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It was one good thing about the twins. While Derek and Logan insisted on watching the Superbowl, they had come up with an excuse to get Julian out. Julian didn't even remember what it was anymore. He didn't care. All he knew was the lips at his throat and the second pair on his, kissing him silly as he was held between them. It wasn't about sex tonight. A part of him knew that. Tonight was about love and showing him the affection he'd long craved from Logan.

Dearest anon, thank you. I love you so much for this.

"Chessy Cat’s Question to Answer" – Jeedles

Two pairs of identical eyes finally spotted their target, gazing appreciatively at the subject’s body, the subject’s walk, the subject’s smile. They grinned at each other and nodded. They had to do what they had to do. It was going to be fun, like all their other escapades with the subject, only this time they were taking it to the next level. Surely the subject couldn’t resist them because they couldn’t resist the subject. They were fast. They were quiet. They were precise when they approached the target. They didn’t want to scare him away and make him disappear to wherever it is he disappears to. (If he did, though, they would find him. They always did.) They flanked him and he jumped at their sudden appearance. Flowers were presented. A single kiss was given. A question was asked. There was surprise. There was confusion. There was hesitance. The last one worried the two immediately. They knew what it was like to be rejected but they liked the Cat. They liked him very much. Recovery time would take longer for this possible rejection. The question was asked again. His name, his real name, was added. Yes or no, simple enough? Not quite. Then came the answer. The answer was replied. With a frown? No. With frowns? Definitely no. With kisses. Definitely yes. The two left their Cat with the flowers, eagerly drawing up date ideas in their crazy blond heads. The Cheshire Cat never grinned wider than he did before. He thought they’d never ask.