Excuse me can we talk about Katherine Chancellor from the Young & the Restless for a minute?  Because I live for her.  I. LIVE. FOR. HER. She’s played by Ms. Jeanne Cooper who at 84 years old is STILL getting the kids together.

I have a working theory that all the shade in the world originated in Katherine Chancellor’s mouth. She will shit on your entire existence with one line and then politely go back to sipping her afternoon tea. Just… the coldest bitch on the planet.  

And she’s fly as hell!!  Kay wakes up in the morning iced the fuck out.  Every hair in place, every outfit on point… my girl can be in the middle of an alcoholic bender but I bet you that manicure is fresh as fuck.  Do you understand that this woman had a face-lift on national TV???  Ugh, she is just everything I aspire to in the world.

Here, go watch this video and get your life.  This bitch offered drinks at her own intervention.

You just. You could never, ever.

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Jeanne Cooper’s last on-air scene. 


“Our final stop was Hong Kong. (…) After that, Katherine and I went to the best karaoke bar. (…) She sang all her favourite songs. She got a standing ovation. Everybody in the room! And that was the final item on the list.”

“Her bucket list…”

“Yeah, I guess you could call it that. And when the list was over, we came back to the hotel, Katherine layed down and closed her eyes and…her journey was over. She died in her sleep that night.”


Actor Beau Kayser (Kazer) passed away today at the age of 63. Kazer originated the role of Brock Reynolds (Katherine’s son) in 1974. His most recent appearance was that of Katherine’s funeral in 2013.

Sharon Alkus would like everyone to know that Y&R was very much a big part of her husband’s life; he was very proud of being a part of it.

I'm bawling

My idol, Jeanne Cooper, THE Mrs. Katherine Chancellor, has passed today at the age of 84.  I’ve been watching Y&R my entire life - no really, when I was born, my mother told the doctors to hurry up so she didn’t miss that days episode of Y&R - and I can honestly say that Mrs. C is the woman that I aspire to become.  She is tremendously classy, but isn’t afraid to tell you (very bluntly, may I add) when you’re acting like an idiot.  She acts like a lady, but still gets in a fist-fight with Jill (Foster-Abbot) all the way down a flight of stairs.  She is the woman that uses her own wedding cake to get in a food fight with Jill, and then goes right back to sipping her tea.  Hell, this is the woman who offered everyone drinks at her own alcoholism intervention.  Keep in mind that this woman is 84 freaking years old and still manages to kick everyone’s ass.  Mrs. C takes everyone in like they’re her own family, even when they turn on her.  Jill wasn’t actually her daughter, but even after 28 years, she still treats her like one.  Cane isn’t actually her grandson, or even Jill’s son, and yet she treats him like not only a grandson, but as a business equal.  The truly funny thing, is that Mrs. Chancellor and Mrs. Cooper are the same person.  Okay, so they had some differences (Mrs. Cooper never got into a fist-fight down a flight of stairs, and she didn’t throw her wedding cake at someone), but, overall, they are the same.  Mrs. C has a face-lift done on National TV, her character battled alcoholism, just like she did, and she even had some health problems on the show, when Mrs. Cooper had actually battled breast cancer (and won!).  I don’t normally differentiate between Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Chancellor, because they are one person, Mrs. C, and that woman has changed lives.  My life.  And there isn’t a way to say thank you enough for what she’s done for me, but I’ll try regardless.  If I’m half as perfect as she was at her age, I’ll be happy. Today, the world lost a true angel.  She is who I want to be.  And I will spend the rest of my life working towards that goal.  RIP, you phenomenal woman, and please know that, wherever you are, you were LOVED.  You are loved.