jeanne clery

“On February 25, 2016, a white-passing male student threatened a young black female student with a knife in her Race, Class and Gender Studies Sociology course during an in-class discussion. The professor of the course quickly intervened and removed the male student from the classroom.

In addition, the professor took a temporary leave of absence. The incident was reported to the Cal State Long Beach University Campus Police on Feb. 25th, “who initiated the investigation.” The investigation was then transferred to the Long Beach City Police Department due to “conflicting interests.” CSULB Chief of Police, Fernando Solorzano, stated to students during an on-campus forum hosted by CSULB on March 10th that the male student involved, “[W]orks for me.” Sgt. Brad Johnson of the LBPD also stated, “a relative of the student is an employee of the University Police Department.” Nonetheless, the male student and perpetrator is still currently attending the university and still works for the Community Service Officers (CSO) at CSULB.

To add, there was no Timely Warning Alert, a requirement under the Jeanne Clery Act, sent out via email when a weapon (a knife) was involved.

The CSULB Administration and Campus Police Department responded poorly to this situation, sending only three emails out on March 3rd and 4th. Neither of these mass emails addressed the incident on hand in detail nor reassured students of their safety on the CSULB campus. On March 2nd Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jeffrey Klaus met with the Sociology Student Association (SSA) and was negligent in the remarks he made about the situation to students. Jeff Klaus mentioned that the male student was just cleaning his nails with a knife and that “There was a theft in the bookstore last week, do you need to know about that too?”

These comments coupled with the fact that Klaus heads the CARES (Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation for Students Team) program show that his priorities as someone delegated with the task of, “evaluating and monitoring student behavior which poses a concern, potential threat or actual threat to self or others” are misplaced and he is not the right man for any position at this university.

The main details included a forum on March 10, 2016 for students to “discuss what’s on your minds.” That event was unproductive and the CSULB President, Jane Conoley, did not attend.

In summary, The Black Student Union (BSU) at CSULB is hereby seeking the justice students deserve on the campus of CSULB. The BSU and all other organizations, students, parents, faculty and staff in solidarity with this initial call for justice, demand that the CSULB President Jane Conoley execute the following by April 6, 2016:

1) Expel the white-passing male student who displayed the knife.
2) Fire CSULB Dean of Students Jeffrey Klaus
3) Establish a Student Oversight Committee for Risk Assessment”