The more I play a Jedi Consular, the more I realize his face is really, really expressive and his voice is getting more and more pleasant. I think it’s just subtle ‘controlled’ emotion. 

I mean, look at him? He’s trying to understand Gree droids. It’s hard. And confusing. But he’s trying.

In the background there is Qyzen Fess, affectionately known as ‘Disapproving Lizard’ to my guild mates. He hates how nice my Jedi is. So much.


SWTOR: Persistent Affair by Isriana

So, my Jedi Consular turned down Tharan’s advances. Unfortunately not everyone seemed to get the memo… :P

Game: Ok, so, this is the part where you can hook up with Tharan.
Me: Thanks, but I’ll pass.
Game: Yeah, but… The thing is we’re still going to pretend that you slept with him, anyway.


Throwback Thursday!

I’ve been in fandom since the 90s, and basically on Tumblr since last year, soooo, yeah. I’m not going to throw every bit of content I’ve ever had, since that would be absolutely ridiculous (and also there are reams of fanfiction that I am glad are not associated with any current username I have or have used since high school).  But costumes?  Yes.  I will definitely throw older costumes up here.

This is Kira Carsen from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I spent about two years on it, though a good chunk of it was procrastinating all the crazy detail work, which I did over the course of about a week while watching the entire first season of Veronica Mars.  Most appropriate use of the “This Took Forever” tag everrrrrr.

So yeah.  I am somewhat known-ish for Rey these days, but super obscure and unnecessarily complicated Star Wars Legends/EU costumes are my jam. :D

Materials: everything and the kitchen sink Cotton, wool and bamboo rayon for the skirt, cotton, wool and silk charmeuse for the top, random hardware bits, worbla for the arm bracers/detailing on the belt.

Photography by Casey Kwock of Casey Kwock Photography