Episode 13 of A Slap On Titan has been released!

The ending scene is fucking hilarious

The signs as Parks and Rec characters

Aries: Leslie Knope

Taurus: Ron Swanson

Gemini: Tom Haverford

Cancer: Ben Wyatt

Leo: Donna Meagle

Virgo: Chris Traeger

Libra: Mona Lisa lol

Scorpio: April Ludgate

Capricorn: Jerry Gergitch

Sagittarius: Ann Perkins

Aquarius: Jean Ralphio

Pisces: Andy Dwyer

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#tom hiddleston#sometimes i wonder if they took those jeans from tom’s personal closet#he looks like he would actually wear them#(sorry tom it wouldn’t be your first fashion faux pas xD)

I wouldn’t be surprised at all. xD

He always says that he wouldn’t wear clothes like his characters (beside the Loki-scarf), that they went shopping for Edward’s clothes as he wouldn’t wear stuff like that, etc. But there happens to be an awful lot of photographic evidence, that he and his characters have very similar clothes. ;)

This is from the set of Return to Cranford:

I wouldn’t bet on them being the same, but they are at least similar in style. ;)