jeb for vp

The final episode lived to its title, “Dreams Come True,” with a happily ever after for everyone: Rachel gets married to Jesse St. James and wins a Tony; Kurt and Blaine have a baby, carried by Rachel; Mercedes is invited to open for Beyonce; Artie gets recognition as a filmmaker and gets back together with Tina; Mr. Schuester is made the new principal of the newly minted performance arts McKinley High; and Sue is running for president of the U.S. after two terms as President Jeb Bush’s VP.
Political trivia question of the day:

When was the last time the Republican Party won an election for President without someone named Bush running for either President or Vice President?

1972: Nixon/Agnew

1976: Ford/Dole – lost
1980: Reagan/Bush – won
1984: Reagan/Bush – won
1988: Bush/Quayle – won
1992: Bush/Quayle – lost
1996: Dole/Kemp – lost
2000: Bush/Cheney – won (Air quotes)
2004: Bush/Cheney – won
2008: McCain/Palin – lost
2012: Romney/Ryan – lost

So who knows? Maybe the Bush family isn’t done yet. Jeb! for VP!!