jedi kenobi

Here is Luke, wearing a jedi robe.

I wonder who told him the jedi wear robes? I bet it was Obi-wan.

Because he is Obi-wan *dramatic shrugging off of robes* Kenobi.

So here’s how it went.

Luke: *looking for clothes after rotj* hmm, I wonder what the jedi wore? 

Luke: *picks up outfit* eh, I guess this’ll have to do.

 Force ghost Obi-wan: *appears* robes.

Luke: what?

Force ghost Obi-wan: roooobessss!

Luke: okaaaay *continues to go pay*

Force ghost Obi-wan: *moans* robes.

Luke: you’re going to have to use more words, Ben, if you want me to understand you.

Force ghost Anakin: uh, let me explain. The jedi used to where robes, and Obi-wan here loved them. Whenever he would go into a fight he would dramatically shrug off his robe. They were the only good thing that happened to him in his, sad, lonely, depressed life.

Force ghost Obi-wan: *nods head* robes.

Luke: oh, well, if they were part of the jedi’s attire, I might as well where one. *picks up robe, then goes to pay*

me: I post a lot of star wars already

me to me: we shall double our efforts


Attention all Rey Kenobi Fans, this is the video you’ve been looking for!