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Jeanne McRight | on Tumblr (Canada)

Jeanne McRight is a professional Canadian artist-photographer, exhibiting in galleries throughout North America. Her fine art photography is based on her prevailing interest in how time is perceived, exploring issues of identity, memory, and history. She also runs Pix-Photography in Toronto, where she specializes in portraiture and product photography. Selected in the context of Artchipel Color On, her work is featured on Artchipel header this week.

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Make it new, dod gast it.

Ezra Pound

Ha! I’m finding my “Work” theme too much like the real thing! In need of recreation (er, re-creation). There’s only one alternative now. PLAY! I’m taking a short break, with some stuff queued one-a-day, and then will be back. 

Thank you to the wonderful people who follow my work and those who gift me with “hearts”. You give me so much to think about, sharing your dizzying bursts of ideas and tumblrful images. You are amazing, dod gast it! 

Cheers, Jeanne