How They Act When They Have a Crush (X-Men)

A/N: Also could be title “How they Treat their Crush”.
This is all during the new Films’ timeline. just as a btw.

Raven Darkholme (Mystique):

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She ignores it. No good can come of that. She isn’t what you deserve. But despite never admitting to her feelings, she would still try to give you what she thinks you do deserve. A safe, happy, life. She would protect you with everything she has. Anything you need, she would do her best to get for you, big or small. She may not think she deserves you, but she knows you deserve the world.

Charles Xavier (Professor X):

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He would be very polite. A bit bumbly though. He would really respect you, holds you in high regard. On the occasion he is feeling a bit more confident, he might even try a line. Though he may be a bit scared to act on it.

Hank McCoy (Beast):

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Oh bless this sweet child. If he has a crush on you, please don’t tease him….too much. He turns into a mumbling, clumsy mess around his crush. It really embarrasses him, so much so that, as much as he hates it, he avoids you. He doesn’t want you to think he is stupid or an idiot, but he just can’t keep his head on straight when you’re around.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto):

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He would keep it to himself. Erik is scared of getting close to someone again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt. He’d be as polite and civil as he could be when you are around, but he would try to keep his distance. Even if it gets to the point where he thinks he has to never see you again. 

Jean Grey (Phoenix):

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She tries. I’ll give her that. The girl tries to be smooth. But she doesn’t quite cut it. At least not a lot of the time. She makes up excuses to hang out a little longer, and is always thinking of fun things to do together, but oops, looks like Jubilee and Scott had to cancel, guess it’s just you two. 

Scott Summers (Cyclops):

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He is a bit better at trying to be smooth, but not by much. By some sort of bad luck, something always happens and totally ruins the mood. He tries really really hard. He asks Jean every other day to look in your head to see whether or not you like him back, to make this easier, but she refuses for the sake of your privacy. He asks Kurt to pop in on your conversations to see if you talk about him, but again, he won’t do it. But even with failed schemes, he treats you amazingly everyday. Some teasing here and there, but just treats you like you think you should be treated.

Logan (Wolverine):

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He can’t hide his attraction to you, so he tries to pass it off as just sexual attraction and nothing more. Dirty jokes/lines, and crude gestures. He doesn’t do the lovey dovey junk. But when you look away, his eyes stay on you. You are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and the last thing before he falls asleep. He worries about you. But he’d never admit any of this, not even to himself and definitely not to you. It’s a weird feeling, a strange part of himself that he isn’t ready to explore, he’s not sure if he ever should.

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver):

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Is it possible to be subtle and so obvious at once? Somehow Peter achieves it. Sly lines and invitations, that are oh so cheesy. He talks a mile a minute around you, always running to get to where you are, and when he is finally with you, he takes his time. All of a sudden he’s in no rush, which is strange for him. His fingers aren’t tapping, and his leg isn’t shaking. When you’re around, he wants to make those moments last. He’s all cocky until you do the smallest thing. The smallest smirk or wink his way, and he just melts. Bumbling, staring, weak in the knees, mess.

Kurt Wagner (Night Crawler):

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He doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushes or relationships or romantic feelings. This is new to him. Honestly, he wouldn’t know how he should act. Should he be confident and stroll up to you, giving you a huge kiss without batting an eye, or should he do small things, let you figure out his feelings at your own pace. Because of this, he goes to everyone for advice, and he takes all that advice. One day he’ll be confident, the next he’ll be shy. He changes drastically each day. He just wants to impress you, just please you, and make you smile, because by God does he love your smile.

Ororo Munroe (Storm):

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She would be pretty blunt about it. In a way that you can’t tell if she is being serious or not. She would ask you out, and compliment you with no second thought to it. You deserve to know how amazing you are. Even if you may not feel the same way (at least she thinks you don’t) she isn’t going to stop trying to make you feel special.

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee):

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Sort of like Ororo, she is a bit blunt and upfront. She compliments you a ton, and always lets you know how much you mean to her. Though because of her usual, loving attitude, these compliments and declarations get written off as just friendly love and nothing more. It’s a bit frustrating for her. She’ll continue to try until she’s blue in the face. (sorry kurt/hank/raven)

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May I ask for some fluffy hcs about how the mutants would cuddle with their s/o??

Alex Summers
• he’d pull you close to him and you’d just relax with his arm around u

Scott Summers
• spooning! With either you as the big spoon or the little spoon!

Logan Howlett
• with you on his chest!

Erik Lensherr
• with his arm wrapped around you and your head nuzzled into his chest

Peter Maximoff
• the both of you in like a lil ball, facing each other!

John Allerdyce
• facing each other with his arms around you

Sean Cassidy
• holding hands while spooning

Warren Worthington III
• cuddling in his wing cocoon!

Jean Grey
• facing each other, holding hands between the both of you!!

Ororo Munroe
• her head on ur tummy or your head on her tummy

• spooning, with you as the big spoon!

Hank McCoy
• facing each other or spooning!!

Charles Xavier
• facing each other!!

Remy LeBeau
• spooning!!

Kurt Wagner
• handholding while spooning

En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse)
• cuddling in a bed of sand.

How the x-men react to the cold

Charles- he’ll snuggle up in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Eric- he is quite used to the cold, from his travels, but he is fond of a sweater.

Alex- he doesn’t really get cold because of his mutation, but when he does, he is a giant baby about it.

Scott- he tries to act like it doesn’t bother him, but his teeth are chattering

Kurt- it gets quite chilly in Munich so he was always told to wrap up warm. So on warmer days in the mansion, he’ll take off layers throughout the day, only to put them back on at night, because he likes to be toasty warm for bed.

Jean- growing up in new York, she’s used to changes in climate, but she does still like to bust out her sweet blazer collection.

Peter – he is such a baby, insisting on burying himself under several blankets with a pile of comic books

Warren- like Scott he pretends that it doesn’t bother him, until he can’t hide it anymore and wraps his wings around himself.

Ororo- she could of course make it warmer if she really wanted to, but usually she just leans with her back pressed against the radiator.

Jubilee- she sees the cold as an opportunity for her to extend her wardrobe, growing up in sunny California, she never got to snuggle into a giant jumper.


have  a great day and be safe

X Men Nicknames??

Made these babies up let’s see how it goes
Peter: Peter Pea
Kurt: Blueberry Cinnamon-Roll
Warren: Birdy Boy
Charles: Eggy Head Master Mind
Erik: MagNEATo
Raven: RayBae
Hank: B-Dog
Ororo: RoRo (or Sunshine. Just because.)
Scott: Slim Shady Shades
Jubilee: Juju Baby
Logan: Overgrown Angry Cat
Bobby: Frosty
Rouge: Touch-Me-Not
(I’ll add to this probably but I need help with Jean, I can’t think of one for her!?)

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In my Single Dad!AU with Frank, I have him as a cop and one of his buddies is nome other than Brock Rumlow (can't help it. I liked the guy.) What do you think that the XFam would have for their jobs? - Caitie

oh lord lord lord lord

Alex Summers
cowboy. you know why and I hate myself for suggesting this

Scott Summers
that one dorky bank teller. Probably.

Logan Howlett
lumberjack. This is canon lmao

Erik Lensherr
rights activist. is this a job idk but he would do it

Peter Maximoff
that one nerd that you know but you never know what he actually does for a job. I mean this is mainly canon lmao

John Allerdyce
personal trainer. I just feel like he would be, idk why??

Sean Cassidy
kindergarten teacher. whys he so cute.

Warren Worthington III
stripper. I hate myself

Jean Grey
high school teacher that actually likes her job. for the most part

Ororo Munroe
no nonsense pe teacher that everyone doesn’t want to get. she’s killer man

professional cheerleader. this just feels right.

Kitty Pryde
magician. ~magic~

Hank McCoy
professor. this is canon right

Charles Xavier
that professor u wanna lowkey bang. rip in peace to daddy professor xavier hair

Remy LeBeau
that one dude that you met at the bar who’s profession keeps changing every time you bring it up. who knows what he does? Not him!

Kurt Wagner
that one baker that everyone buys from because they love him so much. 10/10 would buy his cupcakes just because he’s so cute and nice.

How the x-men comfort you after a bad day

Charles- he’ll pull you into his lap and stroking your hair and bring your happiest memories to the front of your mind.

Eric- he’d sit snuggled up with you, humming gently.

Hank- he’d sit quietly and listen as you ranted, complained or cried.


Raven- she’d gently comb her fingers through your hair, until you fell asleep.

Alex- he’d rub your back, concentrating on the spots that he knew often got achy

Peter- he’d put on your favourite songs and try to make you laugh.

Scott- he’d pepper your face with kisses

Kurt- he’d wrap his tail around your waist and pull you into him, wrapping his arms around you and kissing the top of your head.

Jean- she’d simply lie with you on the bed, you’d either chat or just lie together in comfortable silence.

Warren- he’d wrap his wings around you, keeping you both in a warm safe cocoon.

Ororo- she’d chat to you, her voice soothing you.

Jubilee- she’d try to distract you, with your favourite things.

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X-Men Preference: Their reaction after you kiss them for the first time


“Charles, I’m sorry–“ you gasped in shock, and you took a step backwards once you realized what you’d done, "I didn’t mean to… I–I…”
Charles looked up at you, his expression full of mixed feelings you couldn’t read.
"I didn’t know you cared”, he said, and you exhaled in surprise, your hand falling from your mouth it had covered.
“But you’re a psychic”, you said, flabbergasted, “how could you not know?”
Charles’ smile was small, but softer than any you’d seen before.
“I promised I wouldn’t read your mind. It seems to be full of surprises…”


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Although you had managed to surprise him with your sudden act of passion, Erik didn’t let it show he’d been caught off-guard. Your hand lingered on his shoulder when you slowly opened your eyes to meet his gaze, which was curious and questioning. He was smiling a subtle smile as you looked into each other’s eyes.
“I knew you had something to hide”, he commented, tracing his hand up your arm as he spoke in content tone, and only stopped once his fingers were caressing your jawline, gently brushing down your neck.
“Though, this was not what I had in mind”, he admitted then, and his gaze followed his fingers, away from your eyes and nearer to your lips. You lifted an eyebrow, unsure of how to feel. Erik was only a step a way, so close you could feel his breaths against your suddenly so sensitive lips, and you wanted nothing more than to kiss him again.
“What did you have in mind?”
His eyes’ keen look returned to you, and the left corner of his mouth lifted up.
“It doesn’t matter”, he declared, and whatever distance had been left between the two of you, he covered it swiftly with a step forwards, now being so close the tip of your nose touched his. You were too close to see, but when he found your lips with his own, you could feel how he was smiling. “This is something much better.”


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Raven had seen it coming before you, but she’d let you act first because she loved the way you looked when you surprised yourself from doing something imprudent and unexpected. She was smiling to you, she’d smiled through the whole kiss, and when you finally had the courage to look at her in the eyes, her expression was soft, meek almost, which was uncharacteristic of her. She didn’t say anything and neither did you - you only smiled to each to one another, and once the brief rush of adrenaline had gone, your heart rate settled down slowly and you wrapped your arms around her waist, and she pulled you into a hug so tight you’d never gotten one quite alike it before.


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Once you pulled yourself away and opened your eyes again, Peter was staring at you, beyond surprised, before he broke into a wide, happy smile and said, “I was supposed to do that first.“
“Quicksilver wasn’t quite quick enough this time”, you smirked playfully, winking on top of it all. “I’m spontaneous, I had to take matters into my own hands when you wouldn’t act though you obviously should have.”
“Well, I’ll gladly take those matters from you now, if you’ll let me”, Peter commented, and then he cupped your face with his hands, leaned forwards and pulled you into another, more passionate and giggle-filled series of kisses.


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Finding yourself from kissing Hank surprised you about as much as it surprised Hank - when you had went to talk to him, this had not been your intention. You didn’t regret it, however, and a smile grew wide over your face when you backed away just enough to be able to look at him properly. Hank was blushing.
"I-I did…” he stuttered, his gaze laid down to the floor beneath your feet, but when he did not continue, you spoke up:
“I’m sorry for the surprise”, you said, and lifted your hand to brush his fringe from the way of his eyes. Hank chuckled.
“Don’t be sorry”, he said, still a little unsure, and with a little pink hue dancing on his cheekbones. You smiled to him, and soon, you both started to laugh without any particular reason.


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Your lips touched only momentarily before she pulled herself away, pushed you so your lips broke apart. You opened your eyes, looked up at her, and when you saw her panicked expression, you stepped another step back.
“I’m sorry”, you said quickly, your voice as heavy as your heart, “I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry. I-I’ll just… I’ll go.”
Jean watched you carefully; not long after your second apology, she took your hand to stop you from leaving.
“(Y/N)”, she said in a quiet voice, eyeing you. “/I’m/ sorry. I didn’t mean to push you away, I just… it was a reaction. I couldn’t help it. Please don’t go.”
She seemed genuine to you, and you glanced down at your hand she was still holding so tightly. You squeezed it a little in response, and gave her an uncertain smile. She looked relieved that you weren’t mad at her, and took your other hand as well, now holding both of them in her grasp.
“I’d like you to stay”, she whispered, and you weren’t sure if there was anything in the entire world you would’ve been happier to hear than that. There most likely wasn’t. You both smiled, and when your lips touched for another time, the kiss was longer, deeper, and most of all, it was caring.

Unthinkable (part 4)

Paring: Hank McCoy x Reader (from Unknown)

Prompt: Lost … more or less

Warnings: Some swearing (also this first bit will be a little confusing, so bear with me)

Length: 2,700 words

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


It was pitch black and the air was chilly. You couldn’t feel anything. It was like your body disappeared. Someone walked towards you in the empty space and towered over your little form.

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