People ask me why I ship certain ships.

Maybe it was because they made me laugh 

Or made me cry 

Or maybe they were just so perfect for each other that I couldn’t help it

But most of all, I ship them because they taught me 




to truly 


and care 

for someone 

more than 

you do 

for yourself.

             “ True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” -Ricardo Montalban  

jeansasha asked:

i think that your levi voice sounds a lot darker than the one that funimation picked (which is a good thing i mean levi isn't supposed to be a happy character). so you'll always be levi in my mind, not the funimation va.

OOC: Thank you! Again, i’ve gotten tons of asks about this and its very flattering, honestly. I get all blushy.

I was headcanon jamming with jeansashas when this happened.

LeviHan + adopted Eren and Mikasa, Modern Day Teachers AU, “Bring Your Child to Work Day”-themed, 1538 words.

(So, apparently “Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day” is for kids ages 8 and up. Let’s ignore that because kindergarteners are cuter and more fun to write.)

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snapdreygon asked:

Pls stop referring to yourself as trash-god. You might have the url and I'm not trying to undermine your contributions to trash fandom, cause I appreciate Your Trashliness, but calling yourself a god is pretentious and annoying and like...just don't? Tumblr is no one's 'earth' (dubbing yourself a 'god' can make it seem like you rule this universe) and your artworks are not even the trashiest. (Consider instead "trash-queen.")


Fanfic Request: jeansashas

Shingeki no kyojin: Jeansasha 

He loved Mikasa dammit, she was the girl from his dreams—quite literally—and no weird, stupid, attractive, maybe-just-a-little-arousing accent was going to change his mind.

And this is based on the fact that Caitlin wants a story where Jean is attracted to Sasha’s ridiculously heavy Scottish accent. 

“Whit th’ heel ur ye lookin’ at?”

Those were the words that slapped Jean out of his stupor.

“Dae Ah hae somethin’ oan mah face?”


What the hell did she just say?

Ever since “The Incident” as Jean liked to refer to it in his head, Sasha had stopped trying to hide her native accent, which was good, of course it was. But there were days like today were Jean wished she was a little more considerate of the effect the recent change was having on people. After all, her thick Scottish accent wasn’t helping his sanity.


Oh. Perfect. Well done Kirschtein. Make her repeat the damn question when you didn’t even understand shit the first time. Give yourself a pat in the back.

Sasha was…fiddling with her bow as she was found frequently doing nowadays. Come to think ‘bout it there wasn’t much he knew about Sasha, all he knew was…well the generic information everyone else knew, that she loved food—to an unhealthy extent in his opinion, and that she was a damn good sniper.

And lately that she caused a funny feeling in his lower stomach whenever she started talking—

But of course Jean ignored it. Or well, he tried to convince himself he wasn’t attracted, nope, not a bit; he loved Mikasa dammit, she was the girl from his dreams—quite literally—and no weird, stupid, attractive, maybe-just-a-little-arousing accent (going around in his mind for weeks, fuck) was going to change his mind.

A troubled smile and a few beats later Sasha got fed up.

“Fine, keep starin’, ye freak.”

Ok scratch that. It was really arousing, was it getting hot in there?

Fuck. Pull yourself together Kirschtein. Think of Mikasa..Mi-ka-sa, not brown eyes and that pouty little mouth with that accent that gaaah—

“heil aam starvin’, ye think connie’s finished makin’ dinner?”

That was it.


Startled, Sasha finally turned to look at him and what her eyes encountered could only be deemed as hilarious.

After all, beet red, chest heaving, mouth open, and—upon further inspection, hands twitching, was Jean Kirschtein. And instinct told her she had something to do with that.


“The accent woman! Will you stop it? I..ack.”

“Ye dornt loch mah accent?” confused and a little offended Sasha started to get up.

But the heat, the annoyance, and the gradually rising arousal that her accent provoked had finally put Jean through the metaphorical last straw.


Done with his rant, he raised his eyes, only to see a smirking Sasha, making way to where he was a naughty glint in her eyes.

Fuck. Had he just said that out loud?

“Sae ye dae loch it.”


Suddenly naïve innocent Sasha was replaced by a naughty (with a goddamn sexy accent) girl, so close Jean swore he could count the freckles in her cheeks.

“Too bad. The accent isn’t going anywhere. So brace yourself, horse face”

Flustered Jean could only watch as the girl pranced back to her bow, picked it up and started walking back to the cabin.

“Aren’t you coming Jean?”

Oh god. Finally she was starting to make sense…

Hold on

…had she just called him…

“Shut up Brauss!”

Said girl only ran back to the cabin laughing all the way.

“Ah dornt want tae!”

Damn it. That accent was going to be the death of him. 


Since I have no Scottish friends I had to rely on the Internet. Forgive my mistakes, and kindly give me some feedback. It is after all, my first published fic. Thank you >.<

jeansasha asked:

pls write the single mom mirai and soccer coach akkey thing pLEASE


Mirai looks up from her book. “What is it, hon?”

Her son grins his 7-year-old-boy grin, the pale mop of his hair windswept from the last half hour of soccer practice with the other boys on his team. In the distance, she can see them all packing up with their families and she sits up straighter in her chair. “All done with practice?”

Yuuki nods enthusiastically. “Yep! Coach has something he needs you to sign though.”

Mirai puts her book aside and fixes the crooked slant of her glasses with the back of her hand. “He does, does he?”

“Yep! C'mon.” He reaches his little hand for her and she takes it with a smile, wondering if the slip has anything to do with fundraisers or other events for the elementary school soccer program. She follows him, even though there is a very annoying, foolish part of her that feels flustered at the thought of talking to her son’s coach.

“Oh!” Yuuki says suddenly as they reach Coach Kanbara, who seems to be packing up a small bag. “I just remembered I forgot to tell Ryouta something!” He drops his mother’s hand and darts off suspiciously toward where his friend is.

With a sigh, Mirai steps up to the coach and clears her throat. He turns around and gives her a lop-sided smile. “Kuriyama-san. What can I do for you?”

“Yuuki tells me you have something for me to sign,” she states awkwardly.

Kanbara raises an eyebrow in question. “Is that so? Must be something I don’t know about.”

Her face grows hot and she looks over her shoulder to see her son giving her a double thumbs up, a cheeky grin stretched across his face.

jeansasha asked:


  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching
    Hanji. They have a problem with binge watching series, which of course, they drag Levi into watching with them
  • who snores
    Surprisingly, Levi. Everyone expects Hanji to be the snorer.
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off
    Hanji always has their ringtone set to Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" from CATS because they are a diehard for British mega musicals. Levi tries calling them to embrass them, but it always backfires because Hanji starts singing along, loudly and off-key.
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other 
    Hanji. Levi is essentially a cat and tries to sleep 16 hours a day.
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal 
    Hanji. Hanji loves teasing Levi for being a “terrible” cook when in reality they are the one who should not allowed near fire outside of the lab. 

jeansasha asked:

levi and hanji

1. Who would win in a fight?

probably levi, but hanji would go down swinging

2. Who would be a better roommate?

i’m gonna go with levi because living with hanji would most likely involve finding organs in the fridge on a regular basis and i’m just not up for that. levi could do my dishes for me

3. Who’s better in bed?

hmmmmmmmmm they’re equal i think, depends on the mood

4. Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate?

HANJI she’d be super enthusiastic and convince everyone that i know what i’m doing

5. Whose shoulder I’d cry on?

levi, he seems like the kind of person who’s good with that stuff

6. Who would make a better parent?

both of them. raising their child. together. 

7. Who I’d rather date?

don’t do this to me i can’t pi C K

jeansasha asked:

okay okay edwin headcanon time: so they're living in the same house for two years, right? i assume there's only one bathroom in pinako's house with no lock because this is the 1900s and it makes awkward situations easier to come up with. anywho, so winry gets ed all worked up on a pretty much daily basis so he has to go /take care of things/ in the bathroom. well, one day winry catches him in the act and they're both mortified (but winry's kind of like "dAYUM SON")


send me edwin headcanons!

jeansasha asked:

oh my god friends to lovers levihan is actually my favorite thing in the world and like i can totally imagine that in your youtube au like they live together and spend so much time together that they can't help but develop feelings for each other (they'd probably keep their relationship pretty private though, at least first)

It’s weird that friends to lovers is a thing since all my significant  partners have been my best friends first so I see it as a natural thing to happend - IN MY OPINION, OKAY?

jeansasha asked:

remember that soccer coach akirai au with mira's son? you should write more of that.

“Mom? Kanbara-san has something he needs to talk to you about,” Yuuki says as snatches Mirai’s book straight out of her hands, looking suspiciously excited.

She raises an eyebrow and plucks the book back from him. “I’m not falling for that one again. You done with practice?”

“I’m not making this up,” he complains as she stands and begins to fold up the lawn chair. “Kanbara-san says it’s Very Important. Please, Mom!”

She ruffles his hair with a trace of a blush on her face, remembering how humiliated she’d felt last week when he’d gone to talk to her son’s soccer coach about a non-existent Very Important thing. “Nice try, kiddo. Grab your bag.”

As stubborn as his mother, Yuuki stands his ground. “No.”

Mirai sighs heavily and stares at him. “Don’t be unpleasant, Yuuki.” She’s not really in the mood to argue with him. He can be so combative - people tell her that it’s his age but she knows its in his blood too.

“You’re the unpleasant one!” he insists in his whiny boy voice. “Mom! It’s important for the team!”