jeanne de la motte

Portrait of a Lady said Portrait of Jeanne de Valois, Comtesse de la Motte (c.1780). Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755-1842). Oil on canvas.

A certain tendency would have one see in our model, with a somewhat enigmatic smile, the features of the instigator of the Queen’s necklace affair, Jeanne de Valois, Countess de la Motte. It was in 1780 that she had sought the title of Countess and tried to integrate into certain cenacles, a date that might suit the portrait.

Hilary Swank as Jeanne de Saint-Rémy de Valois and Adrien Brody as Nicolas de la Motte in The Affair of the Necklace (2001).

I am so late with the Inktober, I am sorry! But I am sick and exhausted these days, and after work I just want to sleep. I hope I will finish it anyway.

To make you wait, here is one of the last artbook I ordered:

Versailles no bara Daihyaka (Encyclopedia)

Apparently this is the very first artbook which was published (according to Hilary). And it’s amazing! So much things about the manga, the anime, the Takarazuka, the way Ikeda worked with her assistants etc…

So here is the official birthday calendar (tag yourself!)

Aries: Jeanne de La Motte  (April 10th)

Taurus: André (May 2nd)

Gemini: Loulou (June 6th)

Cancer: Nany (July 14th)

Leo: Bernard (August 5th)

Virgo: Fersen (September 4th)

Libra: Girodelle (October 19th)

Scorpio: Marie-Antoinette (November 2nd)

Sagittarius: Alain (December 8th)

Capricorn: Oscar (December 25th)

Aquarius: Mrs de Jarjayes ( January 31th)

Pisces: Rosalie (March 3rd)