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Charles: He’d be surprised at first and a little shy before he started kissing back

Kitty: She’d be teasing at first before she kissed you

Hank: Unlike his socially awkward scientist nature, he would go right for it and be surprisingly awesome

Alex: Despite his cocky attitude, he’d check with you first before kissing you sweetly- but still hot

Sean: Like the little sod he is, he would tease you until he gave you a small peck

Raven: She’d mess around before kissing you lightly and darting away again with a giggle

Rogue: Poor Rogue would have to go to extreme lengths to actually take her turn

Jean: Nervous and shy

Erik: The spoonbender would take total control and properly kiss you- probably leaving the rest of the group feeling more than a little awkward


I had the honor to draw these gentlemen last night, it was just too great. >> jeanjeanjeanjeanjeanjean
I hope they post their photos soon, this is why I need a new phone!

Such talented Frenchmen!

I recommend listening to their tunes for fans of Explosions In The SkyTTNG, or Minus The Bear 

I introduced them to my drawing music, slntplnt (silent planet). I let them jam their tunes on the ride to the after show hangs, so they could get a taste of what inspires me to draw lately.


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Here is an excerpt from Paul JeanJean’s 18 Etudes for Clarinet No. 12. It isn’t perfect, but I thought it was very pretty and had to record it. Plus I want more recordings of me playing… Had to do this a couple times because it was too choppy at first! Let me know what you think~


Didier Bénureau est enfin de retour sur “Les passions de Garuda”.
Il y avait trop longtemps que je n'avais pas rendu hommage à son immense talent d'humoriste.
Avec ce sketch intitulé “Jeanjean”, c'est le portrait au vitriol d'une horrible mégère que Bénureau brosse et interprète ici, de manière on ne peut plus sarcastique.

Une performance artistique pour camper un personnage aussi abominable qu'irrésistible !…