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Jeans Wilder - Gravity Bong

Premiere from new album Totally

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Totally did not expect this one to be coming out, but Jeans Wilder has been keepin busy.  Another tuned down pysch LP with plenty of slow burners to drag out your summer days.  This one sounds the cleanest to date, but by no means has he dropped his heavy distortion and crooning lyrics.  Definite summer jam set for heavy rotation.   


The lo-fi wash and dub-like production are still part of his signature, only now Jeans is a little bit further from the shade and closer to the sand. It’s the soundtrack for a bonfire at the moment where you steal away from the others to sit and watch the tide. Somewhere between the crashing churn of the Pacific, Jeans Wilder is out there.

Jeans Wilder - Totally LP will be out June 26th on Everloving here

Jeans Wilder - Spanish Tile

It would make sense that San Diego produces a depth of sun-blasted easy swimming pop tunes. Bros just long board all day up and down Mission Beach jamming out to tunes like this on their walkmen. Easy livin’. And Jeans just made this week brighter yet with a stunning new batch of songs, this only one of the goods. 

Get the Totally LP now on Bndcmp. Pre-oders for the wax should be up from the Everloving vinyl shop soon!

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Jeans Wilder - Gravity Bong

Now. Pay no attention to that song title. DO however pay attention to the fact I’ve listened to this song along with another of Jean Wilder’s ALOT. I mean a heap load. There is just something about it that attracts me like the tracker beam on the Death Star. Maybe it’s the fact it reminds me of early Panda Bear [I just went there]. Maybe it’s the simple codine driven doo-wop drum beat.

Pick up his album “totally” from bndcmp among 5 others. Also do check another more organic cut Slow Burn from this album it’s another mind bender.


Nathan Williams aka Wavves has been working on a number of projects recently. one of them is Spirit Club, which is Nathan, his brother Joel and their friend Andrew Caddick who plays/records under the name jeans wilder. Up until now, Spirit Club has only released two songs that can be downloaded here 

above, you can watch the video for their song “still life” directed by Jacob Turnbloom via Stereogum

Spirit Club’s debut album is going to be released sometime this spring via Williams’ label ghost ramp 

rumor has it Spirit Club has a “surprise” coming this valentines day. keep an eye out for that!

I could not be more pleased to present basically a dream of a lineup! All of these people have come to mean a lot to me over the last year. And all those internet minutes, and hours will finally come to fruition here on the west coast! So without further ado ::

Smoke Don’t Smoke & JAXART presents:

Jeans Wilder
Holy Spirits
Mutual Benefit
and debut performance by none other than my sister Steffaloo!

*With visual artist Think or Smile
(also did the amazing poster)

Wednesday, January 19th
at a new and awesome LA venue Lot 1 in Echo Park


Also: San Fransisco & Santa Cruz

*stay posted in the next couple days for more details on the LA show! Very excited about this!

|a sad sad summer|

i made this playlist for you
01. Jeans Wilder - Maple Bars
02. Mac Demarco - Another One
03. Spirit Club - Ripped II
04. Desaparecidos - AmeriKKKopa
05. Chris Montez - No! No! No!
06. Waxahatchee - (Less Than)
07. The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
08. Trust Fund - Pay Each Other Back
09. Rosie and The Originals - Angel Baby
10. Joanna Gruesome - Jerome (Liar)
11. Cloud Nothings - Heartbeat
12. Alex G - Sorry
13. Radiator Hospital - Bedtime Story
14. Elvis Depressedly - Weird Honey
15. Alvvays - Dives
16. Frankie Cosmos - Sad 2

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Jeans Wilder // “Spanish Tile”

A hotly anticipated album around these parts is the upcoming full-length from San Diego lo-fi wonder Jeans Wilder. I’ve been a big fan of Jeans since 2009 when he put out Antiques through Night People. Since that time his sound has evolved from ghost pop to more of a 1960’s-tinged, beach-encrusted psych pop. On June 26, Everloving will put out Totally, Jeans followup to 2010’s excellent “nice trash.”

“Spanish Tile” is actually the second single to surface from the album and it finds Jeans noodling around with 1960’s exotica vibes. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like when a California beach bum emulated Les Baxter or Bert Kaempfert while simultaneously retaining a beach pop attitude, then “Spanish Tile” will put that farfetched and somewhat bizarre curiosity to rest. Oh, and make sure you check out the album’s first single “Limeade” while you’re at it.