Edea watched as Agnès dipped two fingers into the little tin she had bought in Florem. While Edea had gone for bright lipsticks that had been thrown out once she learned where the dyes in other cosmetics were coming from, Agnès had opted for a lip balm made from beeswax. A traditional recipe proven to keep lips soft, with just a smidge of flavoring to taste sweet, which Agnès now tapped on.

Agnès always had good taste.

Edea snuck a kiss as soon as the other girl was done, enjoying her surprised squeak. Now, they would both have soft lips!

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anonymous asked:

I've to be in the hospital for a month now do you have any long fics you could recommend? (I also hope you're feeling better soon love ❤️)

I’ve got to admit I don’t really read fics so all I’ve got for u is Young & Beautiful, Gods & Monsters, Finding Lou and Not Easily Conquered (which is a stucky fic rip). Wish you all the best:)

You think it would be easy to discover what is blinding you, but it isn’t so easy. It’s pride and fear that covers the mind. Pride blinds you. It destroys everything on the way in. Pride is completely destructive. It never leaves anything untouched.
—  Agnes Martin on pride, art, and the inner life of creativity – a fantastic vintage interview with the iconic but reclusive artist.