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How would you think the Chocobros and Nyx would be drunk (like quite drunk, but the fun quite drunk) together with their S/O?

((This was a great prompt to do since… lol I probably have like gladio tolerance when it comes to alcohol. And, since I haven’t really watched Kingsglaive, I won’t be doing Nyx as I wouldn’t do him justice. I sowwy! D:))


  • This boy is a rather interesting drunk when you are with him. Unlike the other boys, he’s all or nothing drunk in one night. He starts off that evening really smooth, just more jovial than normal. Noctis makes more conversation with everyone. It takes him about a glass and a half of the good stuff to start getting to the point of him wanting to take his shirt off. You know from this point on he remembers absolutely nothing. Noctis will lather himself up next up to you, wispering sweet nothings into your ears unless you give him another drink and then he’s gone. Out. Down for the count.


  • Contrary to belief he stays the same chipper self when he is drunk, you know that Prompto sure heck isn’t. He starts out with his first glass and he can’t hold his liquor at all. You need to give him shots for you to gauge anything. At first, he gets super down and out, complaining that no one loves him or that he totally is just a worm wiggling here and there. Just a poor worm. But when he takes too much alcohol, Prompto starts talking to you like a baby and his mental stages just go down. But damn, does he love tickling you when he’s like this, so it’s perfectly okay!


  • Considering you need to get a keg to get this guy wasted, Gladio is pretty much the same any time you two go out drinking. He might spike up his romantic wooing of you, even if you two are already dating. But the man is pretty good at loosing some of his inhibitions and he doesn’t mind going up and doing some karaoke or something to that effect. He doesn’t even need to be drunk to rip off his shirt in front of a crowd. Holy hell, he will make sure you are good and embarrassed though.


  • Does he even get drunk? Well, you’ve seen the very few times he gets drunk. If Ignis drinks anything harder than wine, it has to the hardest liquor one can fine. It can take him a few glasses to start showing his drunkardness around you. But his drunken ass is like a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde persona. He comes off as a happy drunk, taking and making grand stories with more explicitness than you’ve ever heard come to his mouth. But oh, when it’s you, Ignis makes it very known he loves to touch you. And if everyone is off dancing the night in another area, he gets extremely kissy and loves him some PDA. Oh, how you tease him when he can’t remember any of this at all.
Split memories AU?

I had a vague idea I just wanted to throw out there. What if, somehow, Marinette and Adrian had no idea they were Ladybug and Chat Noir, their Miraculous changing them whenever the relics deemed it the best? Not sure if they’d be aware of their civilian identities as heroes, to be honest.

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