M. Roberspierre [sic] a établi que le tribunal de cassation ne devoit pas être destiné à juger le fond des affaires, mais les atteintes portées aux loix et à la constitution ; qu'en conséquence il devoit être considéré comme hors de l'ordre judiciaire, et qu'il falloit qu'il n'eût d'autres principes que ceux du législateur ; autrement il pourroit entreprendre sur le pouvoir législatif, et finir par attaquer la constitution. Il a conclu à ce que le tribunal de cassation fût placé au sein de l'assemblée nationale : un comité seroit chargé de préparer les affaires, de les rapporter, et elle les jugeroit.
—  Marat rend compte dans l’Ami du Peuple (n°46) de l’intervention de Robespierre sur l’organisation du tribunal de cassation, le 25 mai 1790 (soit il y a 225 ans), OMR, t. VI, p. 384.

Just as it seems that sales of ‘Thriller’ are about to slow down, over forty-seven million Americans watch Michael moonwalk across the stage during his first ever solo performance of 'Billie Jean’ at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium when NBC broadcast the two hour TV special, 'Motown 25: Yesterday,Today, Forever.’ It reunites many former Motown groups including The Jackson 5. Michael joins his brothers in a medley of their early hits. They then depart, leaving the stage to Michael for four spellbinding minutes of inspired song and dance. His performance of 'Billie Jean’ is entertainment at its most powerful and show cases his first ever public performance of the moonwalk.
The next day he is congratulated by Fred Astaire who says, “You’re a hell of a mover. Man you really put them on their asses last night. You’re an angry dancer. I’m the same way. I used to do the same thing with my cane… You’re a hell of a mover!”

Michael’s electrifying performance remains in the minds of fans and non-fans alike as sales of the album soar again the very next day. The enormity of Michael’s talent and originality becomes apparent when he discloses that on the evening prior to the show, he had no idea what he was going to do. He relates how he went to the kitchen and played the song loudly. Michael says, “I pretty much stood there and let the song tell me what to do. I kind of let the dance create itself. I really let it talk to me.”
Michael also acknowledges that three kids taught him the basics of the now legendary moonwalk, to which he added other steps before performing it on the 'Motown 25’ show.

clothes n jeans for lanky string beans!!!

ok so a lot of u said yes to me making a masterlist of jeans for lanky string beans so im gonna link you to my fave jeans that i wear (being 6ft 1):



*REQUESTED* LM Inspired with Orange Nike Free Runs by littlemix-styleblog

Sweat shirt / Acne Studios sleeveless top, $170 / Topshop halter top / Topshop top / Topshop blue jeans / Sports activewear, $62 / Forever 21 boyfriend jeans / Fleece legging, $9.25 / Topshop backpack, $46 / Forever New black handbag, $24 / Oasis gold jewelry, $62 / Illesteva round sunglasses / Oversized sunglasses

anonymous asked:

Where do you buy your jeans? I'm trying to find some inexpensive jeans that will fit well

For higher end jeans I love AG! They’re easy to find on sale too (for around $80).  For mid range jeans I like Flying Monkey, and recently I’ve discovered that Forever 21 actually sells great jeans (for around $25!).  

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would u say american apparel clothes run smaller or bigger? cause im normally 26/27 inches for my waist so idk what size to get :/

definitely runs small …especially the jeans! im a 25/26and i usually buy a 26/27 from AA :)