Jean Philippe Delhomme Illustrates NYC for LV

What are your top three recession tips for creative people? The most important thing is to work. When there is no money, you can stop working and really get into a state of desperation. You have to keep on doing things, whether the economy is going to get back into shape or not. In fact, there are lots of people blogging and content that is totally free. It’s a little bit crazy: who would have imagined that people would be working for free all the time? Business people’s creative input is making money, and during a recession they realize creative people might develop ways of working without financial support. So you have to fight the recession and more, but it’s always better to do something. Do your thing. The next one is: stand up for your work. You still have to fight for that. The third is to be optimistic. Tell me what you are working on in Bushwick. I was drawing places like it for the blog, and I went to a Basquiat show in Chelsea – great oil pastels on cardboard. I realized I could make my drawings really big using the same materials, and I started doing this with my drawings of Bushwick. In New York, I can still be overwhelmed by what I see, even after living here for so long. There is something strong that comes over me about the city, even if I am used to it. In Bushwick there’s a great sense of space. The fact that it’s disappearing or that it’s already gone in a way is interesting. I also like the image of nature reasserting itself in an industrial environment. I was raised in the suburbs of Paris, and I always liked seeing a vacant lot or a yard where something had grown out of control.