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Welcome to JeanMarco Month 2k17 (June 7-July 6)!

Yes, fair JeanMarco denizens, you heard that right - there will be a whole MONTH of prompts and fanfare for our faves! What better way to celebrate the fact that we just got brand new canon Marco content in the second season of the anime? We think one good turn deserves another, so let’s amp up the fanworks and get this ship lit!

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The month-long celebration will take place between June 7 - July 6, in the year (and birthday month) of our Freckled Lord.

What Can I Contribute?

Literally, anything. Recs, headcanons, fic, art, cosplay, mood boards, AMVs, translations, meta, playlists - anything under the sun!

Crying with extreme emotion over JeanMarco is also fine. Post a picture of your tears and we’ll reblog it as the masterpiece that it is.

How Days Work

Most theme weeks focus on prompts, but since we’re doing an entire month, we came up with a diverse roster of ways for you to love on JeanMarco. There are three different types of days interspersed:

  • 1. PROMPT DAYS (aka, Content Creator’s Delight): Good, old-fashioned prompts designed to inspire! Check out the huge array we’ve put together to help you create gorgeous new content. Details:
  • 2. GENRE DAYS (aka, Dust Off Those JM Recs): These are the days when it’s time to get your rec on and celebrate the amazing content people have created for JM in the past. Recommend and yell about others’ work, as well as your own. Spread the love! Details:
  • 3. GENERATOR DAYS (aka, When AUs Attack): These days are for AUs which will be produced randomly by a generator. How it works: respond to Jean and Marco in the context of the specific AU however you like! Write, draw, narrate headcanons, post screenshots of your fave AUs – all are welcome. The more diverse, the better. Details:  

Content Requirements

There are only two requirements when it comes to your contributions: tag your work NSFW or SFW, and have fun. The second one is direly serious and consequences will be severe for Fun Deserters.

Where Can I Find the Full Day by Day Schedule?

The full day by day schedule of can be found here:

Late with a contribution? No problem! We will continue to reblog and give mighty praise to your response even after the theme month has ended!

How to Participate and Share

There are many ways to share once you’re ready to share a response to a Day!

  • Tumblr: Post on tumblr using the tag  #jeanmarcomonth and we’ll reblog it here. Make sure it’s in the first five tags, though, or else we won’t see it! You can also tag this blog with the trusty @ symbol.


Check out the FAQ at or send us an ask at

There’s something for everyone this JeanMarco Month, and we’ve been planning for literal months to provide an epic JM love fest. Go forth! Our ship has gotten smaller but our commitment is mighty. But most importantly, have fun!


Jeanmarco Playlist

So this blog hit 500 followers!!! So to celebrate I thought I’d share some Jeanmarco-y songs. If you want to suggest songs to add, feel free! The ask box is always open. Thanks for following this mess of a quotes blog. Have a fab day/night/evening/afternoon!

Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

Distance - Christina Perri

Constant Headache - Joyce Manor

Follow You - Bring Me The Horizon

All This and Heaven Too - Florence and the Machine

Goner - twenty one pilots

Blissth - Sorority Noise

Friends - Ed Sheeran

What You Need - Les Friction

Everyone is Gay - A Great Big World

A World Alone - Lorde

Electric Love - BØRNS

I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie

Perfect Two - Auburn (submitted by anon)

Skinny Love - Birdy (submitted by @krakeryn)

Angel - Theory of A Deadman (submitted by @bekkiiseraphic)

The Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol (submitted by @aro-ackermans)

Gone Gone Gone - Philip Philip (submitted by @otakuchan449)

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> OMG! I WANT TO TALK TO THIS BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL PERSON WHO SHIPS THE SAME THINGS AS ME! THEY'RE SO COOL AND CREATIVE AND I WISH WE COULD BECOME FRIENDS! WE WOULD HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! MAYBE IF I JUST TRY SENDING THEM A MESSAGE....<p/><b>Also Me:</b> *stares at cool persons blog* yaaaa, that's not gonna happen. They're a Glorious Supreme Being, and I am not worthy. (plus I don't want to sound creepy)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Modern day AU where one day Jean’s really frustrated in class because he doesn’t get it at all so he writes “fuck math” on the desk. the next day he goes back to see “don’t worry~! you can do it!” with a freckled smiley face written next to it. For the next semester he and this stranger are desk buddies and draw pictures for each other and talk which finally makes math worth going to. Near the end of the year an announcement comes up in the intercom saying that a student was killed in a car accident the night before. Jean never receives another doodle from his desk buddy.