jedward fandom

Thank you my amazing love @shit-to-kinda-okay for tagging me in this ❤ I’m sorry that it took so long because lately I haven’t been feeling well or I don’t feel confident sharing my personal things.

Relationship status: Single, and probably have to say that I was in a relationship so it’s done.

Favourite colour: I love blue and lilac 💙

Pets: Do not have any :(

Last song I listened to: “Scared To Be Lonely” by Martin Garrix FT. Dua Lipa

Favourite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries (and My Mad Fat Diary, GOSH, I want them both back)

First Fandom: Jedward?? And One Direction (I’m still in 1D Family haha)

Hobbies: singing (I do this everyday), dancing, writing (stories, songs, poetries), studying languages, Photoshopping and so on.

Favourite book: I don’t have any, but maybe “Girl Online” by Zoë Sugg

Worst thing I have ever eaten: Tomatoes and broccoli and pineapple! Most of the vegetables, pardon me. And I don’t eat berries but I wouldn’t say they are the worst things ever I have eaten.

Favourite place: London or Helsinki!!! Tagging @babyshawwn @teen-mendes @lovethatmendeskid@shawnsleo @starrynightshawn 💙 sorry if you have done this already


Hey there! I have this really cool idea of putting a bunch of clips together of our reactions to the twins getting through the semi’s cause they obviously are going to haha!

Info – 

The semi’s will be taking place on Tuesday the 22nd at 9pm (CET Time) most of European time, 8pm Ireland and UK time.

Any fans are welcome to take part.

All you have to do is record yourself (on your own or with some friends) reactions to the Jeds getting through to the finals!

You can watch the semi’s online on the Eurovision website; you just have download the player codec.

Once you have recorded your reaction upload your video to YouTube, Twitvid, mediafire or sendspace and send me the link along with your twitter name.

If you have any questions then message me @nerdoboo

Please spread the word, the more fans the better!