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ONE-SHOT: Can you do a one shot when you’re visiting your dad Owen at Jurassic World and Zach ends up falling in love with you
ONE-SHOT: Imagine your Owen’s daughter and Zach falls in love with you
ONE-SHOT: Would you please do a one shot where you’re Owen’s daughter and a super badass and at one point you save Zach’s life by fighting a dinosaur and he totally falls in love with you
ANNOUNCEMENTS: I paired these three requests up because they were all pretty similar so I hope you all like it!
WARNINGS: Maybe a little violence but thats it really

Your face crunched up as the ocean spray splashed up and over the side of the boat. Blinking the salty water out of your eyes you were finally able to see the up and coming Isla Nublar, the famous Jurassic World. You smiled nervously, you were coming here to begin living with your father, Owen Grady, the Velociraptor trainer. It had taken this long because he didn’t really know if he would be staying or not, but he did, and at first he changed from coming to the island and back home but eventually he just stayed on the island and left you with your neighbor, the most boring person on Earth. At first you didn’t like the thought of him working at a place who messed this up the first time 22 years ago, but you soon realized that he could handle himself just like he had taught you to do.

Once you got off of the boat you looked around the docks through the churning sea of people and finally saw your father surveying the crowed. His eyes locked with yours and brightened up. Making your way over to him the two of you instantly embraced in a warm hug.

“Hey there!” He took you by the shoulders and looked at you, “My gosh, it has been too long. I’m really sorry that it has taken this long for me to get you to the island but I’ve just been so busy and-”

You laughed, cutting him off, “It’s fine, really. What you should be sorry about is leaving me with Ms. Wyatt for an entire year. You do realize that the only thing she has for fun is a television and that somehow only get the crocheting channels.”

He winced, “Yeah… but hey! People say those things will rot your brain y'know! Besides, I don’t have a tv at all.”

“Yeah, but you live on an island full of dinosaurs.”

“True. Now lets get going, I still have a few more hours of work but I’ll introduce you to the Raptors and then I’ll have someone drop you off at the bungalow and then you can explore the park.”

You through your fist in the air in celebration, “Yes!”

Instead of getting on the monorail to the park the two of you took a jeep with the parks logo on it and headed down a dirt road. The two of you had a little catching up to do but not much, I mean, he only called you basically every day so there wasn’t much you hadn’t covered in those calls. Eventually the bumpy road came to an end next to a large concrete structure. To be honest it wasn’t that impressive but you could still barely contain your excitement, I mean, actual Velociraptors! Not skeletons or pictures in a textbook but real, living, breathing animals! The two of you hopped out of the car and into humid jungle weather and made your way over to the bottom of some metal stairs.

“Ok,” he said, “I don’t usually let random people up here so if anyone asks you’re with me,”

“Got it.”

The metal clanked under your boots as the two of you made your way up the stairs and onto a cat-walk that overlooked a jungle filled enclosure.

“Oh, and by the way,” Owen started, “Don’t fall over please, in fact, hold onto the railing, please.”

“I’m not gonna fall over, chill,” you said taking a hold of the railing anyway.

That seemed to satisfy him as he started what ever he was doing. A pig squealed through followed by 4 other things that you couldn’t quite see until they came to a stop right beneath you. The breath caught in your chest and you smiled brightly, there they were, 4 Velociraptors, all big and powerful and deadly. Your father called out some commands and they actually listened, go this way, that way, and finally he gave them all treats, the one named Blue getting a little white rat.

“And, go!” he said finally and the Raptors went sprinting back into hiding.

“That,” you said with wide eyes, “Was, awesome!”

He laughed and the two of you made your way back down the stairs. He introduced you to one of the other workers and said that they would be taking you to the park for some exploring. Once you were at the park you felt kind of lost. You had never been alone in a place as big as this before, but that was ok, you would be able to handle yourself. And besides, what could really go wrong?


You jinxed it, you thought to yourself as you ran through a crowed of screaming people as they tried to keep from being Pterodactyl food. You just had to open your big fat mouth at say something as stupid as, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ so, so stupid. You could barely make out one person from another as you tried to find a safe spot. And all you could really do for your father is hope that he wasn’t dead.

Suddenly, a few of the beasts started falling to the ground, one landed near you and you saw something sticking out of its side, a dart. Looking up you saw a few people scattered throughout the crowed with dart guns, aiming at anything flying. One of the men was taken from behind, screaming as he went up and dropping his gun, and without a second thought, you grabbed it and started aiming at the beasts too. All of a sudden, two boys ran in front of you, one about your age and one a few years younger than you. They went to the large fence that kept people from falling in with the Mosasaur, looking at something that you couldn’t quite make out. In doing this they were in plain view of everything that thought to try and look for food, and soon, a few of the Pterodactyls were swooping for them.

You ran to get a better shot and started taking out those things left and right, all the while the two boys just looked at you in awe. You couldn’t blame them though, you were being pretty freaking awesome right now.

When the air was clear for the moment, you looked at them, “C'mon, don’t just stand there, lets go!”

They got up and start running with you while you tried to look for anyone who familiar, all the while shooting anything that flew. All of a sudden the boy about your age tugged on your shirt and pointed to a redheaded lady standing on a car. You nodded and followed him towards the direction of the lady, and almost shouted with joy. Right next to her was Owen, keeping an eye on the lady and making sure she wasn’t carried off. Suddenly though, he was tackled by one of the flying beasts, barely fighting it off from biting his face off, you raised your gun, ready to shoot, but was beaten to the point by the redheaded lady.

The three of you kids jogged over to them, they hugged the lady and you went and about tackled Owen. It was a quick moment though, as the panic was not yet over. Your father led the way to a company jeep and all of you watched as people broke through the gate and flooded past the car. For now at least, you were all safe and could take a breath.

“Can we stay with you?” said the younger brother.

“Trust me guys, I am never leaving you again,” replied the redhead

They both started at once, “No, no, we meant them.”


The rest of the day pretty much sucked also, the raptors temporarily found a new Alpha which sucked for a lot of people, then this big fight between the I-Rex, T-Rex, Raptors, and Mosasaur, but then, you saw your dad’s heart break when his last remaining Raptor, Blue went back into the wild of the jungle. But, even with a few cuts and bruises, everyone made it out alive. Currently you were walking around an ‘infirmary’, helping people find their families and things like that. You saw the boys and the redheaded lady you found out was named Claire, and signaled Owen you were going over there. Claire stood up and went over to your father and you took her spot right next to the boys.

“Hey,” the one named Zach said.

“Hi,” you replied.

Gray looked at the two of you and sighed, “I’ll just be over there then.”

“So,” he started, “Thanks, for, y'know, keeping us alive back there.”

“Ah,” you said sarcastically, “It’s was nothing, really.”

The two of you chuckled at that one, “Hey. So, I was just, I was gonna ask that, um, if you wanted, to, like-”

You cut him off by taking his hand and grabbing a pen, “I would love to, here’s my number, call me sometime maybe.” And with that, you got up and started helping your father again who had just apparently had a similar moment with Claire.

Maybe you should jinx things more often.