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"I know you're tired, but we can't stop now."

Her giggling makes Becker rethink the words that just left his mouth. He wants to backtrack, clarify that he certainly didn’t mean anything sexual by that comment, but he’s got his hands full trying to pull her off the kitchen counter she’s all but collapsed onto.

Next time Jess tells him it’s not that far of a walk from the bar to her flat, he’s going to ignore her and call a cab.

For a such a small woman, she’s actually quite hard to maneuver but he eventually manages to steer her to what he correctly identifies as the bedroom. It’s decorated in the same whimsical vintage style as the rest of the place, and full of photos of the team and people who, if he were to look closer, he would guess to be her parents.

He doesn’t, though, as he’s just realized the next problem facing him, how to get Jess into bed, and exactly how much of her clothing he should remove before doing so.

He’s got one hand wrapped around her waist (fortunately she’s leaning on him rather than away from him, which makes this easier) as he pulls the bedsheets down and lowers her onto the bed.

Her heels have definitely got to go. They look like they hurt (although, they always look they hurt to him) and he’s almost positive that it would have been at least 50% easier to guide her home if her footwear has been a little more sensible. And at the very least, it’s completely reasonable for him to remove her shoes.

It’s the rest of her clothes he’s worried about. There’s no way the jewels glued (or maybe they’re sewn or embedded somehow, he has no idea) to the neckline of her dress will be comfortable to sleep in. Honestly, with his arm wrapped around her for most of the walk back to her flat, he can also say the entire dress is made of an itchy material he wouldn’t have tolerated for an hour, much less a whole night.

Still, it would be completely inappropriate of him to undress her that much. But maybe he should remove her cardigan, she might get tangled up in that in her sleep.

“Blankets,” she directs eventually, sounding much more quiet than she does at the Ark, but every bit as authoritative.

In that case, he won’t worry about the cardigan.

Her eyes are closed by the time he pulls the covers up to her shoulders, and he assumes she must have fallen asleep already.

“No kiss goodnight?” she mumbles.

On second thought, she might only be half asleep.

As much as he’s thought about goodnight kisses (and admittedly, he’s thought of them quite a bit), he opts to place one on her forehead.

“Goodnight Jessica,” he tells her, before leaving the room.

By the time he returns, with a glass of water and a bottle of painkillers, she’s completely asleep.

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Would you do Jess/Becker? If not Conabby for sure! :D

I will TOTALLY do Jess/Becker for you!!

The ARC was decked out in full party gear.  Jess had insisted.  Despite Lester’s protests, she knew he was secretly happy to have everyone celebrating together.  For one thing, it got him out of the ghastly dinner that his wife had been planning.  Jess was a bundle of nerves, though—everything had to be perfect, had to be normal.  For once, the team could have a proper office party as proper mates.

She was flitting about from here to there throughout the evening, sipping champagne as she went.  A sip here, a sip there, grabbing another flute from the table as she passed by, mingling with everybody, until there was a bit of a stumble in her step and she found herself wondering through a bit of a fog precisely how many flutes had been on the table at the beginning of the night … 

Before long, the team was gathering together to watch the countdown on the main display.  Jess tottered after them, only to lose her balance and find herself careening towards the floor.  She never quite made it there, though, as well-muscled arms swept her up and held her steady.

“Easy now,” Becker cautioned, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.  "Lucky I’ve had my eye on you since flute number three, or you’d be ringing in the new year from the medical lab.“

"You … you had your eye on me?” Jess blurted out, eyes wide and cheeks beginning to color.

“Well,”  Becker cleared his throat, glancing up at the screen and back to Jess.  "Someone needed to make sure your fuss over the details didn’t do you in.  Now come on.  It’s almost time.“  

Keeping his hands firmly braced against her shoulders, Becker guided Jess to the rest of the group.  They chanted together, “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”

Jess clapped and laughed as everyone exchanged well-wishes and raised a toast to the days to come.  Overcome with the giddiness of the moment, Jess whirled around and pecked Becker on the lips.  Instantly her face flushed beet red. “Oh, um, must be the champagne and all… happy new year…”

When she finally had the courage to look up, she was shocked to discover that Becker’s face had turned a shade eerily similar to her own.  He finally recovered enough to smile, though, and then responded by wrapping his arms around her, and meeting her with a kiss of his own.  ”To new beginnings,” he murmured.  Then he pulled away, scratching the back of his neck and gazing helplessly around the room.

"Should we, erm, get some snacks in you? Might help cut the champagne a bit … ” and he took his hand in hers, leading her back to the buffet table.  He didn’t let her out of his sight for the rest of the evening.

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22 Jess/Becker

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Honestly, he has no idea what to say to that. His first instinct is to play dumb, but he’s pretty sure Jess is too smart for that.

“You don’t have to say anything,” she tells him, still not looking up from her computer screens. “I just thought you should know.”

He feels like he should, though, say something in return. He’s just completely at a loss for words.

“You should consider making a move at some point, though,” she says lightly. “I think I’ve make my interest quite clear.”

“So have I,” he eventually manages to say. “How come it’s my responsibility to make the first move.”

It’s not eloquent, but at least it’s something approximating their usual banter.

She twists in her chair to look at him before she responds, “Because you’re the one who’s afraid to get close to someone he might lose.”

Sometimes she swears she can see right through him. When Connor, Abby, and Danny disappeared, he might have thrown himself into work. And when they lost Sarah, too, he might have decided that work relationships shouldn’t get too close.

He’s pretty sure Jess made it her personal mission to make him ignore that.

Getting Connor and Abby back certainly helped things, but Jess’s own near-death experience just made her worry about the danger he could put her in.

But once again, it seems like she’s not going to let him take no for an answer.

“It’s just something to think about,” she interrupts his thoughts. “But first I think Abby needs help redirecting the Gorgonopsid so she can clean its pen.”

And with that she sends him on his way, compete with thoughts of her he just can’t shake.

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For 'send me a fandom' meme: Primeval and for the 'send me a ship' meme: Jecker

5 favorite characters:

  1. Connor
  2. Becker
  3. Abby
  4. Danny
  5. Lester

3 OTPs:

  1. Connor/Abby
  2. Nick/Claudia
  3. Danny/Jenny

Funniest character:

everyone has good lines but Lester cracked me up the most, Danny was a close second

Prettiest character:

I want to look like Abby, and I want to look at Becker all day.

Most badass character:

They were ALL badasses but Becker did have formal badass training and I have to give props for that.

Character I’d like as my BFF:

Lester, neverending sass plus he’d probably bring me to posh events and stuff.

Character that’s ruined my life:

Connor and his dumb adorable face


who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

Jess got the idea from someone (*coughConnorcough*) and was curious. Becker doesn’t bother much with peeps (are peeps even a thing in the UK?)

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

they’d probably argue over who is ‘responsible’: Jess may have spared it half a thought but didn’t really care enough to let it stop her kissing Becker. He’s the one who object to the cat being on the bed so it should really be his responsibility to make sure its not in the room, is her logic. Becker doesn’t want to admit that he was way too distracted by the prospect of imminent sexytimes to even think of it.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

Becker. Jess started using Vine first and would annoy him by Vining him eating breakfast or tying his shoes. But now Becker likes to record Jess being startled by things. In all his vines he is aiming the camera past him over his shoulder so when Jess jumps three feet in the air because he put a giant rubber spider in the silverware drawer, you can also see his face in the frame, lips quirked in amusement, maybe wincing if she screams really loud.

who breaks the most phones

Becker. Jess can be a klutz but she appreciates the power of good technology and buys the best case and the insurance so anytime it broke she has it replaced within hours.its only happened once or twice though. Becker burns through 2 or 3 a year. Sometimes they die in teh line of duty, protecting Becker’s butt from a raptor bite but sometimes Becker’s everyday life outside of the ARC is too rough for them. Jess doesn’t think much about it as long as he is breaking his personal mobile and not any of her official comms equipment.

who dies first

 Becker would lay down his life for Jess

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant

Jess. There is no way a man with Becker’s physique didn’t grow up drinking three glasses of milk a day. When he plans dates, Becker makes an effort to find places with good lactose free dessert options.

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

Becker isnt nearly as good an outdoorsman as he thinks he is. He’s got training for it and isn’t awful, but if he didnt have his specialized equipment and weapons on him, he wouldnt be much better than any other member of the team at adapting to the wilderness. Stephen could out-camp Becker without even trying.

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

Jess, just because Becker is unlikely to be in the bed when he isnt sleeping or making love.

who uses the computer most

Jess, obviously. When they started dating Becker made a point of closing Jess’s laptop and putting it in another room when he was over so she couldnt get distracted by it.