jebidiah michaels


“There’s no job like ‘SNL.’ There’s no other job you go to where you’re like, 'Oh, this is like that live, late-night sketch variety-musical show that shoots in, whatever it is, 10,000 feet of sound stage.’ There’s nothing like it.”-Taran Killam


More tweaking, and I am very happy. kaleekalo, thanks for the tip about the cheek shading, Zach doesn’t look as mature and is a bit more boyish now. Much better. I do like the face shading they have done, however, you really need to be aware of it when choosing presets when tweaking. 

Also, I love how my self-sim is like “So, which guy represents my personality? all of them”

Selfsim still needs some work though. 


Name: Jebidiah Michaels

Age: 28

Why do you want to be a Simicide Girl/Boy/Person?: 

I used to make my living by modeling, up until I got my first tattoo to commemorate the passing of my wife. After they saw it, the designer wanted nothing to do with me. They told me that I was not ‘acceptable’ and I didn’t fit their image. It was a blow at a time in my life when I needed that security. In time I came to realize that not everyone fits that narrow definition of what an acceptable person should look like. I want to show my son the lesson I have learnt; that it is OK to be unique. People are diverse, and I believe this is an opportunity to show my son that what is 'acceptable’ can only be defined by the individual, not society.


idk, I just had this thought and had to get it out of my head.

I believe that only I have the power to overcome heartache and despair. Although other people can help to ease the pain we feel, no one can fully change the emotional state we are in. Sometimes going it alone is hard and unbearable, but we choose the path we want to take and the person we become. I choose to be a loving, caring person and I wont let anyone or anything stop me from being who I know I am.No matter how painful the unforeseeable future could be, I will strive to stay the person I am, because that is who I am meant to, and want to be. 

Well, like many others, I thought I would check out theothersim’s edting tutorial for Jeb. I prefer more sober/moody/dark pictures for him but usually fail to pull it off the way I want. I am happy with the way it came out, but I still have a lot of work to do in developing specific settings and the overall look I want for him. So instead of just discarding, thought I would share (plus this is also for the Jeb fangirls)


and Jeb’s tattoo has made it into TS4………. mostly unchanged. Needed to scale a few things and getting the tone right its proving difficult. However, I am happy with the layout and the tweaks. I really love the forrest tattoo. I do really miss the opacity slider from TS3 though :(

I feel so rusty editing TS3 pics. i really prefer a darker, moody feeling for TS3, and a brighter, cheerful look for TS4. I really need to have a look back at how I did some stuff.

Anyway, I was taking some pics for an article i am writing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph Jeb. I always liked him dressed as a cowboy. 

Jeb needs a lot of tweaking. But he is getting there. I wish I could have more of an arch for the brows, but then I remembered that was a slider from SN for werewolves. So glad i could have a cleft chin (even if its superficial) but I need way more variations for freckles and more facial hair along with hair. Long hair for guys is just not EA’s forte

I also wish I had my multicolour eyes back. Jeb needs is brown ring around his green eyes