A list of documents intercepted by Ferelden’s Spymaster

Heard back from the other specialist (wouldn’t trust Olfric if my life depended on it). Have enclosed her findings here. Pass them on.

Greetings Kalderi,

I have examined the glyphic inscriptions  as requested, and I am highly disinclined to agree with the initial research that was provided.
To begin, it is nigh impossible that the sigils drawn in Hamitha’s Glade and Stonecross were inscribed by the same hand.

I ventured to the village of Stonecross as directed, and the glyph I found there is quite clearly the work of a novice. It appears to be imitating structural designs set forth by the earliest edition of Enchanter Aria Ferdinand’s “Glyphic Instruction For The Apprentice”, published in 7:13 Storm.  Judging by the lack of mana intergration and unsteadiness of the line-work, I would likely ascribe the glyph in Stonecross to a very young mage, and one who likely received little in the way of formal training, Circle or otherwise.

It is also much, much older than the one I found in Hamitha’s Glade; I suspect the reason it still holds any magic at all is due to the extensive lyrium mines that I have been informed lie beneath the surface. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say the Stonecross glyph was likely drawn in 8:10-8:20 Blessed and long before the specific time-frame you said you wished to investigate. I also found considerable amounts of ethereal scoria at the glyph’s location, which lead me to believe its inscriber met an unfortunate end.

Now, the second glyph you bid me see is a far different tale.

The glyph that lies within that glade was drawn by a mage of much greater skill. The notes I was given were right on one (and only one) account - there are elements in the design that suggest Circle tutelage at some point, but the rest? Highly experimental, brilliant in its execution, and incomparable to its counter-part.  I do believe this pertains to whatever it is you seek, but this too lies outside of the temporality that was indicated. Having studied the patterns of degradation, I approximate that the Hamitha Glade glyph was drawn in 9:07 Dragon; a good seven years later than you were led to believe.

I shall further investigate the site should you wish me to look for other signs of the second inscriber, and ask that you call me again should you uncover more of their work as I dearly wish to see more.


It seems your theory might be correct. The Hawke family may have passed through Amaranthine, but the Champion wasn’t born there after all. Follow up on the lead you found and report back.