jed i

You gotta admit

The combustible lemon gag we did with the lemon and the sparkler…

…was totally lit.

*runs off into the distance before anyone can judge him for this pun*


tv meme: ten shows » the west wing [2/10]

“We’re a group. We’re a team. From the President and Leo on through, we’re a team. We win together, we lose together, we celebrate and we mourn together. And defeats are softened and victories sweetened because we did them together. And if you don’t like this team, there’s the door.”  


I finally got my proper art signed by Graham, Adam and Dean *cries* Last time I met Adam and Graham I only had my sketchbook for getting signed, but I was able to get a print for myself and a little copy for them too. And I keep going back for Jed each year because I just like showing him what I’ve drawn since I last saw him tbh XD

-Adam is such a sweet little bean, every time anyone shows him fan art of Ori he looks so happy. We chatted about his dog and the upcoming marathon for a bit. And he filmed me and @heartoferebor​ in our Dwarf cosplays! I exist on his phone now and it’s like !!!!!??!! 

-Graham is just lovely, I’m always slightly intimidated by his status as an actor but he’s so kind and gentle around fans, and seemed really happy at Tufty-Dwalin. Dean wandered over to Graham’s table while the print was being signed and asked me in his relaxed Dean manner “oh that’s cool, did you do this?” and Graham said something about it being really lovely and his face lit up when he got his own copy (I think he called me darling but the general emotions of the day made my memory fuzzy).

-Dean is so chill, I sort of panicked and ran off after giving him his copy of Fíli because I didn’t know how to start a conversation (*cue regrets that will keep me awake at night*), but he seemed really happy when he got his own print. He recognised that I’d drawn it in Photoshop and said he was glad I found Fíli so inspiring.

-I wish I could have a small pocket!Jed for general encouragement because he’s just so kind and full of energy. He remembered my art from last year and said I have a very distinctive way of drawing Nori; hearing that was so uplifting for me. And he asked if I was doing illustration professionally and that I should make an art shop, sweet man.

Agh such nice people, I still can’t believe it.

  • Jed Whedon: We’re all pretty sure that [Elizabeth and Iain] would nail [the Jemma VS LMD!Fitz scene]. (...) In terms of Iain and Elizabeth, we’ve given them those scenes. Our favourite still... Our favourite thing on the show is the end of season one, them trapped in that pod. Their relationship is so precious I think to all of us, and the staff and the viewers. Getting those juicy FitzSimmons scenes is like a dream come true for any of us, so selfishly I could create them.
  • Interviewer: I love that you say that that relationship is so precious to you guys yet you always want to torture them so much.
  • Jed Whedon: Yeah, you know, there’s a pleasure in that pain. Everybody loves them and wants them to be together but no one really wants to watch two people be together and happy. No one tunes in for that. Their longing is sort of the thing that drives them. Yeah, there are obstacles. I think their love is a forever love so you wanna put as many obstacles in the way as you can.