jeans museum

Yurio & JJ - Museum Guide

• JJ arrives at the museum, loudly declaring that the “Canadian King of Kings” is passing through

• Yurio is rightfully annoyed, hissing to himself in displeasure that “the loud mouth is here…”

• JJ spots Yurio and is delighted, asking whether Yurio came to see “the king of the museum”

• Yurio tells JJ to shut up, that he doesn’t care because he is Russia’s Ice Tiger and that the museum isn’t dedicated to JJ

• At this point, JJ notices the listener and asks if they are a JJ Girl, only to apparently be disappointed by the response. He then reasons that the listener can’t be one of the Yuri’s Angels either, because they aren’t wearing cat ears.  He says that the listener looks like a cool adult anyway, and that they should gather with all the JJ fans to altogether go…. “JJ Style!”

• JJ and Yurio proceed to the costume area. Yurio gushes over Otabek’s outfit and says that his FS was the coolest, most amazing thing ever

JJ: My skate was the most amazing rock program ever! I am the king of rock!

• Yurio disparages that JJ isn’t listening to anything he says. JJ is indeed not listening, fawning over his own costume and photos, saying that it’s amazing because there is “JJ everywhere you look. JJ here, JJ there, wherever you look there’s JJ, JJ, JJ… It’s Canadian Style!”

Yurio: Knock it off! This has nothing to do with Canada, you dumbass maple syrup king!

• JJ isn’t fazed by Yurio’s insults, and proceeds to ask if he should tell the story of how JJ Style was born. Yurio says that he isn’t going to listen and that he doesn’t care. JJ tells it anyway

• JJ explains that it was after one perfect free skate. Everyone was calling his name, and starts softly chanting his own name. “JJ, JJ, JJ, JJ…” Yurio cuts in, muttering that it’s enough of a demo. JJ continues chanting his name, getting louder everytime until he’s shouting, “JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!”

JJ: And then… on its own, my right hand formed a J. I couldn’t believe it! I looked and my left hand too! It was also a J!
Yurio: …are you still talking about this?
JJ: JJ Style was born! Everyone’s beloved JJ Style, which shows my love for everyone too! It’s… JJ Style!

Yurio: If you do that again, I’ll break those fingers.
JJ: You’re kind not to break my legs, Yurio!

• At this point, Yurio smacks JJ, who lets out a muffled and in-pain “ughhh, it’s JJ Style…”

• Yurio and JJ arrive at the Victor Area. JJ laments that it isn’t a JJ Area, saying that the listener probably wants to see that way more. Yurio says that if there was a JJ Area, he’d trash it and throw everything out

• JJ states that he made his free program at a difficulty that could rival Victor’s and beat him, saying it’s a pity that Victor instead chose to become Yuuri’s coach. He reasons that it must be because Victor is afraid to face JJ in competition and lose

• Yurio says that everyone talks about Victor, but that they are mistaken and should be worried about him instead. He asserts that he’ll overtake all of Victor’s records soon

• JJ and Yurio get to the Kiss and Cry. JJ asks Yurio, “didn’t you have cat ears on in the K&C in Russia?” and says that Yurio looked like an angry stray cat

• Yurio snaps at JJ a reminder that it was him who won the GPF

• JJ talks about the GPF, mentioning how it was unfortunate that he messed up his own short program. However, he says that when he heard everyone’s JJ Call, it was incredible and wants to thank all of his supporters. He declares, “It’s JJ Style!” and promptly gets hit by Yurio

• JJ and Yurio reach the end of the museum. JJ says it was an amazing experience, and invites everyone to sing with him!

Yurio: I will not!
JJ: Yurio, come on, you too!

• JJ launches into The Theme of King JJ, which results in Yurio grabbing him in an attempt to choke him out

• JJ and Yurio struggle, with Yurio fighting to get JJ to stop singing. Even while being choked by Yurio, JJ continues doing his best to sing

Yurio shouts “See you next level” over JJ’s strangled singing, but JJ manages to get out one last “JJ!” right at the end


God I love them all so much///

Jean Germain Drouais (1763-1788)
“Marius at Minturnae” (1786)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

The Roman general Marius, seated, designated by his helmet on the table, was defeated by his rival Sylla. This scene takes place in 89 BC, at Minturnae in Campania, where he was taken prisoner, tried and sentenced to death. Emphatically gesturing to the soldier who has come to execute him, he says, “Would you dare kill Marius?” The young soldier has stepped back and, unable meet the general’s piercing gaze, has covered his face with his cloak. The Greek biographer Plutarch recounts this heroic deed in his Lives of Illustrious Men, adding that the soldier fled, crying out, “I could never kill Marius!”