One Direction debuts as four members

One Direction is gearing up to be a foursome.

With the departure of founding member Zayn Malik, there’s just four members in boy bond. With that, the group’s management company recently updated its website to reflect that.

There’s a new photo, along with a bio that says, “One Direction are Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. In just over five years together they have impressively sold more than 50 million records, have achieved a total of 91 number ones and performed to over 7.5 million fans worldwide.”

Last month, Malik announced he would be leaving the group, explaining in a statement, “My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I’d like to apologize to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.”


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