jeep commander


Ibiza special, pt. 7

During the 60’s the USA and Europe had a nebulous embargo on the sale of goods to Franco’s Spain. Land Rover negotiated around the ban by building their vehicles in Spain and calling them the “Santana”, whereas the American Jeep company sold the pattern and machines for their discontinued “Jeep Commando” to a Spanish company called Viasa, who assembled it as the clone Ebro Jeep Comando. These had British “Perkins” diesel engines but were in the main parts nearly the same.


Tumblr pals, about time I introduce you to my new Jeep.

2006 Commander limited. 4.7 V8, Quadradrive2, front and rear e-lockers, tow package rated to 7000lbs. Rocky Road suspension lift with 255/70r17s Cooper AT2 all-terrains on stock rims, skid plates all around underneath. She does pretty well off road and on, and starts with much more regularity than my old CJ(s). All the bells and whistles, leather heated seats, climate control, in dash navigation, real burl wood dash. (Plus government approved white and red fire department strobe lights in the front and rear lights)…

Coming up: winch bumper, winch, LED light bar, safari rack. Rear tire bumper carrier, Gerry cans and CB, 4xguard rock sliders and front skid plate…