Photobooks that need a reprint No.2

At Night by Jean Michael Seminaro (2012, Pogo Books)

Although still in print for around £10, this book needs a reprint, an enlarged edition. A chapbook that needs a full expression. 16 images give a taste of a potentially great book. I imagine some handsome clothbound book by Mack, but really it deserves something more in line with its digital nature. The good thing about the book is the homemade quality. It feels printed by an ordinary laser printer, the ink muted and sunk into the paper. Perhaps something similar and stapled like the original. Donald Webers Book “Interrogations” is a good example. Or perhaps David Hornillos “Mediodia” with its dark ink soaked pages.

The photos are proud to be digital, showing the suburbs in their cold darkness. They have the quality of a crime scene photo in a David Lynch movie. Although there is an optimistic quality hidden away… However dull, cold, wet and dark it maybe, there’s always something to photograph and find beauty.

Seminaro will be one to watch, undoubtedly will produce some great photobooks in the future, but this book has more potential left and deserves to be revisited.