I’m worried about Jack and Dean and I especially miss Dean a lot since he’s uploaded less to his personal channel than Jack (although to be fair he did start up later). Its been months (7 actually so far) since their last upload on omfgitsjackanddean and Dean hasn’t uploaded in a while as well, except for when he was tagged in the youtube survey. I’m not complaining that they don’t upload often, I understand they have lives and don’t live together and I understand any video takes time and effort. Jack has been working on project library and Dean is off doing his own thing, thats fine. I know that they’re working on a new sketch. I just worry that the gaps between their uploads on omfgitsjackanddean are going to get so long that eventually they’ll stop making videos and maybe Jack will continue doing his own channel and working on other things with other people.

Also I’ve noticed Dean hasn’t done a lot on his channels and he seems like he’s not fully into it. Maybe thats just me who thinks that, that may not be the case at all, but I really worry he might stop making videos all together soon.

It makes me sad to see so many people saying that they or their channel is dead or that they no longer like them because they haven’t released any videos. Groovy people, especially Jean Hobbs shippers are dropping like flies. Maybe I’m overreacting idk…

Jack or Dean, if you read this I mean no disrespect. They’re your channels you can do as you please. I am merely stating my concerns and thoughts.

Do tell me what fanfics to write!!!

I have no idea what you guys like!!!
Honestly- I ship all the regulars ;)

Do tell, do tell!!!
I’ll try my best not to disappoint!!!

DISCLAIMER:And I love all my youtubers dearly- but honestly, I respect them as the normal human beings I thought they were before I even found fandom and not the characters we lovelly chums have created!!