Notable Female Lead Action Movie Heroines.

“I think in the world today we’ve had plenty enough of male-driven everything and it’s finally time to see how wonderful the world can be with beautiful, strong intelligent women kicking some major ass.” - Chris Pine on Wonder Woman (2017)

Honorable Mentions: Yuki Kashima in Lady Snowblood (1973), Coffy from Coffy (1973), Fox in Wanted (2008), Alice from The Resident Evil Series (2002), Selene in Underworld (2003), China O Brien from China O Brien (1990), Xiao Mei in House of Flying Daggers (2004), Cheng Tai-Nan from My Young Auntie (1981), Azumi in Azumi (2003), Chang Hsuan-yen from Come Drink with Me (1966) and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016).


I fucking love taekwondo.

Its not as effective as other martial arts. And its very demanding in terms of training. 

But it looks just stunning. 

Pardon my throbbing erection, but next month what could be one of the greatest modern martial arts films ever begins shooting. Just look at that fucking cast!
The fight choreographer is a little up in the air at the moment, but some sites are reporting Tim Man…which is always a good thing. Though I’d rather iko Uwais and his team be on choreography duties.
Can’t complain though. This should definitely be an epic martial arts movie. I just hope the director manages to give fans what they want.


I’ve been doing some thinking in terms of a DC fancast and in my travels on the internet have come across the spectacular Jeeja Yanin.

She’s the most badass fighter I’ve seen in a long time and has a ruthless grace that would be perfectly suited to Cassandra Cain.

I could watch her beat people up for ages and it would not stretch my imagination to imagine her as one of the best fighters in the DCU.


i love this movie!