OKAY SO HERE WE GO MY CHILDREN. Once again, I have a huge crush on my manager (just in case I wasn’t obvious enough) and today some amazing things happened. 

1. A few coworkers, him and I were sitting in our staff room before shift change when this happened. I found out he’s NEVER SEEN STAR WARS, STAR TREK OR LORD OF THE RINGS. HOWEVER, he has seen Harry Potter so I guess it’s okay. But we made a few inside jokes and etc etc etc.

2. We have walkies that we use to communicate to our different rooms. I work with a girl named Heather. He walkies us and says, “Hey Jeather, Heather, Jenna… what even am I doing.” and I walkied back, “Z, I think you need another break.” (He just got back from Lunch xD)

3. I was waiting for one of my kids and eating a snack when he walks over to me with his mouth wide open and just stares at me. I just looked at him for a second before grabbing one of my snacks and putting it to his mouth. His lips literally touched my fingers. WHAT.

4. We were talking to each other through our walkies when someone brought up Star Trek. He said, “I’ve never seen Star Trek so I wouldn’t know.” And I said, “I still can’t believe you’ve never seen Star Wars or Star Trek.” To which he replied, “I like to be original.” And I said, “You like to be original by being a Harry Potter fan? Super original.” And then he replied, “Hey Jenna, let’s keep our opinions to ourselves, alright?” To which Heather and I literally burst out laughing. SO GOOD.