jeanmarco art

  • Mom: All you do is sit in your room all day, you need a hobby.
  • Me: Mom, I have a hobby! I'm... An art collector.
  • Mom: An art collector?
  • Me: *secretly scrolling through my album of 750+ fan artworks for all of my ships* Yup.

Jean and Marco live in a gritty urban city where not a day goes by without a mug case in some shady corner of their town. Marco Bodt is just another ordinary office worker, but has a secret no one knows about.. He possesses supernatural abilities and soughts to bring justice to their corrupted society. He takes out thugs when no one’s looking and keeps it under wraps so nobody knows exactly who he really is.

Jean Kirschtein is a young journalist who needs a story to really prove himself and he becomes obsessed with this mysterious hero. He really wants to figure out who this man is so he can get an exclusive interview with him.

My gift for @zoe-bug in the Jeanmarco Gift Exchange‼️

Jeanmarco Week Day 4: Rain/Sunset

Sometimes all we need is an escape from reality,
To start feeling human again.

This is actually a continuation from the Prince!Au where Jean sneaks off with Marco from the kingdom to have some “fun”.
This au is so angsty because they’re not allowed to do this, BUT JEAN DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE  😂


Modern AU where Jean loses a close friend and occasionally texts or calls their phone just to hear their voice or talk to them because it makes it hurt juuuust a little bit less. The phone number ends up belonging to one Marco Bodt (who of course wears pastel sweaters like a dork duh) who ends up being an awesome conversationalist and friend for Jean :3

A Christmas present for @pololotp who tolerates my weirdness and sends me pictures of his plant ARMY. I love you husbando!! Enjoy the super late Jeanmarco 

Uum… you see, I am tired…. and I needed victims… aaand yeah, Jean and Marco were PEEERFECT! :D my phantasie is today fucking crazy @_@ but this would be really funny with this two guys ^^

Marco: “now we are going to make the kids happy Mr. Christkind!”

Jean:”Whaaaaatttt??? But I HATE kids!!!! You NEVER said smth about that!”

Marco: “What did you think why I wanted you to wear this????” Óò

Jean:”…. “*blush* “I….. I thought NOTHING!!!” >///////<

AAAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* x___X