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“The footballer who fights for equality.”

Imposing as on the soccer field, with high heels black, jean and a gray bustier turtleneck, she fixed her eyes on hundreds of young people from the One Young World 2017 in Bogota who wanted to hear one of the most frustrating episodes of her career but which helped her to pursue her desire: gender equality.

Hope Solo, 36, defended the United States jersey with love and passion as much as possible. 1.75 centimeters of pure pride, is described by some of her fans, those who now see her far from the competitions after the decision of the Federation of their country to remove her from the professional team because of the differences that always existed between the two parties.

“It is difficult to receive the changes but we have to accept them in the best way,” confesses the athlete, amid a dry tone that reflects her authority.

Her childhood was not easy, because her parents had a home flooded with uncertainty and alcohol. Only little speaks of the subject, in her autobiography mentions that her father was in prison and that her mother suffered a problem with the liquor. For this reason she found in football her escape valve, her love and, more importantly, her life.

By her childhood she knows that the obstacles are to overcome them and that the goals must be overcome from the mental power and the heart: “Life gives you and takes you away. It is necessary to continue and learn to be happy. ”

And that fight revived in her when the Federation of the United States suspended her to defend the T-shirt of its country after the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016. The deepest stroke of its race.

Hope expressed her disagreement because the women’s footballers did not receive the same money as the men, something that for her is illogical because they are also professionals.

Her three Olympic soccer medals speak for her. That motivated her to ask what for her companions was fair. The federation decided to suspend her for six months and she responded with a lawsuit that continues to this day.

“They wanted to shut me up and they got me off the team. I made my global cause and my voice took more force,” she said.

Hope, she only knows that fighting the current brings her enemies. However, she sends the message to the women of the world to follow their goals without fear.

"There is no need to be silent because that does not change anything. Try to change the situation, "she said among the applause of the young people who received her message as a teaching of life. "The dreams have to be pursued,” they responded to the smile of the American player.

Prowler’s Meadow - 01

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Words: 2368

Genre: Werewolf!au, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Bone ‘breaking’ and blood.

Who knew that your entire existence could be flipped upside down in just a few minutes? Not you, apparently.

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The Canadian Contingent -- A SoMa First Date

This fic is dedicated to l0chn3ss​, ash-is-boss​, and all the people whose birthdays I never wrote fics for. I hope this 7k fic makes up for it.
I present an adaptation of the pilot episode “Gavin and Stacey,” starring Where'sMyTidePen!Soul, SmallTownGirl!Maka, Where'sMyLeatherWhip!Liz, and DennisReynolds!Wes. Guest starring Black Star, Spirit, and Free.

Maka: Stop it! Everybody’s looking at me!

Soul: not my fault you got a dirty laugh.

Maka: ah;lshdalkshfslk It is your fault!

Maka turned her cellphone face down and covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. She should really know better than to chat with Soul on the theater’s time, but with all the excitement bubbling in her stomach, who could blame her? Six months after they first stumbled upon each other, the two were finally going to be in the same country, the same city. Even though he lived all the way in the United States, it never felt like he was that far away at all. Now, on the eve of their first in-person meeting, she felt closer to him than ever.

Once she composed herself, Maka returned to the box office window, where she had a full line of patrons patiently waiting for her to scan their tickets. She smiled as if she hadn’t spontaneously burst into hysterics, and the man at the front of the line smiled back as if he hadn’t seen a thing.

After scanning and tearing five tickets, a short elderly woman approached the counter. “Hiya love,” the old woman said, sliding her ticket into the booth. “Were you just talking to the boy you’re meeting on that blind date?”

Maka didn’t question how the old woman knew about her date. Niagara-on-the-Lake was a small enough town where everyone’s plans and secrets were openly discussed at the check-out line of the supermarket. Knowing her father, everyone from the neighbors to the bartender at the local pub knew about her upcoming journey.

“Oh, it’s not a blind date,” Maka said. “We’ve been talking for six months. But yeah, I’m meeting him tomorrow in Times Square! I can’t even believe it, to be honest.”

She slid the ticket across the table, and as the old lady collected the stub she pointed a gnarled finger at Maka. “Just remember, don’t go giving him too much on the first night.”

Cocking her head to the side, Maka asked, “Really?”

“Well,” the crone said thoughtfully. “No, not nothing. A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger. Just don’t go selling him the whole farm.”

“Ah, thanks,” Maka said with a sincere smile. As the old woman slowly made her way out of line, Maka flipped over her cellphone so she could tap out a new message.

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