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Sweden is the land of Jedward! they love pop music and Eurovision is the coolest! We love the vibe every time we land and perform seeing all the fans makes us smile so much because we miss everyone! they always teach us words in swedish! all the attention is like wow wish it was like this in School! going from being not the cool kids in school and shy to holding an empire like PlanetJedward and what we have all created is outstanding to think there is no stopping true love and being true to you maybe improve here and there as you grow but always be happy at the stage you are at and roll on the new stages of your life just like we embrace new experiences and look back on the old times like learning!
its crazy to think the 1st time we landed in Sweden we were like wow we have made it this is were Britney,Nsync,Backstreet boys have recorded all their songs!
We look up a lot to all the songwriters and producers and said to ourselves that we will get there and to think that we are about to launch our 4th album that is all written by us means a lot to the us and the fans that have supported Jedward from Planetjedward to Victory to Young Love to the 4th album!
Shoutout to all the fans because you made this video! we just could not stop smiling watching it!

Love as always! your boys! your twins! your friends! your whatever!
John and Edward 

You guys, seriously learn to use the REBLOG button

I don’t see how difficult it is to just reblog something? Rather than spending the time to save it onto your computer then repost it the next day. What the hell! I don’t mean this totally in regards to me (though it’s happened) but the jedward tag is loaded with it (well, tumblr in general really). If you want to use any edits/gifs, just ask! But mostly, REBLOG BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND :)

Jedward Fans♥

I think some of the strongest fans are the fans who have never even had a tweet/youtube reply/DM and yet they still don’t go complaining that the twins “don’t care about them”. They still love John and Edward will all their hearts even though, they’ve never got anything in return. I’m not saying the that fans who have been lucky enough to get tweets etc. aren’t strong or that they aren’t good fans. I think all Jedward fans are amazing people and everyone deserves to get at least one tweet etc. But I honestly have so much respect for the people who have had nothing, because most of them don’t moan, complain, send hate and they always seem happy for the fans who have had stuff. If you’ve never had a tweet/reply/DM or anything, then I honestly think you’re wonderful and I have so much respect for you! I hope you get something soon, because you deserve it♥