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THE LAST JEDI - What we know so far *SPOILERS*

These posts are a breakdown of sorts of what know and have seen from the Last Jedi, through means of trailers, behind the scenes, promotional photos, toys, and leaks. While they showcase a lot, they probably will not and  don’t have everything in them - there’s just so much out there. The posts are also not really meant to meticulously piece the timeline together as a whole, they show things in a general sense, time wise, especially within each part, but not always. There is a lot we don’t know, so it would be impossible to anyway. Some of this stuff is a given, but some of it is speculation based on what we’ve been given.  

PART 1 - The Battle/Evacuation of D’Qar.

Above is D’Qar as seen during TFA. D’Qar was home of the Resistance Base during TFA and still is at the beginning of TLJ. This happens presumably during the beginning of the movie.

The Resistance is fleeing D’Qar and the First Order. General Leia is taking up command aboard the Heavy Resistance Cruiser known as the Raddus. Named after Admiral Raddus, the Mon Calamari Admiral who lead the Profundity durning the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One.

 The First Order attacking the Raddus and the Resistance.

  • Originally, some were thinking, that the Leia shot wasn’t during the battle because everyone seemed to be too calm, and that it was spliced together for the Official Trailer. But examining it further, shows that it is during the battle, as a First Order TIE Fighter can be seen going past the Raddus’ window.
  • Probably the Strategy Center/War Room of the Raddus
  • Possible Admiral Akbar appearance in the back, behind Leia.
  • Poe Dameron is seen with General Leia, in his X-Wing jumpsuit without the flight vest. Is this before or after he flies in the battle? 

An attack happens in a Resistance Hangar Bay, with Tallie in her A-Wing and Poe in front of his X-Wing, who are not yet in battle .

  • Both of them survive, and head off into battle - I say this, because in my mind it with what we know it doesn’t make sense for them to have been in battle, come back to the hangar bay and then got out again, but can’t with their ships being destroyed.
  • Not known if any bad damage occurs to their ships - we know they are still able to fly.
  • *Small chance the explosion isn’t apart of the Battle of D’Qar, and is perhaps before Crait*

Resistance Forces heading towards the First Order forces

“After Poe Dameron’s squadrons destroyed Starkiller Base, the First Order sought out the Resistance headquarters on the planet of D’Qar to enact their revenge. A-wings flew guard around the Resistance fleet and the transports fleeing the base. When three First Order warships emerged from hyperspace to attack, a squadron of A-wings, commanded by Tallie Lintra, assisted Poe Dameron and the Resistance’s assault bombers in taking on an enemy dreadnought.” - IncrediBuilds: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A-wing Deluxe Book and Model Set

  • New Resistance Bomber and A-wings seen for the fist time 
  • A-Wings being lead by Tallie Lintra
  • Paige Tico could possible in the guns of one of the bombers, and is definitely leading in one. The children’s book pictured above says “ ..the Resistance bomber squadron, headed by ace pilot Paige.”

FO forces clashing with Resistance Forces

  • The two of the three First Order warships mentioned above are seen.
  • The newResistance Bombers seen getting up close and personal with the FO new toys

Poe Dameron is seen in battle above D’Qar, along with trusted buddy BB-8 helping him. 

  • Looks to be one of the first Resistance ships out there, to me the FO head on.
  • Is most likely attacking the First Order Dreadnaught (and therefore it’s very large and deadly Orbital Bombardment Cannons on its underside). 
  • New Booster seen attached to the back of Poe’s X-Wing

Kylo Ren has been dispatched into battle.

  • Kylo’s first appearance piloting, and it’s flying his personalized TIE, the TIE Silencer.
  • Seen with what appears to be a batca patch or bandage of some type on top of his still healing scar. 
  • Appears to be targeting his mother’s ship…Does he kill his mother? Nope  - She is seen later of Crait.
  • Seen flying into a Resistance ship (probably the Raddus) and is possibly responsible for the Hangar Bay attack mentioned above.

The third First Order warship is seen, and it appears to be none other than Snoke’s own ginormous Star Destroyer.

  • “Snoke, the shadowy leader of the First Order, finally emerges from the shadows to lead the First Order to victory after the destruction of Starkiller Base” - From an Official Japanese Star Wars website.

The battle seems to me like it might end with the Resistance fleeing and a sorta win for the First Order. But how everything goes down exactly is anyone’s guess.   

Part 2 - Aboard the Supremacy/With the First Order

Part 3 - Crait

Ren and the First Order pt. 1 (The Last Jedi spoilers)

There’s been good amount of information on props, costumes, and sets related to the First Order and Kylo Ren, so here’s a compilation of what we’ve learned so far:

Kylo Ren gets something of a makeover in The Last Jedi. His mask is said to be nearly the same as it was in VII, with some minor tweaks, but the rest of his outfit is different. The new costume has been compared to Luke’s black outfit from Return of the Jedi…

…but Ren wears what sources called a “Darth Vader cape” over the outfit. It’s allegedly very similar to the cape his grandfather wore in episodes V and VI, but without the chain clasp.

Lumberjack Nick’s sketch based on descriptions of Kylo Ren.

While it’s most likely that this is just inspired by Darth’s costume design, there is some possibility that it’s the same cape. Recent Star Wars books, notably Bloodline, have focused on collectors who have rounded up old relics from the days of the Empire. We could go so far as to guess that Kylo got his hands on Vader’s real cape and is wearing it to ‘honor’ his grandfather.

Even Ren’s ship gets an upgrade in The Last Jedi, the personal fighter described as a ‘First Order TIE Advanced.’ They built a life-sized model of the ship at Pinewood studios, meaning we’ll probably be seeing it docked somewhere in the film. This information also implies that Kylo Ren will be piloting the ship himself, which we haven’t seen before. He may even be in some space battles given that he’s flying a TIE Advanced.

(This may also be the same ship from the scene description on Ahch-To, where the Knights of Ren kneel around a crashed ship.)

There will also be some changes to the First Order’s army, as well as some new additions to its ranks. Thankfully, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson posted a photo of the updated Stormtrooper look on his Instagram:

We’ll also be getting the First Order version of the Imperial Guards and Imperial Gunners in Episode VIII.

And finally, we’ll close with an exciting quote from a Making Star Wars source:

“You are going to love Captain Phasma’s spear in The Last Jedi. She looks killer.”


It’s time for adventure, sword fights, smugglers, spaceships and the triumph of good across the galaxy.
In the words of master Yoda, “Calm you must keep, and carry on you shall.”

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THE LAST JEDI - What we know so far *SPOILERS*

These posts are a breakdown of sorts of what know and have seen from the Last Jedi, through means of trailers, behind the scenes, promotional photos, toys, and leaks. While they showcase a lot, they probably will not and  don’t have everything in them - there’s just so much out there. The posts are also not really meant to meticulously piece the timeline together as a whole, they show things in a general sense, time wise, especially within each part, but not always. There is a lot we don’t know, so it would be impossible to anyway. Some of this stuff is a given, but some of it is speculation based on what we’ve been given.  

Part 3 - CRAIT

“Crait was a small mineral planet located in a remote section of the galaxy. Covered with a layer of white salt over its red-colored soil, the planet once hosted a Rebel Alliance outpost during their early rebellion against the tyrannical Galactic Empire.”

Old Rebel Base

  • Large (Hangar?) door of what can be assumed to be the old Rebel base, from the early days of the Rebellion and Princess Leia’s involvement in it, and is now where the Resistance has fled to after D’Qar.
  • Local wild life - the Vulptex (the Crystalline Salt Foxes ) run into the base, no doubt for shelter from the battle/FO Forces.
  • General Leia is seen staring out dramatically, a family trait it seems, from the base and looking out on the salt flat. 
  • Looks as if Leia is preparing herself emotionally for what lays ahead, maybe even doing so with the Force.
  • Her presence here, proves that her son doesn’t kill her during the battle of D’Qar at the beginning of the movie.

Resistance Forces

  • Resistance Ski Speeders heading out from the base and across the large self flat, towards the First Order forces.
  • The Speeders are bringing up the red soil beneath the salt layer, possibly for a reason - a distraction/confusion technique maybe?
  • Finn and Rose, back from their Canto Bight adventure, have joined up with Poe and the Resistance, and all three are seen piloting a speeder.

First Order Forces

  • For the ground assault, the FO have deployed their version of the AT-AT, as well as their overall upgraded walker, the AT-M6 or gorilla walker, which comes with stable “gorilla hands” and a cannon mounted on its back.
  • Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle is seen above the walkers, probably caring Kylo and his Snowtroopers, whom are seen later on. 
  • TIE Fighters are also seen above the walkers along with the shuttle, all of which no doubtly came from the Supremacy, which probaly is in orbit above the planet, with Snoke on it.

Two sides clashing 

  • The Ski Speeders head directly toward the First Order ground forces. 
  • The Speeders are hugging the ground closely - it seems just like pods for pod racing and other speeders, they cannot get very far off the ground.
  • TIE fighters are attacking the speeders, trying to stop them getting ot the walkers, but are being picked off. 

The Millennium Falcon  (with Chewie, Rey, & ??) joins the Battle

  • The Falcon has left Ahch-To with Chewbacca and Rey, and others and joined up the rest of the Resistance
  • Whether Rey is one the Falcon during this battle is unknown, as she also at some point ends up on the Supremacy which is in orbit above the planet, though Chewie likely is.
  • Appears to be the only Reistance vehicle capable of proper flight, which it uses to take out the TIEs.

Rebel/Resistance Trenches

  • The trenches were established before the Resistance’s presences, and were present during the Rebellion, as seen on an upcoming Star Wars comic with a young Luke and Leia on the cover, in said trenches.
  • Trenches serves as ground fortification for Resistance Troops
  • Poe no longer in his speeder, and seen sliding into trench with a speeder crashing being him. 
  • Perhaps it’s his speeder crashing, for some reason, and he jumped out dramatically to save himself. 

FO Tunneling into Crait *From NEW Star Tours Update*

  • *The footage is blurry because the Disney ride requires 3D glasses. The footage is canon - expect for the presence of the Star Tours Shuttle which you are riding in. Pablo answered a question about “the thing between the walkers,” saying we’d have to wait for the film to find out more about it.*
  • The Fist Order seems to be tunneling into Crait, more specifically into, presumably, the cliffs of Crait.
  • Craig is an old mining planet, perhaps they’re trying to get into one of the old mines for some reason or other caverns that somehow are still un-mined.
  • Either way, they are trying to go into the planet for a reason, what that is is still a mystery. 

Kylo and Snowtroopers Entering a Tunnel

  • Kylo Ren has rejoined the First Order after his time on Ahch-To and now is seen leading Snowtroopers.
  • Kylo and the troopers are entering a cavern/tunnel which was possibly carved out the cliffside by the FO’s tunnel boring machine.
  • As mentioned above, the FO seems to have a reason/need to go into Crait - they aren’t sending the Master of Knights of Ren and a whole group of Snowtroopers in without a good reason, but what that is still up in the air. 

The Falcon inside of and exiting Crait

  • The Millennium Falcon is being pursued by FO TIE Fighters inside the carverns/old mines? of Crait.
  • Possibly going inside the caverns to try stop what the First Order is doing with the tunnels or possibly trying to destroy the ground under the First Order ground, specifically the AT-M6s which are less vulnerable/more stable than their predecessors.  
  • In the process of flying through the caverns while being chased by TIE Fighters, the Falcon seems to lose its satellite dish, similar to time it happened in ROTJ - which this current dish was a replacement for. 
  • The Falcon is seen bursting through the ground of the planet, have come up from the red crystalline carvens below the surface. 

Rey on the Surface of Crait

  • Rey is seen reunited with Finn and General Leia on Crait
  • Appears to be telling/expressing something to Leia, which seems to have affected the general somewhat.
  • Looks to have her bruise above her left eyebrow (our right) - which she didn’t have before (and at the beginning) of her time with Snoke (and Kylo) in the throne room abroad the Supremacy
  • Finn is no longer piloting a speeder, maybe because that part of the battle has ended somehow at this point.  

Who wins this battle and the ramifications of it is anyone’s guess, but no doubt it will be a wonderfully and exciting red spectacle - which takes place sometime within the last two thirds of the film.

Part 1 - The Battle/Evacuation of D’Qar.

Part 2 - Aboard the Supremacy/With the First Order


(these are just sketches! theyre not finished but they’re not WIPs because I will never finish them)

I call the first one “he has too much of his father in him” (aka “Birgitte is still emo about Skywalker Family Drama smh”)! The planet is supposed to be tatooine, but it’s hard to draw a desert planet in black and white and actually make it obvious what it is lmao

The second one is my attempt at one of those movie poster things because I’ve always thought they’re super cool but I’ve never actually tried making one myself!