Carried Away

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Note: Reupload of request “Taehyung + Over-stimulation” with added content and edits, as usual.  Just Smut.  A big thank you to @savemxbts for feedback on the first draft.  The gif also has nothing to do with anything in the fic but I just love his hands lol.  

Summary:  Taehyung + Over-stimulation 




Taehyung loves to get carried away with you.  

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If anything can make me swear softly under my breath it’s watching anything where Gong Yoo is smiling and doing The Thing™ 

Cookies make me paranoid

Not actual cookies, computer cookies, I don’t know their actual name, but they make me feel like I’m being watched. I mean, I don’t have anything to hide, I shouldn’t mind, but every time I google something, I see adds everywhere about it afterwards and they are a constant reminder to me that our lives are no longer only ours. I feel like my privacy is being stolen from me.

Guys we already are in a Black Mirror Episode, it’s just that we are not paying enough attention

Well… I’m not enjoying myself in this hard mode run so far. I knew I generally was not the best at these kinds of games in terms of combat, but I was not expecting BioWare’s definition of “hard” to be “randomly dropping/spawning new enemies on top of the player while they’re in the middle of a fight with four other enemies already.”

Maybe I’m the only one who had this issue, but when trying to get through the Hinterlands I found that enemies would spawn right next to my character or the companions at the worst times. There was no rhyme or reason to it, there were just suddenly seven enemies up in my face where a second before there had only been four. It was beginning to feel like less and less of a game that involves any kind of strategizing, planning, or timing, and was instead feeling more like a game that relies a little too much on the luck of the draw.

Then again, I am also terrible at this game and rarely ever use the tactics camera because it requires the ultimate level of micromanagement for a combat system that I already find fairly flawed and unvaried; and I’m guessing that using the tactics camera is pretty much required for the higher difficulties. I don’t want to be the person who is complaining about something only because they’re terrible at it, but I can’t help but feel that randomly spawning enemies do not a tactical challenge make.

We shall see if I can get my act together enough to actually progress… Right now, it’s at least looking like I’ll have to leave the Hinterlands to the mages and templars. Sorry, Fereldan!