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you look like a fitness model! And the happiest runner Ive ever seen haha! ;)

Wow, thank you so much! I don’t really smile like that while running.

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These are fantastic!!!! I know it is the socks that give you super powers. I should have kept them for myself.

They really do give me powers!

And thanks to everyone else, too!

This shirt came in the mail while I was in Florida. 

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If anyone says anything rude about ANYTHING in this post I might just have to hunt them down and beat them up. Wait. That’s not very Christ like. I will hunt them down and pray for them… very aggresively. ;)

hahaha! I love you, Chelsea. Since I turned anon off for a while, I doubt I’ll have to worry about it.

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are you breast feeding? If so do make sure to take vitamins….your joints will suffer if you dont….personal expereance here lol!

No. We didn’t have enough any notice about Ryland, so there wasn’t time to start the process to start lactation.

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4, 21, and 28 ;)

4: Type the first complete paragraph on page 74 of the nearest book to you.

Display a map of the Western Hemisphere and have students locate New York, San Fransisco, and Cape Horn.  then tell students they will read about a ship that sailed those waters. remind students to self-correct if they don’t understand something they read.

21: Have you ever written fanfiction?

Nope. I’ve only even read a couple. I waste my time in too many ways already to get caught up in that world.

28: Draw a unicorn being ridden by one of your OTPs and reply with your drawing.

10 and Rose. Be jealous of my drawing skills. (I can color in the lines, but I didn’t feel like it.)

Thanks, everyone. I was just wondering.

On this fitness front, I don’t want to do too much because my neck & back still have a hint of an ache, and I’m always overly careful about such things, so I’m going to do the fit test for best body bootcamp to see if I’ve gained or lost progress in the last 4 weeks.

Tonight my congregation is hosting the monthly area wide singing. I love it. We sing for almost 2 hours and then we eat.

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11, 47, and 50 (if you were not married)

11- already answered

47- this one, too

50- (Is there anyone on tumblr you’d go on a date with)

I can’t really think of anyone close to my age that I think that I would. I wouldn’t date anyone that didn’t share my faith, which would be the #1 criteria.