Why Nolan is the best dad on the show (and why he's not perfect)

He’s the best dad because his competition is Rafe (who can’t manage to have a conversation with his daughter without kicking her out of the house) and Datak (who insults and plots to kill his in laws). So there is that. Actually, I take it back, Sukar’s probably the best at parenting generally.

As I said in a reblog, I genuinely believe that Nolan love Irisa more than he loves anything else in the universe. He loves her and is trying to do right by her. However, trying doesn’t always mean he IS doing right by her.

Imagine that Irisa were a human girl, but she’s a lesbian. Imagine Nolan, with the best of all intentions, told her that being gay is a mental illness, and she had to struggle against her attraction to women (it used to happen all the time, hell, still does). Imagine calling him the best dad ever after that.

He may be trying his damnedest, and meaning the best in the world, but he still told his daughter her sacred visions were a mental illness. That right there, not good parenting.

As to whether or not he could have contacted Irisa’s people for information, that’s rather a moot point, because I don’t think he tried. He seems genuinely stunned that it’s a possibility that his alien kid is an alien. He just assumed it was PTSD, and went from there.

What he does after, apologising, giving her space to hang out with Sukar, continuing to support her, that’s all great. As I said, he loves her and he’s trying. That doesn’t mean he is flawless and a perfect parent.