The hands shamelessly splayed across his back are by no means a rare sight in the crowded crevice of club, a percussive rhythm pulsing through bodies wanton for the touch of another – whether the contact was limited in amongst the dance floor or swarmed to the sidelines like flies to the windowpane mattered little, as long as flesh met flesh then the hunger was sated. Softened lips part from their purchase on a neck submitting to his desire, stretched until the outline of a vein can be seen under the streams of pale strobe-light, and unlike his current fancy, this thirst lies more than skin-deep.

The routine is one of precision, familiar, mundane yet he grins at the poetic placement of Type O Negative thrumming through the room before canines descend on the tenderness granted to him. The fingers on his back tighten to a desperate grip, his senses sing as her blood relents to his bite and drips down his throat – he feels life, potent and sharp and surrendering to his will, the beating of a heart plush and frantic against his carcass. Resurgence runs in rivers and he drinks from them slow and sweet until enough remains to sustain the sacred vessel in his grasp. Still, the loss limpens her with fatigue, limbs slack upon latex upholstery. 

He leaves her with care, resting her head upon the support of the couch before he emerges from the secluded booth, eyes shimmering near-black as they survey the scene of mortal serenity. Just as he brings the back of his hand up to wipe at the crimson on his lips, his gaze meets that of a woman who, in comparison to the rest of the place populated by fishnet sleeves, leather and translucent, giveaway garb, looks curiously out of place. He immediately pursues her, smirk lurid as he weaves through the crowd, in his imagination they split like the Red Sea and the pretence feeds an arrogance so vital to his well-being, each step assured – he belongs here, she doesn’t.

                  “Looking a little lost, love. Bible Study is down the road.”  

Sailor Moon Fanfiction Timeline Masterpost

I’ve found that a lot of my ideas for fanfiction share the same continuity, even though the plotlines feature different characters. Storylines overlap in time, and in some cases they can be loosely connected (i.e. - one could be a sub plot to the main plot). 

The “dubfic” that I was talking about last year fits in here, although the rest of the continuity follows the original. Fair warning: there are a few instances where I tend to mix terminology (i.e. - Dark Kingdom vs. Negaverse vs. D-Point). To me, these terms aren’t mutually exclusive: the Dark Kingdom would be the monarchy of the Negaverse, located in D-Point. 

Dubfic - a set of plotlines involving the DiC version of our Dark Kingdom Kings (and Queen), and other supporting characters.

1991/1992: One of The Boys (The Dark Kingdom, pre-Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl, Zoycite, Malachite, Nephlite, Jedite, Calcite) - the original story which introduces Calcite. 

1992/1993: The Weight Of Living (Zoycite/Malachite, Ruby) - a continuation of Zoycite and Malachite’s relationship in the civilian world after the fall of the Dark Kingdom. 

Subfic - If you really absolutely hate the idea of a fic based on the DiC dub, then start with Legendary Lovers and you won’t have lost any ground.

1993: Legendary Lovers (Usagi/Mamoru) - continuity begins for the sub.

1997: The Time Traveller (Chibiusa, Usagi/Mamoru.) - references events from Legendary Lovers, also in sub context.

2002: The Second Time (Ami/Ryo, Naru Osaka, Calcite) - this one is tricky, as two worlds are forced to collide. This fic references events from Legendary Lovers that impact Ami and Ryo’s relationship nearly a decade later… however a subplot with Naru Osaka and Calcite involves Zoycite, therefore the DiC dub world and dubfic plotlines must also be referenced.

2005: The Element of Water (Ami/Ryo, Usagi/Mamoru, Chibiusa, Kousagi) - A continuation of The Time Traveller. Usagi and Mamoru have a second child. Ami plays a critical role in the delivery. Also references events from The Second Time and Legendary Lovers. 

This would be a behemoth undertaking to get all of these fics done, so no promises, but I am pleasantly surprised about how nearly all of my ideas can flow concurrently.