two hunters. Everything was silent for a few brief moments, and before the chaos of reunion started, you took those few peaceful moments to lean in close and whisper in his ear.
“I love you too.”

Teen Wolf Imagine- Stay Single


“I’ve broke up with him, for good” you sighed, flopping onto Scott’s couch. “You said that last time” Lydia shook her head, staring at her manicured nails. “But this time I mean it” you sounded convincing. “Keep it that way, boys are nothing but trouble” Stiles claimed, looking up from one of Scott’s Mom’s magazines. “You’re doing it again” you retort. “How many times do I have to say, I’m not the pack mom” Stiles grumbled. You pulled the magazine from out of his hand and stood up. “I am officially single” you beamed. “Stay single this time” Scott breathed, remembering the countless times this has happened. “I assure you, I will” you told.

“When I said I would join you, I didn’t think you literally meant we were going ‘household’ shopping” you whined, slamming the jeep door shut. “Y/n, the old pillows don’t match Scott’s Mom’s new curtains” Stiles shook his head.  “I’m not even going to say it” you held your hands up and joined to walk beside Malia. After about an hour of searching the furniture shop, and watching Scott and Stiles compare the shades of pillows to an image of the curtains, it was safe to say you had enough. “ Malia don’t drink that” you told, after walking past the isle of her contemplating drinking the water out of a flower vase. You wondered around, running your hands along the contents of the store aimlessly, when you saw the most attractive guy in the world. You came to a halt, fixed your hair and picked up a pile of closest thing near you, before strutting towards him. “Excuse me” you said sweetly. He turned to you and smiled. “Would you be able to help me carry these- rugs. The pile of rugs I am currently holding” you said, realising how weird it would have looked mid sentence. “Sure” he claimed, taking them from you. “No that’s too purple, we’re looking for more of a lilac- for god sake” Scott interrupted himself. “Has Malia put an employee in a plant pot again?” Stiles huffed. “Do you work out or something?“ you asked, ignoring the sheer look of agony on the guys face as he struggled to hold the rugs any longer. "A little- hey can I get your number?” he asked. "Shut him up" Stiles whispered. Before you could respond you were being dragged away by the two. “Sorry” you called over to the guy, standing with four rugs in his hands. “Let’s go” Scott sounded like an exhausted father, as he then also grabbed Malia- who was about to put the annoying employee from last time into another plant pot. “Never again” Scott and Stiles said to one another. “Id rather go grocery shopping with Liam and Lydia anyway” you claimed.

“Thanks for letting me come with you” you beamed again. “Anytime” Liam returned. “We forgot the beans” Lydia sighed, as you arrived at the car, with all of the bags. “I’ll go and get them, I’ll be two seconds” you didn’t sound very convincing. “Go and get her” Lydia said out of routine and being stood waiting for over fifteen minutes. Liam let out a sigh, before entering the store you were in. He looked around a few of the isles, before he saw you. “Thanks again” you smiled at one of the employees. Liam didn’t ask any questions, before throwing you over his shoulder and starting to march you out of there. The poor guy looked confused, you simply rolled your eyes from behind Liam’s back, to show that you weren’t being kidnapped or anything, just greatly annoyed. He put you on the ground outside and you huffed, flattening out your now creased top. “What the hell was that about?” you whined at the pair of them. “Sorry, Scott’s orders” Lydia shrugged. “I asked him to pass me a tin of beans- that I am yet to pay for might I add!” you complained, waving it in their faces. They both looked awkward for a second, after clearly misjudging the situation. The employee and a security guard then walked out and joined you all. “Don’t worry, it’s just my friends being total idiots” you diffused, not turning to look at them. “That’s her, she hasn’t paid for it” the employee told. “Miss, you’re going to have to come with me” the security guard spoke, gently grabbing your arm. “No, it’s a total misunderstanding, I’ll pay for the beans” you shook your head at the stupid situation. “Miss, I’ll ask you again nicely” he said, opening the store door. You looked at Lydia and Liam and saw them trying to hide their amusement. You flipped them off from behind your shoulder, as you and your beans were escorted back inside the store.

“Banned for life” you simply announced, walking into Scott’s house with Liam and Lydia trailing behind, rather pleased with themselves. All of your fellow pack members sat and stared at you. “For stealing a tin of beans?” Stiles asked in amusement, clearly they had already been informed. “I didn’t steal the fucking beans!” you retort, after spending the best part of your day arguing with security. All of your friends then proceeded to crack up laughing, while you stood there like a complete idiot. You had stop yourself from laughing along with them, your pride would not allow it. “Look I’m sorry Y/n” Liam apologised, half sincere. You stared at him blankly for a second, before smiling and pulling him into a hug. “I hate all of you guys, you know that right?” you let out a small laugh. “We love you too” Stiles spoke with a false sweet smile. “Thanks mom” you mumbled quiet enough, so only the werewolves heard- causing them to snigger. “She’s doing it again Scott, she’s talking about me in wolf” Stiles sounded like a child. You rolled your eyes as you phone buzzed. “It’s my ‘ex’ boyfriend, he wants to make up” you read. “NO!” Shouted everyone at once. Words couldn’t describe how much you loved their overprotective, annoying selves. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

Sorry I’ve been so inactive, but in 26 days my exams are over and I will be all yours, thank you for being so patient. Requests are closed x

Leave Me and Love Me

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

 Words: 3079

 A/N: I have got a prompt request a while ago 🙂

 Em my angel! What would I do without you? Thank you so much for editing again 💕 I love you @fillthevoid-stilinski 


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 Stiles POV 

 The weather was nice today, so the group and I decided to spend our lunch break outside. Everyone was in a good mood, well besides Y/N but this was nothing unusual. She was always in a grumpy mood but nice in her own way at the same time. The Y/H/C haired girl was not like any other girl I knew. If you didn’t know her, you probably would ask yourself why she was even part of our friend group. Because she was so different than the rest of us and seemed to be rude to everyone all the time. But when you know her, you knew that she was very kind at heart.

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Happy Birthday, Dad

Requested by @awkwardlove18

AN: I hope you enjoy this imagine and thank you for the request! Shoutout to April for this gif lol 

Also, based on the request there were some blanks I had to fill. Hopefully it’s fine and you still enjoy it!!

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Shawn had known since an early stage in your relationship the strain shared between your father and yourself. It pained him to no end, seeing how tense it made you anytime he was brought up.

Shawn helped in every way possible, too. He cared so much, and often you wondered how you deserved such an amazing person to join you in a seemingly fucked up life.

Today, however, was your fathers birthday. Usually all you did was send him a text, or mail a card, hoping to avoid any, and all, face to face communication. The idea of even seeing him filled your mind with anxiety, but knowing Shawn would be there made it more manageable.

“We can leave whenever you want, ok? Don’t be afraid to tell me you’re uncomfortable. I won’t let him upset you.”

You nod, not being about to trust your voice in this moment, or your choice words, making Shawn’s feel small. You needed to stay strong and having a mental breakdown wouldn’t help anything.

You checked yourself out in the bathroom mirror, making sure each hair was in perfect place. Along with any wrinkles in your dress. That was always something your dad called you out on. Everything needed to be perfect, no excuses. A wrinkled dress meant a messy, careless person.

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Farah spreading positivity

Okay babies lets start with saying that Stydia aint breaking up in 6b and I will give you reasons 

  • They spent 6 years building them up so why waste all the build up and end their relationship so quickly.
  • 6a was about them, about how their love is so fucking strong that they brought each other back. 
  • They love each other so much and they made a big ass deal about them loving each other, “remember i love you” was said twice and Lydia wanted to say it back and remember the everything’s changed scene. so lets chill.

And for the st@rek thingy, don’t worry they aint happening, they put st#rek in the trailer so their shippers will watch, like we Stydia shippers will watch because we want to see our endgame and we know that Stydia is endgame so even if they didn’t put Stydia we will watch. They added St%rek scenes to bait their shippers.

Also don’t worry about us not having a Stydia scenes in the trailer, it’s not a big deal, remember how they spoiled many moments in 6a and we got excited but then when 6X01 aired it wasn’t that exciting because they spoiled a big moment tbh every moment was spoiled ( THE JUNIOR YEAR WASN’T SO YAAS). so now because we wont be having many Stydia scenes they wont spoil them for us, and I like that. We will get scenes don’t worry, we will get quick couple like scenes for example them holding hands ( @deathcabjenny  thinks they are holding hands in the last clip in the trailer, I do believe it too because the jeep door was open ) and I feel like we will get a big ass scene in the last episode something that will give us a hint to their future together, I always imagined a scene after they kill the big bad, maybe them in Stiles room talking about their future. I also do believe their is kisses too, one when Lydia sees Stiles, and maybe another one in their last scene and maybe more idk. 

alsoooo Dylan loves Stydia and I am sure he wont let tw end with Stydia shippers not getting something, he also improvised many scenes like the cheek kiss and when he changed the first kiss scene to a better version. 

I am sure their is more positive shit but right now my mind is blank but I promise as soon as I remember I will reblog this and add them. 

I love you all, stay positive.

feel free to add more, this a post for everyone.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other -Aiden Imagine

Requested! “Can you do an imagine where Ethan and Aiden prank the reader, each saying ‘No I’m Aiden’, and just with fluff”

A/N: Sorry it’s super cheesy, but feel free to keep sending me requests guys, and I can do more than just teen wolf, just send me a character/fandom/actor and I’ll try my best. And thanks again to all my followers!

Things were great now that the alpha pack wasn’t trying to kill us any more, and it was nice having the twins in the pack now. But my favorite part was that I didn’t have to date Aiden in secret anymore.

When Scott found out about the two of us, he almost killed Aiden, but now he seems cool with it. However, Ethan and Aiden have officially labeled themselves the pranksters of the group and it shows. Their typical target is Stiles because he tends to be the most dramatic, but they will occasionally try and mess with the whole pack at once if they can. Fortunately they haven’t done anything to detrimental to me, but I think that’s because they know better.

As I pulled up to the school parking lot I noticed Stiles frantically running around his jeep and pulling on every door. A sense of relief rushes over his features as he notices my little black car pull next to his.

“Hey Stiles, where’s the fire” I ask jokingly. He let’s out a little eye roll and a soft chuckle before he let’s out a huge sigh.

“Well it seems as tough the twins are at it again. They decided that it would be funny if they locked my eyes in my car, leaving me with no way to get them out. So I was just trying to see if there was any way I could get into my car because my dad will kill me if he has to pay for a locksmith” he says with annoyance. He continues tugging on each of the doors and pushing on the Windows to see if he can get one down, however he has no luck.

“Well I’ll just go find Aiden and talk to him. You know that even though they are always doing stuff like this, they always come up with a back up plan to make sure everything is alright in the end. So I’m sure they have a way for you to get in your car” I say with such optimism. Stiles nods his head in agreement as he stops pulling and pushing in every inch of his car. “I’ll see you at lunch and let you know what I find out.” I say with a smile while giving a small wave of goodbye and head our separate ways.

While walking through the halls I feel as though I am on a mission to find my boyfriend Aiden and put a stop to his games. It’s not that I mind the twins constant joking around, I just felt bad for how flustered Stiles gets from it sometimes. I saw a familiar brown leather jacket and approached the prankster, ready for anything he may have up his sleeve.

“If it isn’t my favorite twin” I say as he pulls me in for a hug while giving a kiss to my temple. “Please tell me you had nothing to do with Stiles keys and he’s just trying to find someone to blame for him being dumb” I joke.

“Well if I said it wasn’t me, I’d be lying. But I’m sure it’s nothing he can’t handle” Aiden says flashing his signature smile. I try to give him a stern look to show my disapproval, but can’t help but lose focus when he smiles. It’s almost as if he is trying to be innocent, but a pain in the butt all at the same time.

“There’s my sweet-cheeks” a familiar voice says while wrapping me in a hug. A look of confusion spreads across my face, as I have no idea who is behind me. When I turn around, I see the familiar features of my boyfriend but am unsure how to respond because I thought I had already greeted Aiden. This brother was wearing a black  v-neck and jeans that I have seen Aiden wear before, causing even more confusion to spread through my mind.

“Ethan, what are you doing” I question to who I assumed was my boyfriend’s twin playing a joke on me.

“Ethan? What are you talking about, I’m Aiden. Your boyfriend, remember?” He says acting as if I hurt his feelings.

“But if your Aiden then you must be…” I say as you turn around to the twin who had first greeted me “Ethan?”

“Nope, I’m Aiden.” The twin in the leather jacket responds with a large grin.

“Okay, what the heck is going on here. You both can’t be Aiden. So can one of you knock it off, and tell me who my real boyfriend is?” I glance back and forth to each of the boys features to see if there was any way I could tell them apart. Walking in circles around the boys, I begin to brew an idea in my mind to figure out who is the real Aiden. 

Sometimes I hated being a human, because I knew that if I were a wolf right now, I’d easily be able to figure out who my boyfriend is. I sniffed the air around both of the boys but noticed they were wearing the same cologne. I  looked into each of their eyes but neither one had a certain “tell” as to whether or not they were lying.

“(Y/n), babe what are you doing?” the twin in the brown jacket says. “Don’t think too hard you may hurt yourself” he says while the other begins cracking up from his brother’s joke.

“Fine if neither of you will tell me who the real Aiden is, then I’m going to get going. Some of us have more important things to get to” I say with a huff. As I walk away I hear the two boys laughing about how they “totally got me”, but little did they know, I had a good idea as to who was who, I just needed a way to prove it. 

In that moment I pulled out my phone and looked up Aiden’s number and began calling it. I heard his phone ring down the hallway and went running to see which brother had answered it.

“Got you!” I yell with satisfaction. I was right, the boy in the brown leather jacket was mine. Even though, they both had the same style of clothes, smelled exactly the same, and obviously looked similar, I could still tell which Aiden was my Aiden. 

“Well you cheated, if you weren’t so smart you would have never been able to tell the difference between us” he says in a defeated tone. 

“Oh please, I know you better than that. You want to know how I knew?” I said with a cocky smirk. “One of my ‘boyfriends’ called me sweet cheeks, but my real boyfriend, wouldn’t call me that. You have other nicknames: love, babe, doll, but never something as cheesy as sweet cheeks.”

“Dammit Ethan” he said with an eye roll and a slight chuckle. “We practiced so hard too, I figured we’d last at least a little bit longer.”

“Don’t take it too hard babe, if you would have kept it up all day we couldn’t have done this” I say as I pull him in for a kiss. As I pull away I immediately fell him come closer for more. We both weren’t much for P.D.A. but we could make one exception.

“(Y/N) what the heck are you doing” the twin in the black v-neck questions.

“Ethan relax, she already found out” Aiden said while he wrapped his arms around me and let out a soft laugh.

“Dang, she’s good” Ethan says. “Looks like she really loves you man. She’s a keeper” he says with a wink.

“Trust me I know.” Aiden responds and places a kiss to the top of my head. 

Maas University: Part Two


The sun started to disappear over the brick buildings of Maas University, painting the sky pink and gold; clouds stretched out for miles. Cassian’s heart felt heavy in his chest as he and Nesta crossed the parking lot, weaving past dozens of teenagers. He didn’t want to leave; he made himself put one foot in front of the other, making way to his jeep.

Leaning against the vehicle, Cassian eyed the sunset, the sky making the red finish on the jeep darker. Crossing his ankles, Cassian’s heart squeezed inside his chest as he leaned back, his elbow resting against the hood.

Waiting beside him, Nesta’s face was imperial and closed off, her blue grey eyes bright against the setting sun; eyelashes casting shadows onto her ivory skin. Taking her hand in his, he brought it to his lips before brushing her knuckles with his thumb. Shoulders relaxing almost imperceptibly, his wife looked at him. She didn’t want to leave either.

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