When you’re listening to love is not over in reverse and suddenly you hear “Help me”, “Help me, Miss.”, “Jebal”.

Then you realize that they have a song called “Save me.” 


OK, wow. Sangwoo is saying a COMPLETELY different thing than his mother here. It was probably a mistake to translate the two bits of dialogue so similarly. 

Sangwoo’s mom is saying, “Why do you make so much trouble for mom?!!” It sounds like a very normal thing for a mom to say when she’s mad at a child. Angry, but kind of cute.

What Sangwoo is saying is more like “I’m begging you, don’t make it hard for me…” The word in that first bubble, “jebal,” is translated as “please,” but it implies way more desperation than just “please.” In normal situations you would use “jom” to say please, not “jebal.” I think Bum has only used “jebal” when begging for his life or not to be locked in the basement. 

„Jebi se.
Jebi se ti i tvoje zelene oči i tvoj Beograd i sve u što se mogu zaljubiti.
Neka se jebu tvoje ruke i trbuh i kosa.
Jebo te tvoj fakultet. Samo 30 slova, a tolike knjige.
Jebo nas oboje smisao za kombiniranje.
Jebala te košava i ekipa iz kraja koja misli da je uhvatila boga za muda, a nikad nije bila ni do Pančeva.
Jebo te tvoj dečko, verovatno neki hipster koji misli da je maslačak najbolja salata na svijetu i obožava prirodu.
Jebalo te svako slovo koje si napisala.
Bilo bi pošteno da boli.
Jebo te ormar u koji se sakrivaš kako bismo razgovarali.
Jebo te tvoj mazni glas.
Jebala te nova godina na vikendici.
Jebo te način na koji se krećeš između kafanskih stolova.
Jebalo te izluđivanje koje to izaziva.
Jebala te zahvalnost koju nikad nećeš iskazati jer nemaš petlje da potpuno poludiš.
Pravi, jebi se, salatu od maslačka na vikendici.
Jebo te tvoj broj telefona.
Jebalo mene što pomislim da je ključ od raja.
Jebale te tvoje poruke koje zvuče kao dahtanje pod prstima.
Jebali te ranojutarnji razgovori s muškarcima koje ne poznaješ.
Jebo želju da budemo sretni.
Jebo nesposobnost i kukavičluk da to pokušamo.
Jebo opet novu godinu.
Jebem svaku misao o tebi i to što znam nešto o rasparenim čarapama u kojima stojiš dok režeš meso za večeru.
Jebi se , jer nikad se nećemo voljeti dok nas ne zaboli.
Jebale te električne instalacije u tvom stanu i prošli životi koji nas plaše.
Jebo Lisabon, treba ga bombardirati da vidimo hoće li tada biti romantičan. Jebeš mene, jer mogu biti lud toliko da mi nedostaješ, a da te nikad nisam dodirnuo, da čak ne znam ni kako izgledaš na dnevnoj svjetlosti.
I jebeš dnevnu svetlost. Tad su ljudi budni a ja želim da nema nikoga.
Jebeš i to što ipak želim da si ti ovdje.
Jebeš to što si moguća iznimka.
I, opet, jebeš mene jer mogu verovati u sve to“.

Dear Kim Sanggyun a.k.a A-tom,
Thank you for working so hard in Produce 101 for Topp Dogg and for us Topp Klass. Even though you were eliminated, I’m still proud of you. I still believe in you and I still love you. Even though, mnet gave you an unfair screentime, I’m still thankful because I discovered someone like you.
I’m glad you didn’t cry and you stayed positive in your last speech. Thank you. It helped me accept the fact that you’re not in that show anymore. I’m going to miss the happiness that you brought me with just 1 to 5 seconds screen time. I promise not to be too sad because you told me so.
Right now, please eat a lot and regain your weight. Rest well and don’t get too stressed. Everything will be fine. You’ll be our forever MVP. I promise to support you forever and the rest of Topp Dogg. I’ll wait for your comeback, ok? 사랑해요 김상균 ❤😘


Pps. If yall stan Kim Sanggyun, please also stan ToppDogg ok? Stream their MVs right now. 😘

Ppps. Can somebody please translate this in korean so I can send it to him on his SNS? Jebal 😭 TIA.

📣 Calling all NCTzens!

This post serves as your reminder to help our boys in NCT 127 grab their first win!!!! They really want it (see fan accts from fansign 6/18) and they’ve worked hard for it (12 hours of practice a day pre-comeback, and 21 hours of work per day during comeback). They all poured their heart and soul into this comeback (Mark and Taeyong with the lyrics to 5/7 songs), everyone else had individual schedules and STILL managed to rehearse for it. This is their third time promoting and their first year anniversary is nearing, the least we could do is give them a trophy ㅠㅠㅠ
 In order to do so, we have to help their digital scores cause it has the same impact as much as their physical scores! 
How you can help NCT 127 digitally:
👉🏻 Watch their MV at least 5x a day or more (not logged in, not incognito, 720p, and turn off auto-play) . It is currently close to 5M views but we need to take it higher!!!!
👉🏻  Search “NCT 127″ or “Cherry Bomb” on Naver, Daum, etc
👉🏻  Tweet and hashtag #NCT127 #CherryBomb whenever you can!

👉🏻 STREAM on music sites like MELON, GENIE, and NAVER (please see twitter @voteforNCT for instructions) THIS IS IMPORTANT (some music shows have DIGITAL as 50% of their total score!) , so many accounts on twitter are willing to help you make a melon account. 
👉🏻  VOTE for them in the M!countdown pre-voting (if you need help, DM @leetaevong on twitter!). You can vote at least 10x per day for them!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP AS WELL HERE CAUSE THEIR % IS DECREASING EVERY HOUR, THE GAP BETWEEN NCT 127 AND THE 2ND PLACE GROUP IS CLOSING IN ㅠㅠㅠ
👉🏻  VOTE for them in the pre-voting for Show Champion (see twitter @voteforNCT for instructions IT’S VERY EASY ) and DURING the show itself!

Let’s make it happen!!!!!!! THIS WEEK MAY BE THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE SO PLEEEEEASE LET’S DO IT!!! For our boys!!! Jebal ㅠㅠㅠ 

oyaoyaoya51  asked:

Hello! You mentioned in an earlier post that "Sangwoo sometimes calls Bum “Bum-ssi” just to make fun of him." When did he do that? Which chapter? Thank you for answering, have a nice day.^^

Ch 3:

“I’ll do anything! The basement is too dark and moist and stuffy!”

“Don’t leave me down there…I’m begging you (jebal)….”

“Of course it’s dark, it’s a basement, Yoon Bum-ssi…”

Ch 21:

“Jo…Sangwoo-ssi….” (So…Sangwoo-ssi…) “Jo” is the polite way to say “so” or “hey.”

“Neh. Yoon Bum-ssi.” (Yes. Yoon Bum-ssi.) “Neh” is the polite way to say “yes.” Sangwoo would normally say “eung” for “yes.” 

friends to lovers ❁ hoshi

anon askedHello! I really liked your friends-to-lovers Junhui AU, so would it be okay to request a friends-to-lovers Hoshi AU? Thank you! :)

aw thank u, im glad you liked jun’s version! i’ll do my best to make this one just as good!

  • you both were put in dancing classes when you were young
  • that’s basically how you two met
  • the dance moms were mingling with each other as u all had ur class
  • but i guess soonyoung’s mom and urs just CLICKED
  • they became best friends which meant u both had to be too
  • you both got along with each other well so it wasn’t a forced friendship
  • soonyoung was a very fidgety boy and dancing was something that helped when he was feeling restless
  • whenever he came to ur house or u went to his you would always see him dancing
  • like if he was walking down the path to ur house u just see him moonwalking to the door or he’s doing something crazy like KRUMPING
  • like is this kid okay lol
  • you’d have to try and stop him from dancing so much cause ur scared he’ll hurt himself by DANCING SO MUCH
  • looked exxxxtra cute with braces on
  • he was a bit embarrassed by it, but i mean .. who isn’t u know
  • “it’s okay hoshi i still think ur cute.”
  • “oh thank u pft” (*≧∀≦*)
  • soonyoung hated school
  • he hated waking up so early to get ready for something he thought was useless
  • but he still pulled through with those good grades
  • so he always pined after girls who he wasn’t able 2 get with
  • ok maybe just japanese, chinese, and korean
  • he also wasn’t a very loud person, but whenever u saw him he was blasting his music so in a sense he was p loud
  • he became more of a rat during ur 2nd to last year of high school
  • let u get in trouble w the teacher when it was hIS FAULT
  • but he is super duper good at taekwondo and whenever a boy or creepy dude went up to u he would ‘HYA’ them in the face
  • get rekt
  • also wanted to fight everyone in ur class, he hated all of them
  • probably would’ve fought ur teacher too if the chance of getting expelled was 0
  • hoshi: dude sing it with me
  • hoshi: oh u don’t know that song?
  • hoshi: ok well how abou–  JAJAEONG MAK JINAN SAEBYEOK YO sing it with me–
  • when u sang the next lyrics he was like
  • omg (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
  • OK but that’s when he knew he fell in love with u
  • he knew he wasn’t allowed to date until he graduated but </3 he finally realized that u were the one 4 him
  • perfect, cute, fun
  • u were hi s ideal type
  • bc u smelled nice (and he secretly knew that u liked him too)
  • it was a breath of fresh air once you both graduated high school
  • bc school’s over
  • and ,, maybe he could even ask u out soon . omgg soonyoung get urself together (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
  • ok but when i mean ask u out soon i MEAN RLLY SOON
  • dude he asked u out three days after graduation lol
  • “um .. would u pl s go out with me pls”
  • at first u were like ?? r u bullshitting soonyoung it isnt funny bro
  • 。(*^▽^*)ゞ “i don’t think i was joking?? idk pft”
  • i mean of course you said yes to him what a goofball
  • his mom was very proud
  • gave him a thumbs up when he told her the news
  • “son u picked the right one. i was hoping u would fall for them”
  • “oh thank u mom”
  • is a loving boyfriend. he loves u so much
  • rlly likes apples so he feeds u apple slices from time to time
  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • still dances A LOT
  • can rlly krump
  • but also slow dances with you sometimes when he feels like he should give u some extra love
  • he’s super cuddly with u aw ):
  • sometimes wants to fight u cause ur cute
  • his heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM BOBOBMOBOOM whenever he sees u
  • which is like always
  • “STOP”
  • “what”
  • “my heart ,… it can’t take ur . ,,, perfectness …….”
  • has dance battles with u
  • and helps u with taekwondo so that u can defend urself when he’s not around
  • is proud of u even though u just kicked him in the face
  • “thank u jagiya that was refreshing”
  • “sweetheart ur on the floor are u sure u don’t need ice”
  • “babe ur heart is cold as fuck i don’t need ice”
  • “wtf”
  • minghao encourages u to fight ur boyfriend whenever he does him wrong
  • again, his heart goes DOKI DOKI ODKIDOKDOIDDOKI whenever u do something he finds cute or attractive
  • “omg babe feel my heart it’s beating so fast”
  • “literally all i did was sit on the couch are u sure u don’t need to go to the hospital”
  • “fine if ur not gonna feel my heartbeat ill do it myself”
  • “ok babe”
  • (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु “WHATEVER I DONT NEED U”
  • he loves u
  • so MUCH
  • gets u to sing shinee songs with him every now and then so that he can fall in love with you evenmore
  • u both cry a little whenever u watch that one performance of 낯선자  stranger
  • this one
  • “what a blessing. key looks so good here, jagi”
  • “oh my god they’re so good at dancing”
  • “my sins have been washed away jus t by watching this”
  • ur friends and his hate it whenever ur both stuck to each other’s sides
  • “ur just jealous. bac k OFF”
  • cries when u cry
  • vows to never make u cry
  • unless it’s a good thing like maybe giving you smth you’ve always wanted ( … shinee concert tickets maybe ) or proposing to u
  • which CALM DOWN soonyoung you’ve only been dating for a year give it a little more time
  • ive been rambling for too long im sry
  • soonyoung would be such a sweet and innocent boyfriend honestly he would never let go of u ur the most precious thing to him

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[SCENARIO] Seventeen As Fan-Fiction Authors

A/N: A quick scenario just for the lols. Hopefully this would feel relatable to both our readers and fellow authors alike xD Let us know which member you relate to the most in your tags!



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S.Coups: would always refer to someone else’s work for inspiration before starting on his own, writes cliche lines like “They kissed with passion burning from their hearts for each other.” Shows off his work and promotes them to EVERYONE.

Jeonghan: the one who plays with the fonts more than doing the actual writing. his works are 5ever in size 16 Comic Sans in cyan colour. never punctuates and capitalises anything.

Joshua: uses the thesaurus to come up with bigger, more extravagant words to use in his stories. rates the entire story as M because he wrote out a kiss scene. The one guy that uses AO3 bc he thinks it’s cool

Jun: the author who somehow thinks that italicizing Korean phrases like “annyeong” and “jebal” and “kamsahamnida” makes his work look more authentic and sophisticated (*whispers* it doesn’t)

Hoshi: spoils major plot points like character deaths and plot twists in like the first chapter while answering reader comments. Kills random characters just for the fun of it.

Wonwoo: That One Famous Author of the fandom. writes THE BEST series fics but lol if you think he’s actually gonna finish them you’re wrong bc he just took a year long hiatus which accidentally lasted for 5 years. Book AUs ftw.

Woozi: updates like, once a year but everyone doesn’t complain or rush him bc every chapter is so thoroughly and perfectly written. logs on once in a while to read through his comments for some encourages and smiles.

DK: the annoying kid that inserts random authors notes in the middle of the fics like “‘Don’t leave me,” she cries (A/N: omg I almost cried while writing this part tbh ajjdkfkdkgk ;;;;;;).“ 

Mingyu: A MESS when writing; weird story structure to horrible grammar, but usually has the best ideas for storylines and theories. Cant write more than 200 words at a time bc he will get restless. Go-to guy for creative prompts.


Seungkwan: always leaves authors notes at the end of each chapter but the a/ns always end up way longer than the chapter itself bc he’s usually ranting about how crappy school is and how he has no time to write (this is lowkey me)

Vernon: the resident angst/thriller/horror writer that everyone admires. absolutely loves it when readers comment their thoughts and theories of his stories. participates in forums and discussions to source for inspiration for his updates

Dino: fluffy and only fluffy; writes the best cuddle/kiss scenes, only to blush and chuckle when he re-reads what he wrote. Embarrassed of his own writing usually and gets shy when people read it and compliment his works