These are bowls I have made for the upcoming Milwaukee Empty Bowls event this Sunday, October 6, in Wisconsin. It is a great chance for me to experiment with new ideas and just have fun! Since I primarily work with colored slips in oxidation on white stoneware, I was able to experiment with a new high fire red clay from A.R.T. Studio Clay that gave a nice dark line instead of my usual white line. Also mixed up some basic glazes for more of a traditional pottery look. Last photo are bowls that I made but others got the chance to carve and be creative!


With the success of the Limited Edition “Sugar Skull” mugs made last year, Colectivo Coffee commissioned Jean’s Clay Studio to make a Spring edition with a new theme.
The new floral design has a latin theme similar to the sugar skull mugs. The flower is an elongated version of the eye from the skull design with added scrollwork flair. The same four different base colors were used: black, “Colectivo Blue”, red, and white to match the prior edition.
All the mugs were made exclusively by Jean on the pottery wheel and decorated with a carving technique called “sgraffito”. No molds, stamps, stencils or decals are used. These one-of-a-kind mugs are individually handmade to reflect the unique spirit of Colectivo Coffee Roasters.

Filmed and Produced by Jean’s Clay Studio
Copyright 2014 by Jean Wells, Jean’s Clay Studio