'Easy, Like Sunday Morning' (SNK;JeanMarco)
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Sunday was Jean’s favorite day.


A short, sweet requested piece for Twitter user ‘sweetchoreo’ - hope this is something like what you were hoping for, friend! :)

And yes, I totally named this after a really cheesy, old song. Sue me.

Hope you guys enjoy! :)

J: Okay. You ready?“
M: Ready for what?”
J: And Marco? Don’t panic.“
M: Wait, what?”

Here, have a little bit of Jeanmarco Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

okay so this is just a rough sketch and i might try doing some lineart or coloring on it at another time, but for just a rough sketch, i think it came out alright.

(also, boy oh boy I am not good with clothing)

The Daze of Summer

Nothing better than spending the day on my watermelon raft soaking up some sun in the pool.

Happy August everyone!

Time to write the summer lovin’ drabble of your dreams. Smell the sunscreen, put on your Ray Bans and get to it.