jedwardedits asked:

Post your drawings ! You're so talented ♥ Have more confidence in your work, you really are good. xo

You’re so kind really ;///; But I’m not this talented, sometimes I have lucky, that’s all. Also I really love your edits, aaall in black and white. I’ve never talked to you before because I’m shy with new people, but your blog is amazing. ♥

I just don’t know if it’s correct to post this drawing. I’m embarrassed when I look at it. jhfgkdf

jedwardedits said: yay for beautiful gay twinnies ♥ plus it’s also said that the youngest sibling is more likely to be gay if they grew up around older brothers *__*

It has to be complicated to be gay for your brother, rather twin. But I really think most of twins develop the same sexual orientation… (Just look at Tegan and Sara lolz) although it’s my opinion. Anyway, I don’t know if our John and Edward are gays or something, but definitely they’re twinsexual. 

Sometimes people ships Edward with random guys but eek D: He wouldn’t let another man to touch him but he would let John.