Each prologue in a nutshell

Jedi Knight: 

“I hit that guy so hard he was impressed with my skill and asked if I needed his services”

Jedi Consular:

“Yuon no”

“Yuon yes!”


“One second everything was fine, and then that GTA fan ran off with my precious baby and some guy’s gun. Please, Corso, he won’t hurt your blaster. At least, a blaster can’t be crashed, but a ship can. I’m so nervous”


“Haha, funny, nice one, April Fools Day, right? Yeah? Damn, it’s May”

Sith Warrior:

“I came here to complete my training, but instead I got into some high school drama, and we’re trying to find out who’s the most popular sith in the Academy. Hey, Vette, I have your vote, right?”

Sith Inquisitor:

“My whole life has been some hell, but it’s about to change now that I have this big bloodthirsty, grumpy and constantly nostalgic scary guy who eats people. My very first friend”

Imperial Agent:

“Oh yeah, I’m that famous pirate. I do a lot of… pirating… stuff. Oh, you think I’m an impostor? Well, maybe that’s the Red Blade YOU have met was an impostor! I bet he’s jealous I’m prettier than him”

Bounty Hunter:

“I left for FIVE minutes, and now everyone is dead because of some dude who has no taste in make-up whatsoever, and the big worm gave the token to some lizard instead of me, what are the odds?”

Let me tell you why you should run the Consular questline
(Spoilers for companion intros and the premise of Acts 1 and 2)

This is Qyzen Fess

He is a Trandoshan and career hunter of prize game
He thinks you’re the chosen of his religious figure
He’s like what Broonmark could be with four more brain cells and a moral compass

This is Attros Finn

He’s a big time cutie
You can’t flirt because female PCs don’t get to flirt unless they’re Smugglers or Agents
(remember, you are a space nun)

This is Doctor Krieger and his holographic girlfriend

They got lost on the set of Archer but are otherwise OK
(Holiday is a sweetheart and she’s voiced by Tara Strong)

This is a Force ritual meant to shield the afflicted person from Evil Mind Control (not to be confused with Benevolent Mind Control, which you can use at every opportunity to make people do what you want)

This is the bitchin’ title you get at level 30 (suck it, Knights)


This is Zenith

He’s very angry and kind of sexy
You can’t flirt with him, either
(Spoiler warning: This guy is into sketchy shit)

These are ambassadors waiting for you to impress them

It’s actually kind of fun having everybody on board

This is Nadia

Nobody even invited her but she’s cute and spunky
(and kind of borderline underage)
You meet her before Balmorra but don’t get to chat one-on-one until Belsavis or thereabouts, by which time she’s probably legal

This is Felix Iresso

He’s a cinnamon roll with an evil box in his head
(No I didn’t make that up)
So assuming he doesn’t hulk out with Sith power he’s probably a really sweet bf

Healing (or dealing) physical, mental, and ego wounds is what the JC does best
Also stabbing from stealth, I guess
Or throwing rocks/holocrons/small astromechs
The VAs are eeexxtreeemmmellllyyyyy ccaaaaallllmmmmm but don’t let that put you off…


My consular’s adventures aren’t quite as funny as my bounty hunter’s but BOY IS SHE CUTE and also maybe I’ve been playing as a bounty hunter too long? because my sister tells me my demeanor is less than jedi-like

imo you can’t just give me an incredibly effective AOE and expect me NOT to use it often and with a certain amount of glee, you know what i mean?


Finished the Consular story!

aaaaand also made the mistake of romancing Iresso while fully planning i’d romance either Theron or Lana later

Looks like that will not be happening. Sorry Theron. Sorry Lana.

sorry my fucking plans

You can’t pay me enough to leave this man at this point.


a little drawing exercise: my SWtOR dudes+character design+favourite companions+limited linewidth/palette! 

(and minus my smuggler because it turns out the point i stop having a fun relaxing time is ‘Wookies’… sorry Bowdaar!)

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