jeep cruising

Overprotective~ Liam Dunbar

Anon: can u do a 116 and 119 where y/n is scott and stiles baby sister and starts dating liam and scott approves but stiles doesnt and can you make it fluffy and funny please?

A/N: Yes of course I love big!bros Scott and Stiles! This was so much fun to write I hope you enjoy it (even though it kinda sucks lol) Thanks for requesting!


116. “You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you.”

119. “You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!”

Warnings: none just overprotective brothers and the excessive use of sarcasm

Word count: 1.2k kinda long, I guess.


The jeep slammed to a stop, Scott smacking his head on the dashboard, and you smacking yours on Scott’s seat.

“Stiles, dude, OW!” the alpha complains rubbing his forehead, but the other boy ignores him, whispering an apology to his jeep before spinning around to face you, livid.

“YOU’RE DOING WHAT?” he shouted, twitching.

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Coming to a Tumblr near you!

Figured you could all use a little update as to what’s in the works as far as Xavi fanfics go!


  • Genderbent Mercy76; where 76 is the medic and Mercy is the soldier….
  • Angels and Devils:  Lust overcomes Mercy and Jack is the only solution to her problem….
  • Fanfiction:  Mercy may or may not be head-over-heels in love with Strike-Commander Morrison.  To fulfill her sexual fantasies, she writes fanfics about him.  Little does she know, he’s a big fan of her works….
  • Notes:  With his parent’s coming over to meet Ang for the first time, Ang says she’ll whip up her secret Swiss recipe to knock their socks off.  She gives Jack a list and, while he’s out at the store, he begins to realize that this list isn’t in English and he sure as hell doesn’t speak German….
  • Those Eyes:  You never forget the eyes of the man who ruined everything.  While out on a date with Jack, a familiar set of taunting eyes fall into her view.  She immediately identifies the man as the guy who murdered her family.  Angela, hellbent on revenge, corners the man at gun point….
  • Fallout:  AU similar to the Fallout series.  Dun worry, there will be plenty of zombies to murder….
  • Adrenaline Rush:  Sick of seeing blood and bodies, Ang begs Soldier 76 to take her someplace.  He was a rogue for years; he had to have a secret to escape the horrors of war.  Little did she know that it would involve a plane and jumping out of it….
  • Dear God:  The pains of leaving the woman you loved behind and in the arms of someone else.  A short little fic down memory lane and why Jack has to keep doing what he’s doing….
  • Dominatrix:  That devil skin?  Oh, she puts it to good use….
  • Jeep Cruising:  Just simple one-shot of Jack and Mercy going on a vacation.  They may or may not sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough….”
  • Lace and Roses:  After a long, stressful day at work, Jack decides to go over to Ang’s just to relax.  When she shows up, there’s a note on the fridge that tells him to go upstairs.  What he finds… well, it’s the start to a good unwinding ;)
  • Vigilantes:  AU where Ang finds Jack in the rubble.  When the recall starts, rather than joining Overwatch, they don masks and become the heroes who can go beyond the law to get things done (omg Arrow ripoff here we come)….
  • Between the Lockers:  High school AU.  Need I say more….
  • Blood:  AU where 76 is a hunter and Ang is a vampire.  Unlike most vamps, Ang wants to help people and doesn’t drink blood.  Only, during a rescue mission turned suicide mission, Ang starts to lose too much blood.  He’s sworn an oath to kill but love… it compels him….
  • From the Shadows:  Especially a story about Jack being a stalker.  He, 76, watches Mercy from afar and keeps her safe….
  • Of Gold and Diamonds:  76 is certain Ang has moved on.  Still, he can’t help himself.  He finally gets the balls to go ask her out.  Only, when he does, he fumbles and falls because there, on her finger, is a ring.  A shinning, shimmering ring.  Little does he know, it’s the one he gave her all those years ago….
  • Remind Me:  Karaoke night at a bar and Ang decides to sing.  76 recognizes the song and eventually joins her….
  • Swiss Roll:  That one I mentioned before and never wrote….
  • Finishing all those ones I started….


  • Mine:  Reaper is overly protective.  Hurt her, make her cry, do anything he doesn’t like, you’re dead….


  • Date Night:  Just a simple one-shot of a date Ang and Fareeha have….
  • The Softest of Kisses:  Fluff.  All the fluff.  Ang has a really bad day at work and Pharah surprises her with not only kittens but also sweet kisses….

High Justice

  • Ain’t Kids No More:  As a kid, she always had a crush on him.  Wanted to marry the cowboy.  Now that she’s a woman, well… the tables have turned.  The cowboy is finally ready to accept that invitation for a kiss….
  • Partners:  During a hellish shootout, Jesse tells Pharah to pull back.  That he’ll be fine.  She leaves but she doesn’t actually leave….

EDIT:  More suggestions have come in.  I’m adding them at the bottom here:

  • Swimsuit:  Ang finds out her body and pics was used in “April Fools Overwatch Swimsuit Calendar.”  And not just a little bit either.  She’s pissed about it and goes to complain to the higher ups about this….
  • Kiss Cam:  Their (Jack/Ang) relationship was supposed to be a secret.  Perhaps going to that game wasn’t the best idea….
  • Kinks:  Jack just wants casual sex.  Little does he known Angela’s the wild type who has a few too many kinks in the closet….
like glitter and gold | shawn mendes


requested by anonymous

word count: 2,951

author’s note: i’m pretty rusty but i hope you don’t hold it against me :) suspension of disbelief here since i remember shawn saying once that he didn’t have fun at prom lmao. title from “glitter and gold” by barns courtney, which has nothing to do with this but is a fun song anyway. enjoy.

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You knew that he wanted to go. He would never push you, but it was in his eyes every time your friends would mention it when the whole group was together, or when you dragged him past any boutique on the street during walks through the city, refusing to latch your eyes onto any of the dresses displayed innocently in the window.

Damn those eyes of his - or damn you, rather, for being able to read him so well. He would never be able to lie to you, not when you could read his eyes like you could. Not when you could see the expressive light in them.

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on days when missions are few, d-dog runs letters and paperwork between the platforms. hitches rides in jeeps and cruises across base, delivering materials and family letters to all the mother base staff.

at least i’d love to think so

Damn, Son! - Calum Imagine

Requested: Yees

Word Count: 1013

Content Warning: The word ‘fuck’

Author: Emi:3

I apologize for being inactive lately. I am so homesick of Hawaii and i kind of just poured it out of my writing. I’m sorry. the extreme heat is getting to me so yeah

Calum fluff where he says ‘I love you’ for the first time

“Alright. Operation Fun Time with Y/N begins!” I cheered as I closed the door to the driver’s seat of the jeep. Turning on the engine as Calum climbed onto the passenger seat, he chuckled at my excitement.

“What have you got planned today? I hope I don’t die. Oh God.” he said.

I replied back. “Forgive me, Calum. But today is the day you die. Of fun! HA!”

He shook his head at me. “You’re lame.”

“Just this once, I’ll forgive you. Since you know. You’re gonna die today.” I joked again as I drove out of the garage and into the highway. Calum just got home from tour last night and this time, they’re going to have a long break. So we flew out to Hawaii. You know, because we can. And we wanted, too. Those are basically the reasons why we are in a rented jeep, cruising along the North Shore of Oahu, on our way to the beach, with Calum smiling so widely. That smile that makes his eyes almost closing. I hate that smile. It makes me melt.

We found a perfect spot where there is little to no people anywhere on the beach and that has a moderate amount of shade. It was beautiful. This was one of the best quick decisions we’ve made. Calum needed a long break from their tour. When he came home, he had bags under his eyes that would be considered designer. Yeah. That bad. I glanced over at Calum who was taking out out things from the back of the jeep.  I couldn’t help it. I stared at his really toned biceps. Fuck me. I am weak right now.

After hanging out at the beach, we went on a joyride. Calum had the genius idea of throwing out the map and burning out the batteries on our phone. We were lost in the Hawaiian tropical forest. Not really. Our jeep was parked near a mountain cliff, overlooking the ocean. I think it’s a popular tourist destination because there were signs everywhere in Japanese or something. But it was in the evening so basically no one else was here except two lost young adults. And by the second it grows darker, I grow more scared. The thought of having a wild boar capable of tearing us too pieces is the main reason.

Calum saw my distress and smiled sweetly. “Come on, Y/N. Stop worrying. We’ll be fine out here.”

“I don’t actually want to die, you know.” I said, referring to my joke earlier. I sat next to him on the hood of the jeep and held his hand.

“This is Hawaii. It’s always so peaceful here.” he said, stroking my hand.

“You don’t know that. For all we know, on the other side of the island, there could be a war going on.”

“Why do you always assume the bad things in everyone?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No I don’t. Just being practical.”

“You think about stuff like that on everything.”

“No I don’t.” I repeated. “I think about the good stuff too. Like uhh… food.”

He chuckled. “Of course.”

“Shut up.” I giggled as I nudged him on the elbow. “I also think of happy stuff about parties, raccoons, ships, eyeliners, the color green,  the end of your band’s tour, us.”


“Yeah.  Us. You know our relationship. The good stuff.”

“So does that mean there are bad stuff, too?” he said, as he pulled us both so we could lie down on the hood of the jeep. It was dark now so we could see the stars in the dark sky. It was beautiful.

“Well, yeah. You know, balance of the universe and all. Every good things has a bad thing. Blah blah blah.” I turned my head to face him only to find that he’s looking at me the whole time I was talking. “What?”

He smiled. “Can you tell me the bad things  in our relationship?” he asked while looking sincerely at my eyes.

I shrugged and told him, “Well, you’re away most of the time. Timezones suck. You’re fans are such beautiful creatures of God. And I’m……me. And you’re……you. Plus your band sucks. I am ashamed of being a big fan of it.”

Calum chuckled as he held my hand closer to his lips and kissed it. “Those aren’t bad things though. If you think about it, they’re just tiny little barriers to help our relationship stronger.”

I shook y head at him and chuckled. “Damn, son. That’s some Shakespearean shit right there!” I yelled out and laughed.

“You’re awesome, you know that, right.”

“I assume I am since you picked me. There must have been a valid reason, right?”

He laughed again and then we quieted down and just stared at the stars. I closed my eyes and just savored the moment as Calum held my hand close to his chest as the Hawaiian breeze blew across the wind.

I felt Calum’s chest rise and then heard him sigh deeply. “I love you, Y/N.”

“What?” I said, as I stood up and walked away from the jeep. Stupid. I know. “What did you just say?”

Calum sat up and shrugged. “I love you.”

Suddenly, I smiled real big and giggled. “You love me.”

“We established that. Yes.”

“You love me.”

“Okay. Y/N. Stop saying it over and over.” He said, standing up and walking closer to me, blushing a little bit.

I ignored him and started running around the place wearing a smile on my face. “Calum loves me! CALUM LOVES ME!”

“Y/N! Oh God.” he grinned so big and followed after me.



We ran around the place like idiots, declaring our love for each other, while screaming. It’s a surprise how no one told us to shut the fuck up. But then again, we were the only ones in the mountain. So…

“Hey.” I called onto Calum when we finally stopped to breathe.

“What?” He said, hugging me up front.

I kissed his neck and said, “I love you, too.”

-i hope you like this one. it’s a bit long and irrelevant and stuff. so yeah love you guys. send in requests please. -Emi:3