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I am so, so sorry that I reblog/blog that drawing so often… but I love it (and that´s the first since WEEKS!) so I wanted to share my little progress with you and me again ^^ haha. I like both drawings, the first one is from two days ago and the second one from 28. february this year :) I would say there is a “little” change in the artstyle. :3 Thank you, for “don´t unfollow” me because of the often reblogs <3 I love you all, guys!!! ~


Day 19 JeanMarco-Month

Please take me back to a dream
Where miles away a place is never seen
Show me the wonders above
‘Cause I don’t need your favour, just your love

Adventure Club - Dreams

Finally. Smth new from me. Just cute guys laying around between flowers :3 <3 (it´s finished, not perfect) 


Jean and Marco live in a gritty urban city where not a day goes by without a mug case in some shady corner of their town. Marco Bodt is just another ordinary office worker, but has a secret no one knows about.. He possesses supernatural abilities and soughts to bring justice to their corrupted society. He takes out thugs when no one’s looking and keeps it under wraps so nobody knows exactly who he really is.

Jean Kirschtein is a young journalist who needs a story to really prove himself and he becomes obsessed with this mysterious hero. He really wants to figure out who this man is so he can get an exclusive interview with him.

My gift for @zoe-bug in the Jeanmarco Gift Exchange‼️


Ghost, I see you standing there,
Don’t turn away, I want you to stay,
Ghost, what’s your name?

Why so surprised? I’m interested…
You’re just a soul that blends into the crowd,
I hear you so loud no one else hears a sound,
You reach out your hand no one else feels a thing,
And I’m just a stranger who could be a friend…

You could have been so great,
I won’t let you slip away,
Is there any hope for us left,
Even a Ghost needs a friend…
You could have been someone,
But you let them into your head,
I want you to know this instead,
That I see the light in your chest…

Ghost, Where you from?
I can take you away, so far away,
Ghost, I’ll make sure they all see,
The kind of man, that you can be…
Open your lungs & inhale my words,
I see in your eyes a reflection of hurt,
The book in your mind hasn’t come to an end,
There’s always a page, that hasn’t been read…

Your heart, it beats, forever, forever, we see,
I will believe, that there’s a Ghost in me…

Your lungs they breathe, forever, forever, we see,
I will believe…

Jacob Lee - Ghost


A really fast Marco. I can´t draw the backside of people, even with reference :( But I have want to can do that! ~_~ Practice practice practice… AAAND practice :O~

  • Mom: All you do is sit in your room all day, you need a hobby.
  • Me: Mom, I have a hobby! I'm... An art collector.
  • Mom: An art collector?
  • Me: *secretly scrolling through my album of 750+ fan artworks for all of my ships* Yup.