This site has a fuckton of published Les Mis illustrations.

It has scans of pieces you may already be familiar with and others that range from pretty to wtf-is-happening. Artists include: Jeanniot, Lewis Moe, Lynd Ward (Wraxall), Bayard, Scott, Brion, Charles Keeping, Gotting, Lix, A. Gladys Peck, Schaeffer, Monod, De Neuville, Vérité, and Monique Berthoumeyrou.

“The Pink Camellia” (detail, 1897). Pierre-Georges Jeanniot (1848–1934), a Swiss-French painter, designer, watercolorist, and engraver

Jeanniot’s paintings and drawings are vivacious, expressive and enthusiastic, while at the same time, rendering with a sense of humour the picturesque scenes of daily life.