jed please


Trial and error in the photo booth! Thank you @abcnetwork and @cadillac for the awesome party. #agentsofshield


I just re-watched 3x13 “Parting Shot” and there’s currently a repeat situation happening re: me drowning in a lake of my own tears. I just want Bobbi and Hunter back goddamnit forget Evil!Fitz (even though Iain is killing it) this is what the Framework should be used for just give them back

Dear Lord of the Rings Fandom:

Why is no one talking about it? The horse who played Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings died just a few days ago and Jed Brophy said these beautiful words. How is no one talking about it? How has this not come up on my dashboard yet? Do you people realize that someone (even if it’s a horse) from the movies that we all love is gone, that this is really the first loss our fandom has had to deal with? It’s so sad when you read about how Blanco passed and I hope that more people pass this around on Tumblr to spread the word. RIP Blanco aka Shadowfax. You will forever be missed.

I had a dream where I was really smol and I had this grappling hook and I just grappled onto things and swung around my room like Spiderman and it was SO exhilarating and vivid but that made me think

someone PLEASE draw them like this
if no one does then I will but I’m warning u I’m terrible at art and would probably give up at some point

anonymous asked:

*puts Oct in the mug cage* HAHAHA- now kiss

Octavius: “Why are they like this…”

Jedediah: “They got you too?! Those bas–”

Octavius: “Please, Jed. There are children present.”

Jedediah: “It’s hotter than hell, now.

Octavius: “At least it’s not like hell. You’re here.”

Jedediah: “… Did it get hotter, or is it just me?”


Perrie deleted #jerrie in caption on her instagram post😭 😭

I saw lots of fans keep asking Perrie whats going on and blame Jed…PLEASE DONT DO THAT. Dont get me wrong…I want to know why too…but the last thing I want to see is the Jerrie ship sinking because we put pressure on them.

Please respect Jerrie and Jed and protect the Jerrie ship


A 3rd Party Candidate WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

“Is one of the presidential nominees a FAKE? HECK YEAH!
A funny mock political ad with an important message.