Questioning Who is Allowed to “Be Political”

Booktuber “Jean Bookishthoughts” uploaded a video on Sunday titled “Who Should Talk About Politics?” where she shared some thoughts on people with public profiles speaking out about politics and social justice. The idea was inspired in part by Amy Schumer’s new book, “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo,” in which Amy talks a bit about being trolled for talking about gun violence.

Jean shared her perspective on “being political” on booktube.

“When I talk about books, I consider most books, even if they’re not nonfiction on current affairs, to be political in some way. And I certainly think as an individual, my interest and passion for politics, current affairs, and social justice informs me as a reader and vice versa. So in that very simple sense, I think the two are impossible to separate.”

Who we each are as people is a complex mix of thoughts and experiences, and even if other people categorize their impressions and expectations of us narrowly, that doesn’t change who we are or what we are capable of.

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